Lead up to Christmas

Hello all, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and were able to spend time with loved ones as I did, my brother joined us this year, I only get to see him once a year as he lives in Townsville (nearly at the top of Australia) so it was extra special for me.

  I had a busy lead up to Christmas day, was at work all week due to sad circumstances, one of our lovely co-workers dad passed away so we had a funeral to attend on Friday and I had extra work during that week, we also had a work breakfast on the Tuesday morning which was scrumptious….eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sausages and toast all cooked on the bbq, followed by pancakes with champagne and orange juice,  yummo!!

  Home needed some extra cleaning and there was baking and making too.  On Sunday it was 40 deg so not much happened as it was too hot, but I did make this little fella.


I was also busy making a couple of blocks as alternative Christmas cards for my mum and dad and eldest son, Daugher in law and granddaugher.  Inspiration from Fee from Chipper Nelly, Fees are amazing.

tn_C blocksOf course a bit of baking happened too

tn_Mini pudsWe had a nice Christmas day, I was busy cooking our Traditional Hot Turkey lunch (thank goodness it was only 21 deg) then salads to prepare for dinner with ham and turkey leftovers, as my ex hubby and his partner and one of her sons were joining us.

Pressies were opened after lunch, I loved watching my grand-daughter opening her presents, she was so excited, and she played Santa and gave out the gifts to everyone first, funny little thing she is, she fell asleep on Kaila’s bed about 11pm, I was ready for bed at 8.30!!!! Maybe the bottle of champagne had something to do with it hehe.

Today has been a slow one, I am just plodding along, drinking lots of cups of tea, as I am very tired, my body is still waking up for work, it hasn’t got the message yet that it is on holidays.

A few extra photos…..

tn_C Crackers

Color coordinated crackers, serviettes and wrapping paper, not intentional!


My son, daughter in law and granddaughter bought me the beautiful cake stand, I popped the candle and little bird that mum gave me in for the photo.

tn_Cake Plate

My second son knows how much I want to go to the UK, so he bought me this three paneled picture of the UK to ‘keep you focused mum’, he also gave me the heart, bird, book and a candle.  My daughter gave me a Candle, and some beautiful ‘Lush’ products wrapped in a gorgeous cloth, it has little birds on it as you can see in the next photo (after this one)



I snuck in a birthday whilst you weren’t looking (lol), my aunty made the cupcakes and my  cousins two daughters decorated them, they were yummy.

tn_CakesA little vase of flowers from my daughter, they came off the main bunch that she gave me for my birthday, I popped them onto my bedside table, they smelt divine.


Well I think I may be up to date with what has been happening in my life, I am so happy to have time off and rest up, read a little, craft a little and eat a lot.

Take care  everyone, I hope Christmas is being kind to you.

xoxox Sandi

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8 Responses to Lead up to Christmas

  1. Bimbi says:

    It sounds to me as though you have earned your rest. Enjoy the rest of Christmas.

    Bimbi x

  2. elaine says:

    love to you Sandi and all good wishes for the happiest new year ahead

  3. Sandra says:

    Happy birthday, happy christmas! And enjoy a bit of a break! best wishes xx

  4. Amanda says:

    Belated birthday wishes sandi……wishing you bright things for the New Year 🙂
    Pop in my blog when you can I’ve a giveaway on the go I wouldn’t like you to miss it!

    Amanda 🙂
    Giveaway closes 6th January

  5. Holly Dubois says:

    So lovely to hear from you…I had a most busy busy busy Christmas …almost too….but now it is quiet and will ( God willing ) stay that way for the winter…lots of handwork to do!!!!!
    It’s so hard to imagine a hot Christmas…we are just turning cold ..and looks like we may finally get some snow……tomorrow…north has been getting it and yesterday added 20 inches in some places…for us maybe 6 ….I’m hoping for at least one big one but….at this point I will take any!!!
    Looks like you had a lovely holiday…I’m so glad…hope to be moving in to my studio in a month or so!!!!!!!! I can not wait!!!! Pictures will follow!!!! Happy new year to you and yours!!! Xxxxxx

  6. knitsofacto says:

    It sounds like a lovely family Christmas Sandi, and what fantastic presents. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2013 and hoping that trip to the UK happens for you soon x

  7. Stephanie says:

    Happy belated birthday, Sandi! I am so glad you had a good Christmas surrounded by loved ones. Sometimes I squint my eyes very tight and try to imagine celebrating Christmas, as you do, in very warm temperatures. I haven’t quite got the imagination to do so yet.

    Townsville is where Claire from the wonderful blog ‘One Claire Day’ lives. Are you familliar with her blog?

    Happy new year to you Sandi. I hope you are making the most of your days of rest.

  8. julie says:

    Happy belated birthday Sandi. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful christmas too.I love the blocks you’ve made.
    Wishing you a wonderful,peaceful New year,hugs,juliexxx

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