I have been very remiss in my blogging, haven’t had the energy really to string two words together, after a marathon 11 hours sleep last night I feel more human today, just in time to start a new work week tomorrow……..

I have had mum’s blanket photos sitting here since Easter waiting patiently to be blogged about.  It is my first granny square blanket I have done and it is a bit ‘not quite right’ still seem to get my squares different sizes, something I need more practice with me thinks.

Having said all that, my mum was quite touched and even got a ‘wibbly’ in her voice when she thanked me, much to my surprise as mum is very rarely happy with anything that is given to her.

I unashamedly copied Heather over at Little Tin Bird, who has some wonderful news, go over and have a read, it is a couple of posts down.  I did make a few different squares tho in solid colors.

Oh beautiful blue sky, how I miss thee.

I did a couple of different stitches around the edge that I found in a book called ‘Around the Corner Crochet Borders’ by Edie Eckman which I purchased from Book Depository.

I crocheted a lot of the little middle bits and almost have enough to make myself a blanket, I know what I did wrong on mums, so with a bit of luck the next one should be better.

On Wednesday night when I got home from work, a parcel wrapped in brown paper with ‘fragile’ tape all around it, was waiting for me……all the way from the UK, I was so excited and so, so touched.  Do you want to see? Of course you do.

I actually had to stop for a moment as I was a little emotional (yes I am a sook)….look at all the beautiful gifts that this box held…

A rubbish photo, it was dark when I got home and it has been grey ever since.

The most amazing smelling candle – Pink Grapefruit –   Some true blue British serviettes – a retractable tape measure with flowers and buttons on the top, too cute,  and what I had been wanting for a while but never got around to getting one, although we don’t have sweet little ones like that here.  Three containers of cupcake paper cases, my daughter wants the animal print ones, I should let her have some only if she makes cupcakes haha.  Cupcake wraps, I have never heard of these before and are just gorgeous, I don’t want to use them, they are way too gorgeous to muck up.  Look at that little blue square with the pink heart!!!!!!!!!! knitted by the gorgeous girl who sent me all these beautiful goodies.  A rose heart-shaped soap, I love rose smellies.  A book on Shibori knitting, something I had been thinking that I would like to try after seeing some on someones blog.  A little Cath Kidson toilet bag and mirror and last but not least a postcard.

Thank you from deep within my heart Cuckoo, you are an amazingly caring friend and words cannot convey how lovely you are and how touched and grateful I am to have you in my life.  One day I will be able to thank you in person.

I have been hooking up a granny stripe blanket I started for a friend in all shades of purple and pink with some cream thrown in…..oh and another giant granny square that I am doing for myself.

I fell in love with the border first, the colors looked quite good together, unfortunately they don’t look as nice in true life, as in the photo above, but it will be ok, it is growing quickly on a 7mm hook, I still have a little way to go before the edging.  I have been doing most of the crocheting at my night job, I had 41 hours over three weeks to hook in, the last day was Saturday morning, I go back to just two nights a week now.  It has exhausted me this time around…..

Oh my goodness I still have to do a show and tell of my Encaustic Art morning.

And a gorgeous little bunny who has come to stay with me.

But I will leave that for another post, or this one will take ages to read.

Happy days my lovely friends.

Love and hugs Sandi xox

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13 Responses to Blanket

  1. katlorien says:

    so many lovely things. I adore your first blanket, it made me think if sherbert and sobet ices! yummee.

  2. Miss Holly says:

    O.k…… that is such a gorgeous blanket!!!!! I absolutely love it!!! Only you can see little things you want fix but from here it is perfection…now I want to make one!!! I have always wanted to do a white edged blanket….and the edging you chose is just right…
    Now about that lovely pressie in the mail….what a lovely thing to do….those are the things that can just leave you with a smile for ages…I am going to pop by and visit her site!!!
    And ……..the bunny from Marmaladerose!!! Yea for you….her work is so beautiful…I have been following her from my first of my fav’s…..
    Well….I am going to finish a quilt….have a wonderful day!!

  3. Bimbi says:

    Haven’t you been a busy little bee!
    Bimbi x

  4. Sandra says:

    Nice to see you back in blogland! Love your mum’s blanket – so pretty 🙂 What a lovely present from Cuckoo. Hope your week’s not too exhausting this week! xx

  5. knitsofacto says:

    Sorry to read you’ve been so tired Sandi, I do sympathise as I’m similarly afflicted. But what a lovely parcel of goodies from Cuckoo. Isn’t she such a sweetie. Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Helen says:

    I’m so glad your mum really liked that blanket. I think she’d have to be completely blind and insensitive not to, it turned out to be stunning!

    Well isn’t Cuckoo a tricky little present giver! What a gorgeous little selection. Some people seem to have a real gift for present selection. I’m a bit hit and miss.

    I hope your granny blanket turns out well, I’m sure it will. I have finished, well mostly, my granny blanket. It just didn’t seem quite right finishing it where I did, and then I got some inspiration from Beck at Beck to Vintage and I have decided to do the very last round in a black eyelash yarn. Hope it works!

    Take it easy at work, you are going to make yourself sick soon if you don’t get a proper break.

    xXx Helen

  7. julie says:

    Hello lovely,sorry to hear you have been so tired.I hope it gets better for you.The blanket you made for your Mum is so beautiful,well done. I’d love to have a go at one with these colour ways. What a lovely parcel to arrive from Cuckoo,Shes such a love. Love the look of the new blanket your starting on,too.
    Look after yourself,get lots of rest when you can,lots of love juliexoxoxo

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Sandi great to see you back in bloggie land, I’ve been real slack with my blog as well.
    Love your mom’s blanket, its a stunner, really, really beautiful & oh you lucky lady what a great parcel, enjoy every bit of it
    Lots of love Karen x

  9. Melissa says:

    Goodness! You have been busy. I’m so glad your mum loved her blanket. She got “wibbly” because you made it for her. I am loving that boarder on the granny blanket. Just gorgeous. Glad to see your still around. Hope to see more of you because you’ve been missed. Take care!

  10. ….but it’s so gorgeous.

    Sorry your name didn’t get pulled out of the hat – I would of posted abroad… probs.

    Nina xxx

  11. Thanks for posting the beautiful granny squares blanket! It brought back memories of the early 1970s when we were all madly crocheting grannny square vests and bikini tops in wild colors!

  12. yellowlancer says:

    I love the blanket you gave your Mum and the granny blanket with the fabulous edging 🙂

  13. Great blanket! Well done, I am not surprised that your Mum was pleased with it!! 🙂

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