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Pretty Cardies

Hello from sunny Melbourne, yes it has been a lovely sunny day here today, although the wind was a bit fresh, it was so nice to go out without a coat on..bliss. Today I went to a shop called Spotlight, … Continue reading

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No hooking here!!! (but some bling)

Hello to all you lovelies. Not much hooking has been going on in this little corner of the world. Busy with work, I am back to three days a week and five nights a week for another two weeks, then … Continue reading

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I’m on the EDGE

Not the edge of insanity, although some would disagree, but the edge of my blanket….yay! whoop, whoop!!! happy dance. I’m so excited, I popped it on my bed yesterday and did a little jiggity jig, it is big enough now … Continue reading

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I came, I Conquered

Yes I conquered, I conquered the rose, the bush rose to be precise. It was about 5ft in diameter lots of interweaving branches, dead branches, live branches FULL of little stabbing thorns, we did battle, it didn’t give up without … Continue reading

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Hello, hope you are all happy and well today. It is cold and grey and wet and windy here today, so a good day for sitting and crafting and tea drinking.  Have done all my chores so the afternoon is … Continue reading

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