No hooking here!!! (but some bling)

Hello to all you lovelies.

Not much hooking has been going on in this little corner of the world.

Busy with work, I am back to three days a week and five nights a week for another two weeks, then back to two days and three nights.

But I did go to a party, well two parties, two 21st parties on Saturday night.

One of the girls that my daughter dances with invited me along with a few others from the dance school.

So the little ritual that takes place before a big night:

Wash, scrub and mask the face – √

Defuzz the legs – √

Manicure fingers and toes, and a pretty polish on the toes – √

That’s about all the prep I do these days.  Mind you I should have done the legs the day before because I had little red spots all over my legs, so on with some bronzer to try to hide them.  On with the make-up, on with the ‘suck it in’ knickers, on with the little black (tight) dress and a little shrug to keep me warm and on with these little beauties……

My daughter loves these shoes, but she takes a bigger size, but would happily squeeze into them, I have told her they are off limits, she will stretch them, then they will be too big for me.

Pretty toes, pretty bling, bling shoes.

My ankles are tiny so I had the ankle strap done up on the smallest hole and they are still a bit big.

Off to the first party, I got lost, but turned around and zipped down the road and got there, only ever so slightly late.   The dress code was ‘Cocktail’ and all the girls looked gorgeous.  We stayed at this party for a few hours, until after the speeches, I didn’t even get up and dance, was too busy talking.

We had to rush off to the second 21st – Kaila and this girl went to school together, have known each other since they were 5, they danced together for a few years too  (the mum and I are good friends as well)  It was a 60’s theme.

I took off the heels in the car park (you could hear my feet sigh with relief along with my big toe that I broke last year) I fell off my shoe as I was balancing whilst I was changing into the fish nets and knee high boots, gone are the days when it was second nature to wear high heels. Popped on a long boucle coat and then we were off, drove for just over half an hour to arrive just as they finished the speeches.  Kaila changed her outfit in the car on the way, wonder what people thought as they passed us hehe.  A gorgeous semi naked female in a car whoot whoot!!

We had a good night, got home around 1.30, I was very good only had one glass of red, Kaila had a few more but behaved herself as she had to work on Sunday.  I was happy that people were not allowed to smoke inside so I didn’t wake up with that ‘cocky cage’ feel in my mouth, yes other peoples second-hand smoke makes my mouth feel like that.

No photos of us dressed up, I do keep forgetting my camera.

Lots of love to you all

oxx S xxo

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5 Responses to No hooking here!!! (but some bling)

  1. Cuckoo says:

    Oh my goodness, “that’s about all the prep I do THESE days” That’s seems quite a lot of prep to me. My ritual goes like this: Apply a bit more make up over the old make up. Check legs and pits are’t terrible, if they are put on trousers and long sleeves. That’s it. Takes 5 mins. One of the things I miss the most (apart from sleep and uninterrupted meals) is the long drawn out “getting ready” where make up was applied with lots of different brushes and eye shadow was properly blended. I miss being able to wear anything item I dragged from my wardrobe because I knew I was always fuzz free. I can’t walk well in heels any more either, I used to run in them and dance for hours and then fall asleep in them. Now I’m all crochet rather than cocktails! Rock and roll baby!!! How lovely to have two parties to go to, lovely to get out of the old routine isn’t it. Fabulous to dress up and look great hey?

    I have disproportionately small ankles for my body. All ankle strap shoes are lose on me. And wellies, they flap about, I wouldn’t mind if the rest of me were teeny weeny too!!!!!

    How’s the edge coming on?


  2. Bimbi says:

    Wow, I would fall over just trying to get them on!!
    Good to have a little fun though, especially with your work routine.
    Do they still allow smoking in public places? That’s been banned for years here. It’s an absolutely foul experience if you are a non-smoker. Yuk!

    Bimbi x

  3. well, as I have fat ankles I’m green about your skinny ones!
    we were at a wedding on saturday and before we went out I took lots of photos of the boys dressed up (such a novelty) but the only one of me was of my shoes and painted nails! (I’ll share later in week – just for you!)
    2 parties in a night – get you!
    have a good week
    fee x

  4. Melissa says:

    LOVE the shoes!! Know all about the prep work. Spent a week at the beach….talk about prep work…just to get into a bathing suit!

  5. Helen says:

    You must have been freezing in your fishnets! I chucked all my shoes with heels not so long ago. They had just been gathering dust in my wardrobe for the last 3 or 4 years. Now I live in either my docs or my mary janes.
    xXx Helen

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