4 more sleeps


I’m back, not that I have been anywhere, just here at home. You know how it is, you get caught up in your daily life and the weeks wizz by before you know it.

It is a busy time before Christmas isn’t it.  I have been a little busy with some knitting and crochet, but quite lazy as I have not weaved in any ends yet.  Been busy reading all your lovely blogs, oohing and arrring over all the snow photo’s, they are so beautiful.

We may as well have snow, it is almost cold enough for it, what we have had is bucket loads of rain, so many towns flooded out, houses full of mud, cattle dead, dirty drinking water………….insurance not willing to cover flooding, so people are out of pocket by 100’s of 1000’s of dollars…………not much joy at Christmas for those people.

Watching on the TV, cars coming to grief over in the UK, slipping and sliding in the snow and ice, so as pretty as it looks I feel for all the people unable to get about their normal lives because of snow (and floods).

I have had a birthday since I last wrote, was spoilt with lunches and dinners out, and lots of beautiful flowers, didn’t take photo’s, sorry.

We have had my daughter’s dance concert, my daughter danced a solo this year, she was beautiful, but I am her mum, and mum’s can say that.

I received some more beautiful flowers and a gift as a thank you for looking after the reception area at the dance centre.

I love flowers.

Some photo’s of what I have been up to.

A knitted Tea Pot for my granddaughter, still need to stuff and sew the bits and bobs on.

This is what it will may look like finished, hmmmm.

Some crochet flowers, I’m afraid I don’t have Alice’s knack of color combining as yet, I will not give up tho’.

A little cloche for a tiny, tiny head, oh so cute. (cotton) pattern by Anneliese

An unfinished bootie to go with the tiny cloche. Pattern by Vita

Another cloche started in a pretty pale green….(cotton/bamboo).

As you can see I am starting to become more comfortable with crochet, although I have frogged a little ballet slipper four times because I just can’t seem to get the correct amount of stitches happening but I won’t give up, I am quite the stubborn one.








Received this cute as Snowman brooch today, all the way from Yorkshire.  Thank you Rebecca for picking me as the winner.

Pop over to her site and have a look, she makes lovely things.


Oh and I made my mum this for Christmas, hope she likes it…………..


Bought this the other day along with these…………..

I can see some flowers (brooches) and baby goodies coming out of this stash, such beautiful colors ahhhhh 🙂


And lastly I thought I would show you a pic of my ‘Christmas tree’, well it is actually my big iron candelabra.  Not enough money to buy a tree, as much as I would love one, so you make do with what you have…right??













The weather is on the improve, we are actually going to have some nice sunny days ahead, so by Christmas day we are going to have around 25 – 28 deg.  (77F – 82F) which is a lot nicer than what we have had lately – 16 – 20 deg (60.8F – 68F)

Although a lot warmer than anything that is minus as the UK are experiencing.

We are having a picnic Christmas lunch this year, I have hosted Christmas day for around 20 years and this year I will be able to enjoy it as I won’t be doing all the cooking, cleaning, fussing and worrying,  just making some salads.  We are going to spend it with my daughter in laws family and we are going to a lovely park like area with a pond and ducks etc.  I will remember to take the camera so I can post some pics of the day.

So on that note, I had best be off, its past dinner time and I’m hungry.


Love to you all and sending warm hugs to my snowy friends, keep safe and warm.

Sandi xxx

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4 Responses to 4 more sleeps

  1. auntiegwen says:

    I love the crochet flowers and the little baby hat is adorable. I wish you and yours the very happiest Christmas.

    Love from auntiegwen (in very cold snowy England, currently 8.15 am and – 9 degrees!!!) xxx

  2. Melissa says:

    First of all – Happy Birthday! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day! You have been busy, but you had me worried there for a little bit. Thank goodness you kept popping around and letting me know you’re still out there! Love all the pretties you’ve been working on and your Christmas tree is great! If I don’t get back here before hand, I hope you and yours have a truly blessed Christmas!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Happy birthday to you! I’m glad you had a lovely day and got spoilt.
    My word you have been quite the busy little crocheter, addictive isn’t it? I finished my granny blanket and got started straight away on another blanket, such is the nature of crochet. But I guess being a knitter must be the same…one day I will knit. I’ll have to find some cool knitting blogs of a similar ilk to Lucy’s and Alice’s and find some tutorials.

    Still loving my cloth, still trying to think of a way of using it daily but not spoiling it. If only I had a massive readership with all those creative minds that could advise me! I blogged about it just now. Gave up waiting for better light and just went ahead and took some pics. I wanted to get my thanks out into cyber world as it means so much to me.

    Much love x x x x x

  4. Lorraine says:

    Well aren’t you a naughty one sneaking in a birthday?! Hope you had a lovely day and lots of birthday wishes for you as belated as they may be.

    Your Christmas ‘tree’ is just great, and as for your all your knitted and crochet goodies I think they are fabulous. You are getting really good.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thanks so much for all your lovely supportive comments over the past year.

    {{hugs}} Lorraine

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