Tiny Shoes…Birthday celebrations

Hello lovelies, I hope you all have had a glorious weekend, doing what makes you happy.  It is now the third day of Spring here and we have gone from freezing to beautiful sunshine and warm temps almost (from the Ist of Sept) over night, I have a window open and I can smell fresh cut grass and sweet scented flowers.  I LOVE Spring.

I am well over my nasty flu and back to my happy self, couldn’t believe how depressed it made me feel, that’s well and truly behind me now.

  A very sweet person by the name of Ella, just reminded me that I need to do another blog post, luckily I had taken a couple of photos of the little doll before I handed her over yesterday.  Sorry the first one is blurry (should have put my glasses on)

I think she is about 10 cm tall under the dress, so tiny so you can imagine how small the bonnet and shoes are. This precious little person was in amongst the lovely things in the Jar of Love Swap with Amanda Look at the little shoes, not quite 1cm long, TINY!! Someone had a lot of patience knitting them.   My granddaughter was so happy to take her home.  In the Jar I also received a bar of Natural Raspberry soap, which smells divine, Anabelle kept taking in great big sniffs of it and kept saying ‘I can’t stop smelling this’ so I cut some off and gave it to her to take home too.

Amanda also awarded me thisThank you Amanda, I am one of the people who cannot decide between all the gorgeous blogs I read and follow, who to pick, so I pick you all, so who ever would like the award please take it with my love.

I think I have to tell you some things about me you don’t know, but I am pretty sure you know most things about me and I really can’t think of anything at the moment.

I have a rare day off work, 5 days in a row, a mini holiday, as I am working on Friday instead, I am blessed to have beautiful sunshine I will be going out to sit in it soon with a magazine.  In fact I have two magazines to keep me happy.

Pretties!!!  Frankie magazine is made of thick matt paper, I quite like the look and feel of it, sort of vintage.

How pretty, a garden seat in a field of bluebells

Oh my goodness, my grandma had a dresser just like this, if I had felt then like I feel now I would have taken it and kept it in the family.

It was Father’s Day here yesterday and it was also my dads 87th birthday, he is such a lovely unassuming man.  I had the family up and had a roast lamb lunch with a chocolate cake and strawberries for desert, I, as usual, didn’t take any photos but my daughter in law did, so will ask her to send them to me.  He is great for his age, his eyes are the only thing that hold him back, he has macular disease so cannot see very well, but it doesn’t stop him too much.  He was happy telling us stories of his youth, we had lots of laughs through the day.  Anabelle loves listening to him and laughs and tells us that ‘Great pop is so funny’ They are off to visit my brother who lives up in the tropics of Australia in a place called Townsville, they will have a relaxing time which is good.

I am just on the end few rows of his blanket before I start the edge.  I am crocheting it in Red and Cream and a random pattern and I am quite happy with it.  Red and Cream are his football team colors, they were based here in Melbourne and were called South Melbourne Swans, then they went up to Sydney (New South Wales, we are in Victoria)  and were renamed Sydney Swans, dad has followed them for 80 years now so I wanted the blanket to be a little extra special so I went onto ebay and was able to buy some original 1970’s sew on badges when they were Sth Melbourne Swans so will sew one into the corner.

My daughter in law made some Choc Chip cookies for dad, Anabelle took one and started to eat it and said ‘I am just taste testing it’ and then said when she had finished ‘My mum is the bestest cook in the whole world’  she makes me laugh so much with the things she says.  My son left his phone on the bench when they were leaving and Anabelle saw it and picked it up and hid it behind her back, then when they got out to the car she said to Paul ‘Dad where is your phone’ and then broke into a fit of giggles and then handed it over to him whilst attempting to tell him she had hidden it behind her back, she thought it the best joke.

I have knitted some little baby shoes, pants and a hat in soft cream cotton for my friend and was in such a rush I forgot to take a photo of them…..so these are pictures out of the book

I threaded the pink and white gingham ribbon through the band.  Next time I knit these I think I will do a little lace crochet around the legs, just for something different.  Such a beautiful book full of gorgeous baby things, I have knitted a lot from this book.

Well this has been a big post, and it is almost lunch time here, the morning has flown, so I must away and get some cleaning up done and perhaps some crochet before tonights work.

Have a lovely week everyone, I hope Autumn is a balmy one for you.

Much love

Sandi xoxo

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9 Responses to Tiny Shoes…Birthday celebrations

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad.
    Love the little shoes, so cute 😀 And I do like the look of the Frankie magazine, I’ve not seen that anywhere before.
    Enjoy those days off x

  2. Ella says:

    Say happy birthday to your dad for me
    I love your little doll her dress is beautiful and you were very sweet to put up my name on your post. Thanks a million !!!
    Ella xx

  3. Sandra says:

    Glad you are feeling better 🙂 Enjoy some time off in your lovely Spring sunshine xx

  4. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,I’m so glad your feeling well again. Yay for springtime,enjoy the sunnier days. Love the little doll ,its so cute as are the little things youve been making,what a gorgeous pattern.Happy birthday to your dear Dad , I look forward to seeing the photos.
    Hope your having a great week,take care ,lots of love,JulieXxxxxxx

  5. julie says:

    Forgot to say congrats on the award,very well deserved lovely,Xxx

  6. Amanda says:

    Hello Sandi

    What a fantastic post so full of lots of info about you…. I love to hear about your father at 86 yrs old still supporting his football team and what tales he must be able to tell with all that he has seen and done….wonderful. Annabelle sounds adorable and bright, very bright. I am so glad she likes Little Doll….I will try and take a photo of the tiny little shop ( actually not really a shop its a bunch of old dears making and selling handmade crafts to get funds for the church)…very tucked away in this narrow side street.
    So very glad you are feeling better…flu can drag on and make one feel so tired.
    What lovely magazines I’d pour over them for hours and hours however I can’t knit to save my life…my sister tried to teach me but gave up I was so ham fisted!!! LOL!
    OK got to fly work calls mores the pity!!
    keep well

    Amanda 🙂

    PS: surprise surprise I have just discovered the tape measure you sent me in your jar of love also has a magnet on the back….fantastic sooo practical 🙂

  7. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! I got a little tickled about that dresser comment. There are so many really neat things that I didn’t keep when my grands passed that I’m missing now…you know that hind sight will get you every time! I love that knitting book. Everything has such a lovely vintage feel to it. Finally, glad to hear you are feeling better and back to your self. Illness does take an ugly toll on us. Take care sweet Sandi!

  8. fee says:

    hey lovely lady – just catching up with my favourite blogging pals! That Frankie magazine looks right up my street and glad you’re feeling better.
    Plus – just have mention that the apartment in Toulouse WAS lovely – but nowhere NEAR as grand as it looked in the pictures!! Cleggy said ‘bloody hell you’ve made that look amazing’! when he read that post!
    fee x

  9. Penelope says:

    Hello Sandi
    Thanks for you so much for your comment about my yarn bombing, it was such good fun :o) Sounds like you have had a lovely family time for your Dads birthday and I would love to get my hands on a copy of the Frankie mag, a friend of mine has raved about it for ages. Enjoy your sunny Spring days, I can’t quite believe that we are going into Autumn, gosh did we really have a summer in Britain? Take care and enjoyyour days off xox Penelope

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