We are having some lovely Autumn days at the moment, in the low to high 20’s, we have also had some good rain and so the ‘lawn’ has gone from burnt brown to mostly green again, everything looks a little brighter.

I received a gift on Friday from my lovely bloggy friend Cuckoo

Cuckoo is a very generous and thoughtful girl, I have got to know her a little from afar and I love how much she loves her family and friends and would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for her as well, I cannot wait to meet her, actually there are so many lovely UK ladies that I want to meet and have a cuppa with, if it includes a cream tea then I will surely be in heaven.


Four material and ribbon wrapped presents, what a lovely way to gift wrap.

SpoiltTwo packages of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in greys and blues, so soft and warm, they will be knitted into Alice Caterpillar wrist warmers from the lovely Suzie

Some gorgeous heart and crystal ‘bunting’ and a Robin Redbreast mug.


There is a story behind these gifts, I have lusted after the mug for ages and couldn’t afford the  $45 – $50 for a mug, I searched on ebay and a few other sites and couldn’t find a cheaper one so I decided that it was not meant to be.  Deciding the yarn color combos was a big thing and lots of back and forth with Suzie.   Long and short of the story is…….cuckoo bought the yarn for me, and not just one color combo BUT two, oh my lord I was so surprised AND the very mug that I had given up as ever being mine and the gorgeous heart bunting.  I am unable to express just how grateful I am and how much I love everything, I just want to be able to give her the biggest warmest hug that is in me. It also makes me feel rather humble and teary.

I have to say the tea tastes so much nicer 🙂

tn_YarnA closer look at the yarn, so luscious, will be knitted as soon as I finish the two pairs of Edwin Cream wristwarmers (from Suzie)that I am knitting at the moment, one pair for me and one for mum.

tn_BuntingAnd the bunting, it is hard to take a photo that is clear enough, it is gorgeous.

Us girls could teach the leaders of the world a thing or two about giving, sharing, mateship and love…all unconditional.

Hope the snow is thawing and the sun is getting more warmth in it for my lovely friends in the UK.

Melissa  thank you, I’m still here and reading your blog my friend, I don’t comment as much as I should/would like to tho’.

On that note I am off to do some more to the Edwin Creams

tn_EdwinsLots of love to you all

xx Sandi xx

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8 Responses to Gifts

  1. Helen says:

    How gorgeous and how generous! Cuckoo is such a lovely person to have done all that for you as a surprise. You had better start knitting asap, because I don’t think this last flush of nice weather is going to last!
    xXx Helen

  2. Bimbi says:

    Aren’t you the lucky one! What lovely colours.
    I think it’s rather funny that you get yarn from the UK and we often covet yarn from Australia and NZ. A friend of mine is in NZ currently and I’m hoping she’ll bring some possum back.
    Bimbi x

  3. Amanda says:

    Hello Sandi,
    What delightful gifts you have received and yes I have to agree with you the Robin mug is gorgeous and an absolute must! Beautiful yarn too ….certainly a bundle of perfect gifts. I’ve popped in to Cuckoo’s very attractive blog and lingered there for a while. She has some lovely posts so I need to go back in again to read some more and follow…just got to follow a blog like that.

    Have you seen that Stephanie at is having a giveaway at this moment too? Worth a visit 🙂

    keep well now

    Amanda 🙂

  4. knitsofacto says:

    Cuckoo is on my list of blogger’s I’d love to meet too. And I’m not surprised you’re chuffed with that parcel 😀

    I missed your last post Sandi, belated congrats on your bloggy anniversary 😀

  5. Melissa says:

    What a sweet lady! Such wonderful things to make your day. I have found that the blogging community is such a warm and friendly place…after all, it’s where a I meet you! Take care dear firend!!

  6. Sandi, I haven’t seen you in my blog list in a while – hope all is ok.
    Jones x

  7. Kerry says:

    Was just thinking of you Sandi… guess you are busy with moving and whatnot, but hope all is well xx

  8. Amanda says:

    Hope all is well Sandi

    Amanda xx

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