Jar of Love Swap

As I shared in my last post, I was involved in a’ Jar of Love’ swap and my partner was Amanda and I showed you what I crammed into her jar.

On Friday I was eating my breakfast (porridge) and the post man arrived, I was so excited I jumped up and grabbed my parcel, grabbed my camera and started to undo it.  I then heard a funny licking noise……………my cat decided it was an oportunity not to be missed and was helping herself to my porridge….bad kitty!!!

BUT look what I received 🙂

All the way from Spain.

A calico bag with a beautiful green silk scarf tied around the top with a green flower peg.

And inside the bag was this little (big) beauty

The colors don’t do it justice I am afraid, the flowers are maroon, pink and cream with lovely little button centres.

Look at all that loveliness.

Crochet cotton and hook (oh yeh!) – A mug cosy and a little mat that is backed to put my mug on.   I have been meaning to make myself a mug cosy, now I don’t have to –  A little packet of felt flowers on tiny clothes pegs and some 4 leaf clovers with tiny lady bugs on them, too cute! – safety eyes for hand-made toys – brooch backings – fridge magnets – two little stampers – a strip of embroidery material to embroider and sew onto the edge of something and it has gold around the edge too – my own little Spaniard serenading me with his guitar – beautiful natural Raspberry soap that smells delicious – a Matryoshka doll on a chain, she has flowers on her dress – peas in a pod which my granddaughter would love (but I love it too) a flower clip for my granddaughter to wear in her hair and last but not least a beautiful little china doll, she is tiny and someone has knitted the tiniest little shoes and bonnet.  I will have to take a photo of her up close before I hand her over to my granddaughter too.

A close up of some of what the jar held.

Isn’t everything lovely, I was like a kid at Christmas ooohing and arrrhing over everything.

Thank you Amanda I just love everything that came across the pond to me.

Amanda has also awarded me the ‘Lovely’ blog award which I will blog about next time with the little doll.  Time is tight for me at the moment, am still on nights and days until after next Saturday, I don’t have any spare time at night at the moment and even my days off are full to the brim (stop world I want to get off for a while)

Last night (Saturday) I went out for dinner and a show, saw my friend’s daughter (one of my brunch girls daughter) playing the part of Magenta in the Rocky Horror show, she was fantastic I must say.

My daughter auditioned to dance at Moulin Rouge (yes in Paris) yesterday however she didn’t get in even tho they loved her and told her she was a beautiful dancer etc.  she was at least 5cm too short, they like them to be 175cm min, she had fun and wasn’t disheartened.  She danced on Friday night at our casino in the city in a Kylie Minogue Tribute show, went with me last night then drove into the city to catch up with a close friend for her birthday…………..she is still asleep today and it is nearly 3pm.  Wish I was too, but my mum and dad are due any min now. I have been food shopping, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, hoovered and sat with coffee and wrote up this post today, yesterday I worked and did washing and ironing and part of the housework then had to get ready to go out, I am going to grab my crochet and put my feet up whilst mum and dad are here, I feel like I haven’t had any time for myself at the moment and I get a little ‘cranky’ if I don’t have some precious ‘me’ time.

On that note, I shall say toodle pip, hope you are all enjoying the games, I haven’t had a chance to see any of it yet.

Have a great week and will see you all soon (we are getting closer to Spring, can’t tell you how happy this makes me feel)

Much love to you all xoxo

Thank you Ella for dropping in x

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9 Responses to Jar of Love Swap

  1. Gem says:

    Ooh this is a lively post. You got some really gorgeous things, didn’t you?! I want the tiny china doll. I would have loved that as a kid! Wow, re your daughter and moulin rouge!!!! Did she go to Paris to audition or was it a more local audition? Either way, it’s a great story to tell her kids one day.
    I know what you mean re saving no time to yourself. I have kids all day, then I tend to work when they are in bed. It’s tiring but I know they won’t stay little for long.
    Sounds like you are having to do too much, take it steady. Easier said than done, I know.
    X x x x

  2. Gem says:

    I meant lovely…it’s lively too, tho.

  3. Amanda says:

    Hello Sandi
    Phew! so very glad you liked everything and so very glad it got to you in one piece!!!

    Now then Sandi don’t forget that I have got a giveaway on the go at present and its open to everyone….that means you too…dear bloggerfriend…so pop in when you can….you never know you might get another parcel from—across the pond if you win!!!.

    Amanda 🙂

  4. knitsofacto says:

    How lovely … treasure from far away.

    You’re thinking about spring … we’re going to have to face up to autumn being just a month or two away!

  5. Helen says:

    Hi Sandi, loved your post, its so nice to get things in the post which aren’t bills! That’s one of the best things about a magazine subscription! Sorry I haven’t been to see you much lately, I’ve found that I can read blogger blogs on the computer at work but not wordpress ones, silly old internet filter, anyone would think they provide the internet for work-related reseach or something! Anyway, hello and a great big smile to you! xx

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Hell gal I hear ya on the ‘Me Time” front! My house, garden an kids are full on and full time right now. It’s mental. Try hard to grab a moment now and again wont you.

    What a total bummer that Kaila was just 5cm too short. Why didn;t they make that clear before hand? She could have been doing other stuff. But then you never know what other opportunities may arise from being spotted there.

    So lovely when swap goodies arrive and they are perfect hey?


  7. Ella says:

    Hi Sandi i love your post its really nice and i put up a new post so please comment on it
    Thanks and have a fab week
    Ella xoxoxo

  8. Melissa says:

    What goodies you got! I’m glad to see you are having some fun in there with all that work…we don’t want a cranky Sandi! Hope you enjoyed your visit with your parents!

  9. I love the colour of that scarf, you lucky devil! xxx

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