Sick :(


Am a little poorly……..I sound very sexy tho’ until I ‘squeak’

I have basically lost my voice, it comes out all quiet and husky, then squeaky.  I have the ‘nose’ too.  I had to take Wednesday off work as I didn’t sleep very well.   When I did fall asleep, I slept till midday.  My voice better come back by Monday as I am a receptionist and answering the phone is a big part of my duties.   Maybe our clients will like the ‘sexy’ voice haha.

 I worked today (Saturday) until 1.30 then when I got home I made some lunch and finally caught up with all your blogs….yay!!  It was a beautiful day 17 deg, almost Spring like.  Back to cold, cold, cold during the coming week.

  I had to work at the dance centre yesterday morning, (up at 6am on my day off) the Royal Academy of Dance exams were on and they needed someone to push the forward/backward/play button on the CD player for the ‘Primary’ students.  I felt like I had been sent to the naughty corner.  I had to face the corner and not look at the children dancing…..for an hour and a half…..oh my aching back and knees as I had to be perfectly still except for my arm reaching up to press the button.  This morning was my last day of the three-week night work (and Saturdays), I go back to just Monday and Wednesday nights…until next term.   By next term it WILL BE SPRING, oh happy days.

I just had to take this photo of a little area beside the tv, I love this little spot.

Some of my precious bits from some very lovely girls and my family and something I made as well, back when I was heavily into papercraft.  I was going to put packs together for people to make their own tile art, but it didn’t go ahead as the person I was going to sell through decided to pull out.

I still love this sort of medium and will get back to it one day, crochet has taken over for the moment, although today I had thoughts of wanting to do some embroidery, sheer material and felt work on wool backing.  Will let it simmer in my head for a while.

Tomorrow will be a good crochet day as all my housework, washing and ironing is up to date, its nice to get back to ‘normal’ with work.

I am so touched by your lovely comments and concerns, you help me more than you will ever know

Am so happy that my UK friends are having a summer at last and are enjoying the school holidays.  I am enjoying the photos too!


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9 Responses to Sick :(

  1. Bimbi says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon. Rest your voice and make sure you lubricate the vocal chords – no, not with wine! 🙂
    Bimbi x

  2. Gem says:

    Oh poor you Sandi
    I hope your voice will recover by Monday. Sounds like you work very hard, bless ya. That piece of artwork is stunning and I really hope you do get loads of crochet done and are able to relax.
    Thanks so much for your lovely commen over at mine. You do make me chuckle.
    X x x

  3. Gem says:

    Comment I mean. Grrrrr. X

  4. Kath says:

    oh poor you, I’m sending good wishes and healing thoughts.

  5. knitsofacto says:

    More hugs from me … don’t like to think of you feeling poorly 😦

    Love the paper mosaic though 😀

  6. Oh Sandi I hope you are feeling better soon! Thank you for the lovely comments and well wishes on mh blog. I am way behind replying and also catching up with people hence me reading your posts the wrong way round. Remember to take it easy, it sounds likd you are always on the go, take care of yourself!

    Oh and I love the tile art, I love things with birds on. So pretty

    Take care,
    Helen xx

  7. Melissa says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

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