Pretty Cardies

Hello from sunny Melbourne, yes it has been a lovely sunny day here today, although the wind was a bit fresh, it was so nice to go out without a coat on..bliss.

Today I went to a shop called Spotlight, it is a shop full of material and home wares etc.  I was after the yarn…..the 40% off yarn, I bought some cotton/acrylic mix (yes Beetle Helen) to crochet a bath mat for my bathroom to brighten it up.  It was so cheap……..and I was so happy.

Last week I bought a couple of cardies and a couple of tops and a pair of thick legging type pants and another pair that are jeans (black) but look like fine leather with a legging type stripe down the sides, ALL on sale, I love sales.

Cardi # 1, what a stunning color, I haven’t really worn color for years, just black, brown or grey…..yes I know, dull.

Cardi #2, it makes my eyes bluer, oh and one of the tops on sale.

Look!!!! color coordinated from the hair down hehe.  You can see the dress blends in with the cardi, with the muted shades of the magenta, grey and white.

Today, before I started my dance job, I met my daughter at the clothes shop where she works for some retail therapy, everything was going out for 50% off, so came home with a little jacket, pants and a top, then bought some slim leg jeans and a pair of boots, all cheap, cheap, cheap.  I haven’t bought much in the clothes department for a couple of years, so it was nice to add a couple of new things to stretch out the wardrobe, oh and did I mention, they were all CHEAP!!

Have had such a lovely time reading all your yummy blogs and my memory is being triggered into remembering all sorts of funny things that have happened in my life, it has made me feel so happy and have had quite a few big laughs, you girls are so funny, you girls that have been friends since school, yes you know who you are!

Am loving all the beautiful flowers and scenery, the sharing of family life, because we really are just one big family….really.  I pray that one day we all ‘get’ that and start to look out for each other.

Am off to continue with the edge slowly but surely it is getting there, but you know what, my fingers are hankering to knit………

xo S ox

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14 Responses to Pretty Cardies

  1. Annie says:

    One big family indeed … we crafty bloggers know it … maybe we should be running things on this beautiful planet of ours 😉

  2. Melissa says:

    I love a good sale! Sounds like you made a good haul. I agree with Annie, we should be running things. Not only would we get along, but the world would have a hug yarn hug from all the knitting and crocheting. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Can’t wait to see the progress on your blanket.

  3. kath says:

    Love the cardies!
    A consultant did that colour test thing on me years ago and I turned out to be a “winter” person, so both those colours work for me.
    It surprised me how wearing different colours can be more flattering than others.
    Enjoy your new goodies.
    Looking forward to seeing your bath mat!

  4. Bimbi says:

    You definitely look great in colours and you know what, black, grey and brown all work with your new colourful additions. I always try to co-ordinate new things with existing stuff, kinder on the purse too!

    Bimbi x

  5. diney says:

    Hi Sandi, I tried and tried yesterday to leave a comment – I do seem to have probs with one or two of my blogging mates’ comment boxes at the moment. Anyway, I LOVE colour worn with greys and blacks. I adore the bo-ho look, and feel more comfy in that freestyle than in tailored, which I had to wear when working! Love the purple – suits you.

  6. Sandra says:

    lovely colourful cardies, those colours really suit you! great sales shopping! x

  7. Nicki says:

    Get you and your shopping frenzy! Good on you! Love your spoils, pretty colours. I love the sound of the leather-look jean/legging thingies, I am desperate for a pair of leather leggings for the winter but I’ve got shift a few pounds first. You are super super slim, I’m very jealous.

    What dance job do you do? You look like a dancer.

    Nicki xx

  8. Miss Holly says:

    I so agree about the family…isn’t lovely to have all these friends all over the world!!!! I just had someone pop in from India!!! It is the best….really the best…and who’s the pretty lady with her new dud’s!!!! Love the colors!!! I’d like to have a cardi in every color!!! Happy day to you!!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Sounds like a good sale, I love your cardies, especially the blue one 🙂

  10. LOVE a cardy (almost never leave home without one!)
    and LOVE your hair…as you know.
    I keep saying that when I get skinny I’ll have a nice short hair cut…watch this space (but don’t hold your breath!!!)
    fee x

  11. Helen says:

    I need new cardies desperately, now that I have finished the happy hexagons rug (well for the time being) I can focus on my trench coat again! Yours look great. They are the exact colours I would have chosen! I would love to have a bit of spare cash to buy myself some clothes, but any spare I get goes towards getting clothes for the kids, their needs are a bit more important at the moment!
    xXx Helen
    PS Have you started working with the Beetle yet? I’d be interested to hear whether your experiences stitching with it are similar to mine.

  12. I love the colour of your cardis.

    I always find it bonkers that we are here in the midst of Summer and in a different part of the world it’s Winter.

    Nina x

  13. rachel says:

    you lucky girl,, its raining in north wales England i always wear a coat if you lived here you would too! rachelx

  14. Cuckoo says:

    I have read this post 3 times now. I haven’t been able to comment as wordpress is really weird when viewed on an iPad! Anyway here I am!

    Fab clothes haul, I love a big shop where a heap of things are all bought that sort of work together. It feels really exciting to have to make space for lots of lovely garments. That’s sounds so sad but for me I find I get excited about the future occasions, planned or otherwise, of when I will wear them. When I was working, having a nice new blouse or pair of shoes made the day bearable.

    Now I wonder which girls who have known each other from school are!!!!!!!!! I have NO idea!!!!!

    x x x

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