Hello, anyone fancy an ice-cream????

A tiny little ice-cream cone, with sprinkles and a cherry on the top….it’s melting a little bit too on this lovely sunny day.

My daughter saw a picture – somewhere – of a little weeny ice-cream cone and asked me if I could make one.  Off to YouTube I went and found a tutorial, I tweaked it a little as it would have been very wide, I made it slimmer and a little longer. If any of you girls would like to make one here is the link to the cone and here is the link to the dollop of ice-cream.  I thought of making a little chocolate stick to go on the side, but I don’t think I can make it small enough.

Oh, there you are, I did a two stitch ‘cord’ three rows in height, teeny, tiny.  I may attempt one in lace weight yarn, it will be smaller again.

Last night I crocheted up some tiny flowers and hearts, inspiration from Lucy @Attic24

Not quite so lovely as Lucy’s tho, she has the knack for things like this.  I put three little fluffy chicks in the branches, I did it for my grand-daughter, thought she would get some pleasure looking at it.  Must admit I am quite liking it too, a bit of color in the corner, although you wouldn’t know from the photos, everything looks washed out and the wall is cream not white.

I have been very tired of late and not feeling 100% in the tum, I had a test done for acid in the system and I am quite acidic, so am on some tablets (herbal) and having lemon juice in warm water every morning.  Feeling so much better and I have 6 days off work, so have shut myself away, no socializing just resting, crocheting, reading and of course eating, oh and cups of tea and coffee.  Tomorrow I am thinking there will be some chocolate too, well I know there will be chocolate, I bought it myself lol.

AND……I won a giveaway from marmaladerose a gorgeous handcrafted bunny that Fi makes, I am beyond words happy.  I have never won a giveaway before….I squealed and my feet went up in the air and did a little dance when I read my emails, and such lovely emails and comments on my blog congratulating me from my bloggy friends, you are all so lovely.  Helen – she’s not getting this one I am going to be very selfish, this one is all mine hehe.

I am on the last two rows of the border of mums blanket, almost finished, will take photos and do the ‘TaDah’  I have run out of yarn for my dads blanket so nothing can be done until I receive my yarn I ordered it from the UK 6 weeks ago, not arrived yet, so sent an email to the lovely Chris who has resent the yarn.  Somewhere between the UK and Aussie it has gone awol.  I appreciate that Chris believes me and sends another order without charge. I would love you to support them if you need any Stylecraft, very competitive pricing…..service with a smile.

I went to a huge warehouse last Tuesday with a couple of friends, it is called DFO, Direct Factory Outlet, it used to be full of great clothes that were cheap, end of season etc.  All pretty much expensive now, however if you look you can always find a bargain or two.  I found this dress for work, it looks funny on the hanger, but looks fantastic on.  Actually I looked at it, then put it back, but when I saw it on a mannequin, I went back and tried it on.

I also bought some ankle boots to wear with my pants, which reminds me, I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and bought a pair of black suede ankle boots to wear with tights and dresses, a black dress that I can wear for winter and cooler summer days and a pair of thick tights and I only had to pay for the boots which were ultra cheap, less than $30.  I had a gift voucher for the dress and tights.

I will have two full weeks of work in June which will be great, hope I survive working a full week, as I am not used to it.  I start the busy three weeks again the week after the 15th April when dance goes back.  On Saturday 14th April I am going to meet up with a gorgeous girl who I have known for around 18 years and I am going to do her Encaustic Art class, it is just for two hours, I haven’t seen her for around 10 years, so will be so nice to catch up… and learn something new.

I hope all that snow has melted away and the sun is once again shining on you.  It was quite hot here yesterday then a cool change blew through, long sleeves today, good day for crochet and coffee.

Loads of love to you all, till next time.


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11 Responses to Tiny

  1. Helen says:

    I have never heard of Encaustic Art before, I may have to Google it.

    The DFOs now really aren’t worth the effort. You can get just as amazing bargains if you simply scour the sale racks in the regular stores. I always leave a DFO disappointed with the lack of variety and lack of real bargains.

    I love your teeny tiny ice-cream. I bet the bottom of that cone caused some cursing! And your decorated twigs in the corner looks lovely. I don’t think anyone could match Lucy right off simply because she worked for many years in design and styling prior to becoming the inspiring blogger that she is. That said, you have done a marvellous job, I don’t have an eye for that sort of thing. If I tried to do it it would look like a dog’s breakfast!

    xXx Helen

    PS Re the goth doll. I am still stuck on the dressing / decorating of the doll. I have made a start and pulled it apart and started again and come to a halt. But I’ll get there soon. It has been pulled out of the UFO bag and is sitting on display where I can see it several times a day. I’m starting to get inspired again.

  2. knitsofacto says:

    Hello Sandi, and congratulations on that giveaway win. Love your little Easter corner 😀

  3. Sandra says:

    Love the little ice cream cone 🙂 Hope you get a good rest and soon feel back to your usual self xx

  4. Melissa says:

    Hey Sweet Lady! I was just thinking about you! So glad to see you are alive and doing well….and busy! The ice cream cone is adorable…and tiny! I’m so glad to see you are enjoying yourself. Hope the full days don’t run you ragged!

  5. Louise says:

    How CUTE is your mini crochet ice cream…. fabulous!! Congratulations on your giveaway win, how exciting!! Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, I hope you are feeling better now xx

    Thank you for your lovely comment… I really enjoyed knitting the bunting! Hope you get round to making some soon, I’d love to see it!!

    Louise xx

  6. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,the ice cream is so cute,I’m sure my daughter would love one,maybe they could be made into a little brooch? Love your crochet flowers /Easter corner it looks so great.I hope you are feeling better,enjoy your meeting with your old friend and the art class.
    lots of love juliexoxoxox

  7. Gem says:

    That ice cream is delish!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it. I demand that you do a giveaway and make me the winner, hee hee hee!!! Very cute and love the chocolate flake!
    Hope you are feeling better, lemon in hot water is one of life’s great healers. Continue to rest where you can my lovely.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog, I appreciate your comments as always. Oh and the freaky doll (not the nun doll, the one I found in the road) has NO eyelashes on one eye. She is isn’t a looker!!!!!!
    Gem xxxxxxx

  8. Gosh that ice-cream cone is so tiny, but so pretty. Glad you love your bunny and she has a cosy new home.

  9. too cute! I tried to crochet a teeny tin rabbit for mabel – which worked, but is massive!!! Must blog it soon.
    Hope you enjoyed your 6 lovely days off – and looking forward to hearing about the Art clas – I’ve never heard of it either so DO share!
    Always lovely to see you over at mine – and yes, Cuckoo and I had a fab time together. Shame you don’t live (a few thousand miles!) closer
    fee x

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your little ice cream cone! Such a sweet little make! Thank you for the link to the yarn website – I am from the UK but living in the USA at the moment so it is always nice to find a company who will ship abroad. Really looking forward to seeing your finished blankets – I am about to finish joining squares from my April blanket – I love it when they all start coming together so enjoy!! 🙂

  11. Helen says:

    Hi Sandi,

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now – stomach things are always horrible and doctors seem to find it hard to find a cause.

    Hope you know how funny “I bought some ankle boots to wear with my pants” sounds to the British ear! Well it does to my British ear anyway – in fact both of them. Got a mental image of you striding down the street in your underwear/ankle boot combination!

    Love the ice-cream, might have to copy that, I think a certain pair of two and a half year olds in my family would go mad for one of those!

    With love


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