I am here, I am still alive.

Oh my……..well what can I say I have been busy, tired, gardening, working (working, working) sleeping and still feeling tired….oh well.  You girls know what I am talking about.

We have had a long weekend here, yesterday (Monday) was ‘Labour Day’ and I don’t work on a Tuesday, so 5 days off, blisssssssssss.  I’ve not been idle tho’ spent two days in the garden and it is looking very bare without all the GI-normous weeds, went and bought a few plants to fill in a few spots, potted up some pots with a bit of color, will look good in a month, and I feel happy.

It was my granddaughter’s 5th birthday yesterday….happy birthday beautiful girl.  We had a little afternoon tea without a cake as she had been to a birthday party on Saturday and she had her Fairy party Sunday, so mum and dad said ‘No more cake’ I wasn’t about to argue.  We sang happy birthday just after she opened all her pressies.   She didn’t go without tho’ as great nana made scones with jam and cream, mmmmmm, she loves scones with jam and cream……she loves cheese and biscuits more, she can eat her way through a chunk of brie with the best of them.

Playing with Play Doh that I made a couple of weeks ago, in her Fairy dress that we bought for her Birthday pressie.

With Great Pop, she asked him to color in with her, then she walked off and left him as she wanted to play with the Play Doh, dear dad he just kept coloring until he had finished.  He is 86 yrs old, bless him, can hardly see as he has Macular disease.  Anabelle said last night after he had gone home ‘Great Pop is funny’ she loves him so much, they giggle and chatter away together (that is my ex hubby and our son Paul, Anabelle’s daddy in the background)

I have also been crocheting, almost finished mums blanket, just joining them all together nowStill have a BIG pile to go!!!


I started a blanket for my dad, he has supported a football team here called ‘Sydney Swans’ they used to be called ‘South Melbourne Swans’ but they moved into New South Wales from Victoria, hence the name change, but dad still supports them, has done for almost 80 years!!!!  Their colors are Red and White, so am crocheting up a Red and off White blanket, just in stripes, he will love it I know.

I have still been working on my ripple, it is growing ever so slowly, but I am more than half way finished, I pick it up when I want to crochet without thinking.

The weather had been so ‘out of season’ here this summer, but the last week has been beautiful weather, warm, not hot, just right for working in the garden, to have the windows and doors open letting in a sweet little breeze, this is my kind of weather.

I have been awarded the Liebster and Versatile blogger awards, too long ago now for my memory to remember who gave them to me, I feel awful that I cannot remember and even worse that I didn’t write it down somewhere, well I was going to blog about them straight away wasn’t I but then I got V busy…………. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means a LOT to me.

I so envy love that some of you bloggy girls are meeting each other, so wish I could be there and meet you too.

Well my lovelies the day is calling and I have a bit to do before work tomorrow, I am also off for a walk with my friend tonight around an old quarrie, should take my camera and take some photos for you.

Till then, take care…hugs

Sandi xoxox

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8 Responses to TaDahhhh…….

  1. Melissa says:

    So glad to see you back! So good to hear all is well. Don’t be such a stranger!

  2. Helen says:

    I thought that work must have been a bit hectic for you lately, but I’m glad to see your lovely crochet making progress. Remember if your Mum doesn’t want it there will be a good home here for it 😉
    There are a few Melb based crochet groups that meet monthly. I haven’t been to any of them as I come with two noisy attachments but I often think I would love to catch up with other like-minded people too.
    I can understand the request for no more cake, but I’m glad there was something sweet to be had. It’s not a birthday celebration without something sweet and sticky!
    xXx Helen

  3. Kath says:

    crochet without thinking

    LOL I cannot imagine myself being able to do that in ahundred years, but I know exactly what you mean, I have a (hand) quilt project that I pick up and sew without having to think about it.

    Your little granda daughter is such a poppet, cant wait to have my own!

  4. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday Anabelle

    I have knitting without thinking projects too!

    Glad to see you’re still with us, you were missed out here in Blogtopia 😀

  5. Sandra says:

    Nice to see you back in blogland again 🙂 Your granddaughter is such a pretty little girl and it gives me great optimism that you can all be there as a family together for special days like birthdays (including ex-hubby) – something for us to aim for! Love the blankets – your Mum’s is really pretty and makes me think of doing something with white/paler colours. I tend to go for something brighter but yours is very effective. Good you are managing to find some time for nice things in amongst all that work, hope you enjoyed your walk – look forward to the pics! xx

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Hello dear one,

    Yeah I’m tres envious of the four gorgeous girls meeting up. I wish so much that I lived a little closer to my fave bloggers. None of the ones I have reaaaaalllllllly clicked with live very near me. So lush that they all had a great time. It’s particularly good for Gem as she is new to the area and so to have like minded mates ready made is lovely for her.

    I do like the look of your Dad’s blanket. A bit seasidey isn’t it? What a lovely chap to sit there and continue to colour in for Anabelle. I do miss my Grandad Bill. We had a relationship like Great Pops and Anabelle.

    Your Mum’s blanket is looking delightful too. I’m feeling an urge to get hooking a blanket again. I have been clicking the needles more lately.

    Don’t work too hard, look after yourself,


  7. Gem says:

    Oh she is the most beautiful little girl, Sandi. Stunning. Ah…………
    Your blankets are looking fab, well done on finding the time. And rest assured that if I lived in Oz (and I did for a year and loved it immensely) then I would meet up with you, even if I was in Darwin! I actually DID live there for 3 months and had a blast. It was gorgeous weather every single day and the husband and I lived in a two-man dome tent. MADNESS!
    x x x x

  8. Glad your back in blogland but I definitely understand that you don’t always get time to blog, got to get the balance between life and work and blogging, which I know can be extremely difficult. Anyway so nice to hear from you again.

    I’m really jealous of the girls meeting up too, I wish I had more like minded people living near me, that would make me so happy. And one of my bestest friends lives in Melbourne too, so it makes me sad that we are so far apart but then Skype is a wonderful thing – we show our crafty makes over skype. Anyway I digress, I know where you are coming from.

    Anabelle is so cute, looks like she had a great birthday. And I’m sorry to hear that your Pop has AMD. I work in a clinic for patients with Macular Degeneration, taking scans and photos of their eyes. I really feel for them all, it’s so difficult for them. I guess the ones with the Wet form are lucky that there is a treatment to stabilise the disease but those with the Dry form aren’t so fortunate. Anyway he looks in great form and will really enjoy your beautiful blanket. I love the colours too.

    Helen xx

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