I finally finished my dads blanket, the Red and Cream blanket, just in time for our Grand Final football match AND dad’s team was one of the two teams playing.  We (all the kids) gathered here to have a bbq lunch however it was way too cold to stand outside cooking, so I just cooked it all on the stove top and in the oven.

The match started at 2pm, we set dad up in a comfy chair almost on top of the telly so he could see properly (macular disease) I grabbed my knitting and a nail biting 3 hours later it was all over AND WE WON!!!!!! Only just, but we won.  I was so, so happy for my dad, we cheered and hugged and I had a glass (or three) of champagne.  He has been a faithful follower for 80 years now.  I had streamers up around the loungeroom so it looked cheerful.

Here is the blanket, no particular pattern, just plodded along with sc, dc, htr, tr and grannies, changing color whenever I felt like it.  He loved it and that was the main thing, it’s not perfect by any means, but was made with a heart full of love.

I found an original 1970’s badge on ebay to sew into the corner, there were 5 all together so I just gave him the others.  He had a little wobble in his voice when he said thank you, awww dad you’re so welcome, I love you.

After the game had finished my daughter in law picked up a crochet hook and I ended up teaching her to make chains and how to do a dc.  I gave her a hook, yarn and book to take home with her, be interesting to see if she has made anything.  Told her to youtube as well.

September school holidays for two weeks have just ended, I had my granddaugher for the day on Tuesday, the weather was perfect, off to the park first thing, then home to eat some lunch.  We went to the movies and saw the new Tinkerbell movie, it was gorgeous and I was right into it and even got a little teary at one stage,  highly recommend it for little (and big) girls.  Anabelle dressed up in a fairy dress and looked so sweet.  At the end of the movie all the little girls went down the front and danced to the music and they were all dressed in fairy dresses.

 When we came out of the theatre she saw the trampolines and ‘Please nanna can I go on one, I’ve never been on one before’  So they harnessed her in and got her bouncing and off she went.   She loved it, her little face had the biggest smile on it.  As you can see her fairy dress was a very bright green/yellow.

Right at the end one of the boys came over and pulled her right down and let her go and she went whizzing up into the air, she loved that too!!

Another playground to explore in the shopping centre, shopping for a  Tinkerbell dvd and coloring book and then home, I flopped onto the couch and had a coffee.  She had dinner with us then I took her to her other grandma’s house.  I think she had a good day 🙂  I did.

Isn’t this blanket lovely, can’t remember where I got the picture from, so sorry to whom ever it belongs too.  I love the colors in this and it makes me feel inspired to hook up a hexi.

Since I finished dads blanket, I have knitted three pairs of booties and a vest, now I am 300 meters into a baby blanket that will be winging its way to Ireland by Christmas, I am using 10ply Bendigo Woollen Mills pure wool, it is so light and soft.  I have another one to do, that needs to be finished by Feb, think I will do it in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton, it is so soft and it is for an Aussie baby.

My busy three weeks start again on Monday as the dance school is open for 4th term and it is a busy one too as we have our concert in December.   I am looking forward to the holidays this year, two weeks of relaxing, well almost.

Take care one and all.

xo S xo

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10 Responses to Finished

  1. fee says:

    I love your red and white stripy blanket – and made with so much love. I might pin it to my ‘red and white stripes make me smile’ board, if that’s ok with you?
    I have got my crochet mojo back after a good long break….my crochet basket is a bit like the sand I can put my head in when the list gets too long!
    Will be doing lots more show and tells soon….feels good to finish a project doesn’t it!
    love fee
    Happy new week x

  2. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,the blanket is so lovely! I’m so glad Your Dear Dad loved it and his team won at the football.I hope your daughter enjoys the crochet,cant wait to hear if she does.My Mum is really loving it after I taught her earlier this year and has just finished a blanket,a cushion and a tea pot cosy! I’m so glad for her. The hexy blanket is gorgeous. Cant believe how much youve made since finishing your Dad s ,You put me to shame 🙂
    Have a lovely week,take care,love julieXxxx

  3. knitsofacto says:

    Lucky Dad, he must feel really cherished, receiving such a gift! And I can see why you’re inspired by that Hexi blanket Sandi … it’s gorgeous!

  4. Sandra says:

    love that stripy blanket – very special for your dad 🙂 and i love the bouncy green fairy too! xx

  5. Amanda says:

    How wonderful Sandi ….what an emotive moment for you to see that your Dad loved the blanket you made for him….all those hours making it and with just one smile and seeing him use it must make you feel it was so worthwhile.
    I can see the bouncer is enjoying herself wouldn’t mind having a bash myself except I would probably bring the whole lot down on top of me!!!! Its so lovely getting those moments with our grandchildren….I could do with a few more moments that is as well as grandchildren! 🙂
    I’m trying to teach my grand-daughter to crochet but homework has been getting in the way. They give them so much to study here…too many fiesta days I think!
    Will look forward to seeing that blanket you are going to send to Ireland when you have it finished. I am just about to start on a baby blanket for my sister’s first grandchild but I have to use a pattern that she likes and I don’t. Mixed feelings about that! I do crochet for pleasure so I feel like I am breaking a rule!!!

    keep well

    Amanda 🙂

  6. Cuckoo says:

    How much would I LOVE to go and see Tinkerbell and dress up as a fairy?! Actually a friend and I decided one evening we were going to go out as fairies. We told every one we had lost a bet and dressing up as fairies was our forfeit. I was 26. She was 28. It was such a fun night!

    Your red ans white blanket has cot me thinking about making Cgrstmas decorations. I’m really drawn to the Norwegian style.

    What a lovely Nanna you are. My Nanny Dot (Cuckoo the first) was like you. Oh how I adored her.

    I hope your DIL takes to crochet. It is so nice to have a partner in crime!

    Take care my friend.


  7. Melissa says:

    Love your dad’s blanket and that you were able to find the badges…that’s aces! And how wonderful would it be if your DIL started crocheting too? It’s always nice to have someone to share it with. I will admit, that I wouldn’t be doing half the knitting and crocheting I do if it weren’t for youtube. I wish I had the time right now to start a hexi blanket – That one is fab – but just too much going on with trying to get Christmas stuff done.

    It’s always lovely to see what you’ve been up to. Take care sweet lady!

  8. I absolutely adore your red and white blanket. I love how you came up with a pattern yourself, very clever. And it’s lovely that the deserving recipient loved it too.

    I love that hexagon blanket too. I definitely wanna make one of those. Maybe next yr or beyond though!!

  9. Ella says:

    Hi Sandi I love the crocheted stuff you made, you are a very crafty person and very talented
    Have a happy week
    Ella xxxooo

  10. Hiya Sweetie
    The blanket it lovely as is the story to go with it, you nearly had me in tears, lol. I think you should have a go at that hexy blanket, maybe that should be a new year project.
    love Fi x

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