Has it really been…..

that long since my last post, yes it sure has been.

I has been a busy girl, doing this and that, rushing here and there.  Have started my extra day at work (yay) looked after a sick girl, gone back to my Dance School job, etc.   Have progressed a little more with my ripple blanket I am half way through my 41st row, prob almost half way there.Progress on my mums blanket is still at a stand still, I haven’t received my yarn as yet.  We did have a holiday on Thursday (Australia Day) so maybe that has held it up a little???  It was posted from the UK on the 11th Jan, fingers crossed I get it this week.

We have had quite warm weather 30 – 37 deg most days, when Kaila was sick it was cold, my heating had broken down and we really could have done with some warmth for her, blankets, jumpers, thick socks were the order of the day for her.  I decided to take the opportunity of the cool and attempt to knit some mitts whilst the weather was being kind.

Ummmm, yes….I am happy with the left one, although it isn’t finished yet (pinky colors) the right one, not sure what happened there, it is very loose on my hand even tho I did the same amount of stitches, and the rib is shorter !  I am going to knit another one, I have knitted them in Noro, I have three more pairs to knit, the kids have put in their orders!!

I had lunch with a couple of friends that I haven’t caught up with in an age a few weeks ago, after lunch whilst I was walking back to my car I had to go past a Charity shop and look what caught my eye in the window

I couldn’t resist, it is in perfect condition, I was going to give it to my granddaughter, but she is going to have to wait a while,  nanna wants it hehe.

Yesterday I had a friend come over for lunch, had a lovely time chatting, catching up on each others news, then in the afternoon I took my granddaughter to the ‘opening’ of a refurbished/renovated hardware store (Bunnings if you know of it) they had face painting and a jumping castle and photos with Dora the Explorer, sausages in bread and fairy floss.  It was all free except the sausage in bread.  Belle was so excited, we had to line up for ages in each line for each activity.  We arrived at 5pm and left at 7pm and it took all that time to do the above things.

She was so well behaved, we caught up with my cousin and her little girl who is two weeks younger than Belle, so they were happy chatting and playing together whilst standing in the lines.  I was disappointed tho’, the picture with Dora didn’t turn out.

The lady that was doing the face painting did a fantastic job, here is Belle as a rabbit

Pity you can’t see the glitter sprinkled over her nose and cheeks.  She chattered and danced around the whole time, when we got in the car I asked her if she wanted to go to my place or back to her other nanna’s.  She wanted to go back to her other nanna’s to show her cousin her face.  Off we went, she was still happy and chatting, then silence…. she had fallen asleep mid sentence, funny little thing.  At 9pm they had fire works, I was able to see most of it from my front door step, it was beautiful, I love fire works but do feel sorry for the animals who get scared.

Well it is cup of coffee time and a bit more ripple, I have the fan blowing on me to keep me cool.

Talk soon.


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11 Responses to Has it really been…..

  1. Helen says:

    The last couple of days have been horrible for the heat, too sticky to crochet, too hot and sticky to really do much of anything. I’m nursing two sick toddlers at the moment, both have yucky, snotty, coughy colds. And the heat isn’t helping!

    I do like your Cadbury’s tin, I’m surprised it hadn’t been sold for a squillion dollars on ebay! Good luck with your knitting. I think I may have mentioned before that Alice from Crochet with Raymond said once that she sometimes unravels balls of yarn and cuts them at the colour changes so she gets the same colour progression through a matching pair. But it sounds to me like you need to teach some peoples to knit so they can make their own fingerless gloves!

    xXx Helen

  2. Bimbi says:

    Course you want to keep it – for your stash of chocolate!!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Bimbi x

  3. What a little darling Belle is! I envy you Sandi, I can’t wait to have grandchildren!

    Lovely work, especially the mittens, I love them.

  4. I’d take some heat. I CAN wait for grandchildren. And yes, it’s been that long since you last post, and we’ve missed you!
    fee x

  5. Cuckoo says:

    oooh that Cadbury tin is lovely!

    Glad Kayla is well again. It’s horrid when kids are ill even when they are BIG girls!

    How cute does Belle look as a rabbi. Such a sweetheart. I love how kids fall alseep in an instant, I wish I could. It often takes me ages to nod off as my brain wont stop talking!

    The ripple is looking smoochy smoo. I have been knitting a shawl and it is taking quite a long time. I’m dying to get it finished so I can wear it as it is so chilly here at the moment. Very frosty. I am in a love hate relationship with knitting. It drives me made that it takes so long and then you end up with an inexplicable oddity like your right mitt being too baggy. Gah. Doesn’t stop me ploughing on though.

    Missed you here. Glad you’re back.


  6. Melissa says:

    You have been a buys little thing! So glad to hear all is well. I’m afraid to offer advice on knitting since I’ve been doing it for a short time, but I do think they will be beautiful and remember…handcraftsmanship leads to slight irregularities…and makes it uniquely your own. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,great news with the extra day of work ,love the Cadburys tin ,thats got to be a keeper. Love the colours in the ripple blanket,well done on your lovely work. happy weekend!lots of love juliexxx

  8. Sandra says:

    Hi Sandi, what I would give for a bit of warm weather…! Tho’ maybe not quite so hot! Love the mittens and that ripple looks delish. Thanks for your kind comments over at my blog – it really helps, and I am getting there I think! xxx

  9. Ooh I love the ripple blanlet, the colours are yummy, well done crocheting in the heat, not easy!

    And your granddaughter is super cute! Sounds like a fun day was had by all!

    Helen xx

  10. Annie says:

    Loving the colours in your Ripple Sandi, and Belle as a rabbit is just the cutest thing! I’m with Cuckoo, oh to be able to fall asleep mid sentence!

    Don’t stay away too long, we miss you x

  11. Karen says:

    Belle looks so cute as a bunny, sounds like a fun time. its amazing you guys are too hot & i’m well & truly fed up with rain, wanna swap 😀
    Lots of love Karen x

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