A few photos of my walk last Tuesday night.  unfortunately they don’t show how steep it is.  Believe me it was steep.

When I was a little girl, a company started to dig out rock and continued right up until prob 10 years ago.  They have turned the land around the quarry into a housing estate now and have fenced off the quarry itself, it has filled up with water and would have to be thousands of metres deep.  I used to drive along side the quarry as a short cut home but the road is unmade and bumpy and dusty so would only do that when the traffic was bad.

I had to take them in a couple of shots so just pretend you are looking at a panorama (?) Panoramic (?) shot.

We walked up the other side along the ridge above the quarry (on the left of photo) and then came down again

Then came down the steps

Looking back up to the ridge and down into the quarry full of water.  We still had to walk down to get to where I parked the car in a shopping centre.  It took us an hour and a half.  Pity the color isn’t more vibrant as it was a very hot afternoon 30c Deg.

And….I have made progress

Three more rows to go, it is seven x seven squares, then I can join all those rows together…..yay.  Want to finish this and my dads by Easter, I will be crocheting in my sleep.

Ok am off into the garden again, have a few pots to  plant up.

Hugs all round



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14 Responses to Walking

  1. Bimbi pea says:

    Quite a walk in that heat!
    Happy potting
    Bimbi x

  2. elaine says:

    that certainly looked like a rather stout walk – and in that heat too!
    Love the crochet, I have one more knit to finish and then I start on my bedspread 🙂
    Have a great weekend

  3. julie says:

    Hugs to you Sandi,Very energetic walk.Love the granny squares,theyre looking beautiful.Hope you have a super weekend,lots of love juliexxx

  4. katlorien says:

    how lovely that the old quarry has been left to revert to nature. it must make a very enjoyable walk with all the wild life.
    love the crochet! so pretty.

  5. I bet the walk down was nicer than the walk up! (I’d take 30* right now)
    Have a happy weekend Sandi
    fee x

  6. Melissa says:

    Beautiful place to walk! I do believe it would make me huff and puff though. Your blanket is looking beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Helen says:

    You must have been keen to attempt that on Tuesday! On the plus side the pictures are gorgeous, but I bet you were glad of a sit down and a cold drink when you got home!

    Your Mum’s blanket is coming along really nicely. Those colours are so beautiful. How is the Stylecraft to work with? I know a lot of the UK based crafters use it a lot, but other than the great colour range they have to work with, you don’t hear much about its other attributes.

    xXx Helen

  8. Annie says:

    Great walk, thanks for sharing Sandi!

    It’s fascinating to compare the pics in your post with the ones I used yesterday in my post about a walk I took … such different lands we live in!

  9. Karen says:

    Wow thats beautiful scenery, what a magnificent country you live in.
    Love how the blanket is looking, keep goin, not much more to do, it’ll
    be amazing when its done.
    By the way love the new hair color, I prefer brown as well, but red tints seem to cover
    my abundance of grey hair better, :(.
    Anyhoo could be worse, hair colour might not exist, crikey we’d be stuffed then!!!!
    Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

  10. Kerry says:

    That looks amazing, I would love to go there. Nice to know the history of somewhere too I think.
    Am also loving your blanket. I have just re-imbarked on one I started ages ago and am trying to get back into the rhythm of it. Am not looking forward to the joining or the weaving in of ends.. any tips gratefully received! x

  11. Those photos are beautiful. That’s a really lovely part of the world to be in. And your blanket is coming on really well. The colours are lovely. Keep at it!

    Helen xx

    PS thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.
    PPS I kept the CK bag following your advice!

  12. Gosh I’m exhausted just reading your blog! How do you fit it all in! I think you must crochet while you walk 😉

  13. Hello it’s me again. Just to let you know, you’ve won my bunny giveaway! YAY! I’ll be popping your little fella in the post as soon as the snow melts. x
    Just to make sure could you please email me your address as I’m sure I already have it but I seem to have two different surnames which is now confusing me,lol. It doesn’t take much, teehee.

  14. Miss Holly says:

    Oh …….so so happy you’ve won such a lovely giveaway from one of my favorite sites….what a nice Easter treat!!!! Happy Day to you!

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