I have been pillaging the Book Depository shelves lately, my books are fast becoming like my yarn stash…..out of control, but I just cannot help myself, you understand I know you do

Awwwww, love

Lady birds!!

Oh Cuckoo I wish this was bigger so I could knit it for mini, or that I was clever enough to adapt the pattern to a bigger size.

And two more books on their way.  I am a yarn and book aholic, I need an intervention, BUT I am in love with the little knitted clothes.  I get all squidgy inside when I see the gorgeous things I can knit.  Why, oh why didn’t they have pattens like this when my kids were little.

(Oh beautiful thatched cottage on ‘Escape to the Country’ swoon.)

Went shopping at the Robert Gordon Pottery outlet today, it is about 20 mins drive from where I live, I was kicking myself that I didn’t take my camera as I drive through some lovely countryside and the shop is lovely too.  You can buy the ‘seconds’ of the pottery they make for their online shop, although there is more in the pottery outlet than online.  I bought 4 pottery pot plants with dishes for only $10, so cheap.  I also bought some Christmas presents, hope the receivers love them.

The website is here lovely things.

I will share more later, I have plans for one of the little parcels there, Christmas plans.

Loves xoxox Sandi

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7 Responses to Books………..

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Sweet Sandi!!! I share your obsession…yarn and book, so you won’t get an intervention here. The Hubs just rolls his eyes now when I bring either home. Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. I want those strawberry ones!!

  3. Helen says:

    That little pixie hat would have sucked me in! I love the Book Depository too. I haven’t purchased much in the way of yarn or books lately. I look at my collection of yarn and it is growing quicker than the pile of finished objects! That said I want to take part in Stocki’s Beautiful Blogger Blanket and I have to buy yarn for that. Believe it or not I only have cotton acrylic or cotton wool blends so I need to find some 100% cotton DK. Such a hardship!
    xXx Helen

  4. Awrrr I love those little booties! the strawberries and the ladybirds, they are amazing! I am a beginner when it comes to knitting (straight rows only!), I can’t imagine knitting anything like that!
    Jones x

  5. Karen says:

    I know just what you ‘re talking about…..BOOKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol Karen xxxx

  6. knitsofacto says:

    There are some gorgeous baby knits about aren’t there, I keep wondering how long before I have grand children to knit for … it probably won’t be too many years now!

  7. Ella says:

    Dear Sandi
    I am back again
    i was wondering if you would be kind enough to comment on my latest post
    Also please put up a new post so that i can comment on it
    Thanks Ella xx

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