Rain !!

We got rain and thunder and lightning, but we got RAIN!

And it is cooler, everything smells so fresh…….am very happy, am sitting knitting.

Isn’t it lovely Helen


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Catch up

Hello lovely friends hope you are all happy and well.

I have been very quiet the last three weeks as I have been working the day and night job I worked the last Saturday yesterday, it leaves me no time to do anything really, I was so tired after yesterday I had a nanna nap……although the constant hot humid weather with no air conditioning doesn’t help….needs must and all that.

I did knit up these little cuties tho….hope the receivers like them

tn_ikkle shoesThe little ones are size – 0-3 months and the bigger ones are 6-9 months.  My girlfriend always wants me to knit these for gifts whenever she knows of someone having a baby girl.  I must admit I love them too.

I have almost finished ‘Janet Smith’ (see below post) for my granddaughter, then I want to knit a snuggly pair of wristwarmers called Alice Caterpillar from The Wool Sanctuary just working out with Suzie what colors to do them in, they will be for wearing to work so I need a subdued colorway, I want to knit the Humbugs too so I can be more adventurous as they will be my play pair.

Then I want to knit up a house and that eye pillow………………not to mention more crochet, in fact I am missing my crochet haven’t done any for a while as I have been busy knitting.

Next on the list is RAIN, please we need some rain, not flooding rain but a good soaking rain, everything is brown, the garden is almost non existent the only things flowering are the geraniums, even the lavender looks sad in all this relentless heat, over 30 deg almost every day for weeks now with the odd cooler day, but no rain.  We still have bush fires out of control that have been burning for a month or more, they could really do with the rain.

I have slowly been catching up with my bloggy pals, but must admit IG takes me away constantly as it is so instantaneous and to my delight I am finding some fellow bloggers there.  If you are on IG come and say hi, love to hear from you.

xoxo S xoxo

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It has been a while

Gosh it has been nearly a month since I last posted, can’t believe that has whizzed by so quickly.  Over the pond has had lots of snow and we have had and are still having very nasty bush fires down south and it is flooding up North, what a time!

I have finished the second baby blanket and the proud pop picked it up on Saturday, he was very pleased with it, so pleased that he gave me more for it than I asked as he appreciated the time it took.

tn_Baby BlanketIt has a bit of a pink tinge, but was just the camera and night photo taking.  I also made a little something for the baby, idea taken from here I popped a little bell into the middle and had a lot of fun making it.

tn_Baby toyI have started a toy for my granddaughter called Janet Smith, from the Janet Smith Can’t Knit book bought from the lovely Suzie

tn_Janet SmithWith instructions to knit it in Raspberry pink with a pale pink and white dress with a pink and white polka dot butterfly button on it….

tn_FunnyHow could you so no to that! haha, she is such a funny kid, I had her Friday early morning until late Saturday afternoon.  We made play doh, and salt dough hearts that she painted and took home (didn’t take pic) we made pom poms and pop corn and we had lunch with my work colleagues, she had fun and so did I.  We have Australia day here this weekend and have today off (Monday), because I don’t work Fridays and Tuesdays I am having 5 days of holidays…happy dance!


I went here for a couple of days during my Christmas break, it belongs to my ex hubby, so I went down when Kaila was there, she stayed for almost two weeks, it was so lovely to get down to the sea and it was HOT 40 deg!


A couple of little jugs in the bathroom cabinet at the beach house, so sweet.

tn_PressyMy mum had a birthday, a big cup and saucer pot plant holder and a bunch of flowers.

tn_High TI made a High Tea, Red Velvet Cup Cakes, Brownies, Buttermilk Scones and Cucumber Sandwiches, was delicious.

tn_ShoesRed Suede shoes were bought, oh my how I love these and so comfy.

tn_Hearts A little bit of this was started, must finish.

tn_Cross stitchThis was purchased to Cross Stitch this……

tn_Robin CSHow sweet, I am in love with Robin Redbreasts. I also bought some material to do a spot of embroidery on, will show that next time.

Till then, take care all, sending hugs and kisses.

Sandi xoxo

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Christmas in Australia

So many of my lovely friends ‘over the pond’ cannot imagine what a hot, summery Christmas must be like and I must admit I had not thought too much about it before, but I have always (for as long as I can remember) longed for a ‘White Christmas’

All things Chrismassy really do belong to a cool climate, the fairy lights, candles The Hot Traditional Turkey Lunch, snuggled on the couch watching carols, drinking hot egg nog, or mulled wine, you get the picture as you are living the picture.

