Lemon Cup Cakes = Yum


Hello girls, thought I would drop in with a Lemon Cup Cake or two, pop the kettle on then hey 🙂

One of the girls at work made some Lemon cup cakes, she called them muffins, muffins they are not, cup cakes they are and VERY yummy ones at that.  I almost got on bended knee and begged for the recipe because after eating hers I craved Lemon.  The recipe is here  you will see it is a cake, but if you make the cupcakes cook them at 170 deg for around 20 mins, although please do test them as mine took longer.  I mixed a little icing sugar with lemon juice, pricked the tops of the cakes and drizzled the lemon juice over as soon as they came out of the oven.  I made 14 on Sunday, there are two left today (Tuesday)

The top photo of cupcakes is not her recipe, I trawled online to see if I could find a similar recipe as the girl only works a couple of days a week and we only see each other on one of the days, I tried it out……..just not the same.

Ahhhhh, much nicer, the recipe from the girl at work.

Todays effort – the little ones are for ‘taste tests’ by request from a mum at dance.

Do you like the cases????  They came all the way over from the UK from the lovely Cuckoo in this box of goodies, I have used all out of the three containers shown here.  I love them…..thank you Cuckoo.

I loved Cuckoos so much that I went on line and I found these……soooo cute.

I found them here and via ebay.  Good old ebay.

Have almost finished my dads blanket, I have just a little sewing to do and it will be ‘tah dah’ time.  I am knitting some little green booties for a friends son and his partner who live in Ireland.  I received this beautiful yarn last year from the lovely Karen we were part of a ‘swap’ Karen lives in Ireland, the yarn is from Ireland and so it will go back home.  Such a pretty color, we don’t know if the baby is a Master or a Miss, so I think this color will be lovely for either.

Actually it is more lime/citrus green than this, so pretty.

Well must be off, it is past dinner time and I still have to cook.

Have a lovely week lovelies.

xo S xo

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9 Responses to Lemon Cup Cakes = Yum

  1. katlorien says:

    Love this wool, green is one of my favourite colours. It was my school uniform colour and as a result i think I detested it for years, until I bought a bottle green top with black bead trim ad fell back in love with green 🙂
    Have a lovely week too x

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh my! Those look yummy! Sweet lemon is so delicious. I think it’s that sweet and tart together. Love the yarn! Such a pretty green.

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Love those cupcake cases you found on ebay. They are lovely. Much nicer than the ones I sent from the UK. A good find me thinks!

    Where is the time going? Did you find that by the time your third child was 18 months almost every moment of your day is accounted for with kid/house stuff? By the evenings I’m too pooped to blog. I haven’t replied to any emails in ages either. I owe you one. How mortifying! I will respond, you know I will, I think about you heaps and wonder how you are doing.

    Did I read you are on the move? Exciting, if exhausting, times ahead. Just remember where ever you are as long as you have a yarn stash all is well!!!


  4. fee says:

    I bloody love sponge. fee x

  5. Karen says:

    YUMMMMMMM what is it about cupcakes,,,,,oh yeah you can….really eat them in one mouthful, feel a bit like a hampster but hey….YUM!!!!
    The booties will be real cute
    Karen x

  6. knitsofacto says:

    Beautiful scrummy cakes and gorgeous yarn … Sandi you’re living the high life here!

  7. julie says:

    lemon cakes ,my all time favourite and love those cake cases 🙂 happy week lovely,Xxxx

  8. Pomona x says:

    The cakes look yummy – I have a craving for one right now!

    Pomona x

  9. Amanda says:

    Mmmmm lemon cupcakes my favourite……many many thanks for your kind comments on my last post….feeling much more positive now…. I’m not one for being miserable for long 🙂
    Love the green yarn too not surprising it comes from Ireland the Emerald isle…..its 12:52 am and must go to bed I have to be up at 6:30am yuk!!!!!

    Take care now

    Amanda xx

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