Rain !!

We got rain and thunder and lightning, but we got RAIN!

And it is cooler, everything smells so fresh…….am very happy, am sitting knitting.

Isn’t it lovely Helen


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8 Responses to Rain !!

  1. Sandra says:

    yay! there, wished that up for you!! xx

  2. My He bless you with even more rain. you feelings are understood here in southern Arizona, where we have an endless drought broken in the summer by rains of varying intensity and sometimes in the winter, also. Weather is changing so much these days from what is “normal.” Even had a bit of snow a few days ago. Up in the nearby mountains there is sometimes enough snow for skiing. Yet in the summers, wildfires abound, even on the higher mountains, destroying homes and countless acres of beautiful Sonoran desert plants and animals. Hope you and yours remain safe throughout the various kinds of weather. Happy knitting!

  3. Colette says:

    I love that smell that you get with rain after a dry spell. Although it is a distant memory, last summer seemed to be constant wetness here in the Uk.

    It is bitterly cold here at the moment but we get the odd glimpse of spring sunshine.

    What are you knitting? Xx

  4. Helen says:

    It certainly is! It’s quite a relief. The only problem now is that the kids are still house bound!
    xXx Helen

  5. fee says:

    I can’t believe we’d ever be thankful for (more) rain!
    fee x

  6. Melissa says:

    Yea! Congrats! Stay safe!

  7. Bimbi says:

    We’ve got plenty of rain! And freezing cold! At least when it rains in your part of the world the temperatures don’t plummet – enjoy!
    Bimbi x

  8. knitsofacto says:

    Hello lovely lady 🙂

    Just catching up here. I read your last post first so was so pleased to see the title of this one.

    I keep meaning to email you a photo … the thatched cottages that burnt down have finally been restored 🙂

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