It was my son James’ 23rd birthday on Monday just gone and his friends all got together with us, his immediate family, and pooled our money to pay for 10 laps around a race track in a V8……….whoop!!!!

He just got told what was about to happen in the above photo, was hard to keep it a surprise.  His mate kept telling him that they were going to all these different places just to keep James from figuring it out as to where they were headed, it took us all an hour to get there, I missed the turn and was a tad worried that I would be late and wreck the surprise, but the 8 of us were there waiting for James and his mate.

Awwww, all suited up with his sister and his mumma.         (When I look at Kaila, it takes me back to when I was her age, because we could have been twins as that is exactly what I used to look like, hair and all, not as tall tho’…..freaky)

He had calmed down a little and had stopped shaking by this stage, was quite a surprise for him.  I would love to drive a V8 around the track, but on my own, without the other 9 cars out there.

The lovely Lacey who organised the whole thing.

He actually looks like a race car driver, and after he got out of the car I asked him would he like to race cars……..the response was a resounding YES.

He actually got to go around for 7 laps on his own and then the pro driver took over and took him around for another 4 laps and drove like they were in an actual race……double Whoop!!!!

He was grinning from ear to ear and beyond.

They film the driver and the inside of the car so you can see the facial expressions and see how fast they are going.  They cover the speedo so when you drive you can’t see how fast you are driving, I guess some people would freak out if they saw how fast they were going.  I have ordered the dvd, it will be great for James to see for himself. (and me)

A pity his older brother couldn’t be there, I know Anabelle would have loved seeing ‘Uncle’ James racing around the track.

It was a beautiful day too, actually got hot for a while so off with the coats.  The sun was most welcome after dreary grey and rain for days on end……..although I feel like my eyeballs got sun burnt as I forgot my sunnies.  Lots of squinting went on.

So now it is time to find something to eat for dinner, then off to bed for me, its been a long day.

xo S xo

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7 Responses to V8

  1. Gem says:

    Isn’t he a handsome boy?! Wow, V8 racing!!! I remember working in Oz and got a job catering at the V8 event. Oh my lord it was SOOOO loud but I had a blast!!! Lovely idea for a present, he looks so chuffed doesn’t he?! Hope you all had fun. Great pic of you too chick!!
    xx x

  2. yes – lovely photo of you…and doesn’t harry handsome look like his Mum!!!
    Sounds ace – I would love that for my birthday
    fee x

  3. knitsofacto says:

    What a totally brilliant birthday present. No wonder he looks so happy. Great pic of you, Kaila and the birthday boy 😀

  4. Bimbi says:

    What a lovely surprise! Looks like you all had a great day.
    Bimbi x

  5. Sandra says:

    What a great birthday present, looks like he had a great time 🙂 Love the photo of you with your kids x

  6. Melissa says:

    What a cool gift! The hubby would love something like that. Love seeing you with your family…what a good looking family!

  7. Katie says:

    looks like he had a great time, what a good idea. I have a little boy that is mad about race cars, he’s a little small to get in one yet though!xxx

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