Christmas in Australia

So many of my lovely friends ‘over the pond’ cannot imagine what a hot, summery Christmas must be like and I must admit I had not thought too much about it before, but I have always (for as long as I can remember) longed for a ‘White Christmas’

All things Chrismassy really do belong to a cool climate, the fairy lights, candles The Hot Traditional Turkey Lunch, snuggled on the couch watching carols, drinking hot egg nog, or mulled wine, you get the picture as you are living the picture.

Australian Christmas……..we still have the fairy lights and the candles and most of us have the Traditional dinners, but it’s just not the same when the sun is beating down and everything and everyone is hot and sticky, no mulled wine, no snuggling on the couch, however the feeling is the same, we are with family and sometimes friends, enjoying a meal together, talking, laughing, eating and drinking too much.

tn_IMG_20121208_175653One year it was very cold, we had rain, and we had hail and I pretended it was snow, it felt right, it was a delightful day, we enjoyed our hot meal and some warm egg nog, candles burning and fairy lights twinkling all adding to the atmosphere instead of just adding to the already hot day.

My dream, as most of you know, is to travel the UK, I would love to be there for almost a year and taste every season and have a real white Christmas, ‘Dream big for dreams do come true’  I hold onto this, keep it tucked away inside my heart on this New Years Eve.

I wish for you all love, peace, lots of laughter, good health and to spend as much time as you can with the ones you love, for these are the important things.  Oh and some/lots of naughty pleasures too!!!  Oh and crochet, more time for crochet, or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

I am going to keep a jar in 2013 and fill it with little snippets of all the things I am grateful for or things that I have achieved or good things that have happened to me/for me over the year and then sit and read them back to myself this time next year.  I wonder what my year will bring.

Much love and thank you from the very squishy insides of my heart for being the most lovely and welcoming ‘friends’ that you are.



tn_IMG_20121230_232736Tonight I will toast you all with a glass or three of champagne as I ring in the New Year….here’s cheers and bottoms up (in the nicest possible way)

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9 Responses to Christmas in Australia

  1. kath says:

    Happy new Year my lovely friend! I hope the new year brings you all good things x

  2. Helen says:

    Hey Sandi, I love our hot summery Christmases, I love how casual and relaxed they are, and if the weather is right a trip to the beach for the kids to swim. A white Christmas is not something I dream of, but I love to hear about people following their dreams. Go for it! I hope your 2013 brings you everything you could want.
    xXx Helen

  3. Ah what a lovely post. I love your idea of putting the things you’ve done in 2013 in a jar (I just might nick that idea if I get time!).

    I have a very lovely wonderful friend in Melbourne and she lived with us in Belfast for about 3 years so she has experienced our Christmas and through photos and Skype she tries to help me experience the beautiful Australian Christmas. One day I hope I can visit. Dream big as you say.

    Enjoy your champers, you may already have and a very happy new year to you!! I’ll be in bed well before the bells ring for midnight… Being 8 months pregnant and staying up late don’t go hand in hand!!

    Take care,
    Helen xx

  4. Sandra says:

    Happy New Year! I’m guessing you may have had a glass or two by now so hope you’re having a fab evening. I will raise a glass to you when the clock ticks past midnight in a few hours time (it is just possible that I’ll have a glass in my hand… 😉
    That dream trip sounds great – although my dream might involve going the other way and definitely some sunshine!! Very best wishes for 2013!
    Sandra xx

  5. Colette says:

    We are going to do that with the jar. Think that the new year is going to bring so many changes so it will be lovely to look back at them next year and read through all of them. UK is VERY wet and cold at the moment xx

  6. Melissa says:

    Happy New Year Dear Lady!! I hope yours is wonderful and 2013 brings you much happiness!!! I’ll be toasting you as well!

  7. Wendy says:

    you shouldn’t feel so left out. I live in the UK and have had a grand total of 1 white christmas in 35 years. I lived in Poland for 2 years and had 2 white christmases, so you might be better off there!

    Happy new year!

  8. knitsofacto says:

    Happy New Year Sandi 😀

    I do like the idea of that jar. May you fill it with many wonderful memories 😀

  9. auntiegwen says:

    I am nearly a hundred and lived in Scotland for most of that, only had 1 or 2 white Christmases! Please come visit it you do make it over xxxx happy new year to you and yours

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