and wishing you all a happy, healthy, (warm) and safe Christmas.

You are like my extended family, spread far and wide.

We are having a warm/hot Christmas day and we are having a picnic with my daughter in laws family, it will be nice to all get together and share some laughter and build some great memories…….I am looking forward to it 🙂

Thought I would post a couple of colorful photos of my garden and flowers received and a couple of cuties.

Last year it was just a patch of dirt.

Thank you flowers from the Dance School…..

Candle holder, it looks so pretty with a lit candle in it.

LADY BUG a friend of my daughters (male 17 yrs) is the recipient of this, and he is soooo happy.  Who would have thought a young man of 17 would love a little knitted ladybug!!!!  I had a lot of joy making this, it is so tiny.

And a crochet bumble bee, which my 21 year old son snaffled up………again who would have thought, so I am going to make more.  Will make a lady bug for my mum tonight for Christmas, oh and a butterfly too.

Kaila and I caught up with three lovely girlfriends, (and their daughters who Kaila danced with), last night, was lovely to just sit and natter with a cuppa and a yummy choc cake she had made, drizzled with blueberries and raspberrys…………..

especially after the hectic day, had my hair cut and colored, it took nearly 3 hours, well I had to catch up on the news of my hairdressers new baby…oops.

Raced around the shops and did last min food, then off to the post office to pick up my daughters Christmas pressy, then home to have a cuppa and catch up with another lovely friend, cook tea then out again.

This morning I realised I hadn’t bought my eldest son’s birthday card, he is a Boxing Day boy, so off I go again to the local shops, not busy thank goodness, so was able to get a car park, yay!!!

So home now and about to start cleaning the house, oh joy!!!

Sending you warm wishes and hugs.

Sandi xxxxxoooooo





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3 Responses to Greetings

  1. Lorraine says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you as well! Not long now….hope you have a fabulous day with your family. Cute ladybird and bumblebee!

  2. Sue says:

    Merry Christmas Sandi! I have snow and you have flowers, isn’t the world amazing?
    Have a lovely day and thank you for all your lovely comments over the past months.

  3. Melissa says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I hope your Christmas was wonderful,

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