Australian Christmas……..we still have the fairy lights and the candles and most of us have the Traditional dinners, but it’s just not the same when the sun is beating down and everything and everyone is hot and sticky, no mulled wine, no snuggling on the couch, however the feeling is the same, we are with family and sometimes friends, enjoying a meal together, talking, laughing, eating and drinking too much.

tn_IMG_20121208_175653One year it was very cold, we had rain, and we had hail and I pretended it was snow, it felt right, it was a delightful day, we enjoyed our hot meal and some warm egg nog, candles burning and fairy lights twinkling all adding to the atmosphere instead of just adding to the already hot day.

My dream, as most of you know, is to travel the UK, I would love to be there for almost a year and taste every season and have a real white Christmas, ‘Dream big for dreams do come true’  I hold onto this, keep it tucked away inside my heart on this New Years Eve.

I wish for you all love, peace, lots of laughter, good health and to spend as much time as you can with the ones you love, for these are the important things.  Oh and some/lots of naughty pleasures too!!!  Oh and crochet, more time for crochet, or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

I am going to keep a jar in 2013 and fill it with little snippets of all the things I am grateful for or things that I have achieved or good things that have happened to me/for me over the year and then sit and read them back to myself this time next year.  I wonder what my year will bring.

Much love and thank you from the very squishy insides of my heart for being the most lovely and welcoming ‘friends’ that you are.



tn_IMG_20121230_232736Tonight I will toast you all with a glass or three of champagne as I ring in the New Year….here’s cheers and bottoms up (in the nicest possible way)

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Lead up to Christmas

Hello all, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and were able to spend time with loved ones as I did, my brother joined us this year, I only get to see him once a year as he lives in Townsville (nearly at the top of Australia) so it was extra special for me.

  I had a busy lead up to Christmas day, was at work all week due to sad circumstances, one of our lovely co-workers dad passed away so we had a funeral to attend on Friday and I had extra work during that week, we also had a work breakfast on the Tuesday morning which was scrumptious….eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sausages and toast all cooked on the bbq, followed by pancakes with champagne and orange juice,  yummo!!

  Home needed some extra cleaning and there was baking and making too.  On Sunday it was 40 deg so not much happened as it was too hot, but I did make this little fella.


I was also busy making a couple of blocks as alternative Christmas cards for my mum and dad and eldest son, Daugher in law and granddaugher.  Inspiration from Fee from Chipper Nelly, Fees are amazing.

tn_C blocksOf course a bit of baking happened too

tn_Mini pudsWe had a nice Christmas day, I was busy cooking our Traditional Hot Turkey lunch (thank goodness it was only 21 deg) then salads to prepare for dinner with ham and turkey leftovers, as my ex hubby and his partner and one of her sons were joining us.

Pressies were opened after lunch, I loved watching my grand-daughter opening her presents, she was so excited, and she played Santa and gave out the gifts to everyone first, funny little thing she is, she fell asleep on Kaila’s bed about 11pm, I was ready for bed at 8.30!!!! Maybe the bottle of champagne had something to do with it hehe.

Today has been a slow one, I am just plodding along, drinking lots of cups of tea, as I am very tired, my body is still waking up for work, it hasn’t got the message yet that it is on holidays.

A few extra photos…..

tn_C Crackers

Color coordinated crackers, serviettes and wrapping paper, not intentional!


My son, daughter in law and granddaughter bought me the beautiful cake stand, I popped the candle and little bird that mum gave me in for the photo.

tn_Cake Plate

My second son knows how much I want to go to the UK, so he bought me this three paneled picture of the UK to ‘keep you focused mum’, he also gave me the heart, bird, book and a candle.  My daughter gave me a Candle, and some beautiful ‘Lush’ products wrapped in a gorgeous cloth, it has little birds on it as you can see in the next photo (after this one)



I snuck in a birthday whilst you weren’t looking (lol), my aunty made the cupcakes and my  cousins two daughters decorated them, they were yummy.

tn_CakesA little vase of flowers from my daughter, they came off the main bunch that she gave me for my birthday, I popped them onto my bedside table, they smelt divine.


Well I think I may be up to date with what has been happening in my life, I am so happy to have time off and rest up, read a little, craft a little and eat a lot.

Take care  everyone, I hope Christmas is being kind to you.

xoxox Sandi

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