A bit o’ the old blighty

A bit of the old blighty has landed in my lounge room, it is 18 inches wide, high and deep and it holds treasure.

Woollie treasure!

And I am in love…..

I have stored all my precious wool in there, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, Rowan etc. and it is overflowing.  I have decided I am a yarnaholic as I could have filled at least three or more of these cubes.  I am NOT buying anymore yarn.  I went through all my yarn and have sorted out some that I will never use…it came with ‘ The Art of Crochet’ magazine, so am going to donate it all to a Cherry Tree Shop as Gem calls them.  I am sure someone will love a big bag of yarn to practice with.  I also included the squares I crocheted, plus other granny squares and some other yarns.

I have been involved in a ‘Jar of Love’ swap that Katie hosted and now that my partner has received her jar, I can show you what went into it.  The rules were at least 5 items and one had to be handmade.

I ended up with 25 things in and on the jar…Phew!!! I had made the cloth, heart and lace bookmark.  My swap partner was Amanda and am happy to report she was pleased with her goodies 🙂  Mine should arrive this week and I am so excited to see what a jar from Spain holds.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, it was around 16 deg, I had doors and windows open, it felt like Spring had come visiting and very welcome it was too.  I am wishing all my UK friends a very happy summer holidays, lets hope the SUN shines everyday.

Thank you for all your lovely comments once again, I really appreciate them, they help me get through some uckity times.

Big hugs

Sandi xoxo

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8 Responses to A bit o’ the old blighty

  1. Amanda says:

    hello Sandi
    pleased with it IS an understatement dear blog friend I was/am over the moon about ALL of the contents.I hope my jar of love does get to you this week…lets see I posted it on 17th July….the end of this week I should think…hope it arrives safe and sound.
    Where did you get such a huge box from??? Brilliant for all of that yarn!

    Keep well

    Amanda 🙂

  2. agujasblog says:

    What a great box to store things in. All of us yarnoholics completely understand.

  3. Kath says:

    ooh I would have to fill that box with hexagons!
    What a lovely idea to send a jar like that, it’s just like filling a Christmas stocking 🙂

  4. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,Oh LOVE the UJ box and all thats in it ! :O) Lovely swaps.have a great week lovely xxxx

  5. Amanda says:

    Me again Sandi,
    Pop into my blog when you can as I’ve left something for you…on my latest post 🙂

    Amanda xx

  6. knitsofacto says:

    Love the wool box 😀 And the jar contents are fabulous, you clever thing … I’m not surprised Amanda was over the moon with them!

  7. Ella says:

    Hi Sandy I love the wool box
    You’ve got great taste i love your blog
    Have a fab weekend

  8. Woo wee Lucky Amanda to be receiving all these goodies! xxx

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