And still it continues………

I am talking about the heat….it is Autumn and we are having hot summer weather still, weeks of 30+ temps, unbelievable, just like the UK who are still having snow in Spring…crazy weather.

I have slowly been sewing up Janet Smith, it is slow going, but almost there

tn_JanetNot the best photo sorry, her dress is pale pink and white stripes, of course it isn’t finished and she hasn’t got any arms yet or a face, but she was impatient to try the dress on.

It is my grand daughters 6th birthday on Tuesday and we are going to have morning tea next Saturday morning at a cafe in a boat shed on the river, should be a beautiful day, so I have to have her ready for then.

Last Friday we finally got to have our Christmas breakup, we didn’t do it last year as we all attended the fathers funeral of our lovely Office Admin/PA (I do her work on Wed’s).  We had a bbq lunch at work which was lovely then went and played a couple of games of 10 pin bowling.  There was much laughter as some of us, including me, had only played once or twice before.  I actually got two strikes, I was so happy I did a little dance, then our lovely insurance man ran up and grabbed me and swung me up into the air, the second time he danced with me.  They are a fantastic group of people and we do tend to laugh a lot, makes for a very happy productive office.

I received this award haha!

tn_AwardI did receive an injury tho, my thumb nail broke off right down to where it joins the skin….ouch!!!!! I also sort of did the splits, very inelegant!  Lots of fun tho.

Have been out for dinner twice this week and worked one night and have worked 4 days so am happy that today is a public holiday and I don’t work Tuesdays so have 4 days off for r&r.

Ok, off to do more to Janet…see you!!

Keep safe and happy.


Edit:  here is Janet Smith finished… very happy, hope Belle likes it.


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4 Responses to And still it continues………

  1. Sandra says:

    bowling sounds like fun! Loving your little Janet – sooo cute!
    I cant believe this weather either – its bee freezing and snowing again today. So cold, I’ve taken my laptop to bed to look stuff up from there! xx

  2. Melissa says:

    LOVE Janet! So adorable!!! I’d probably win the same award you did. I remember one time I lost the ball on the back swing and it went off away from the lane. Yeah, I’m that spastic.

  3. fee says:

    Janet is too cute. Love the idea of a low achieved award!!!
    Hope you are enjoying the heat more than we are enjoying the snow…fee x

  4. knitsofacto says:

    Hello Janet!

    I’d have been competing with you for that award Sandi 😉

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