I’m late, I’m late……

so very, very late.

I decided a week ago that I would like to make my mum a blanket for her birthday, which is a good thought, however her birthday is this Saturday 7th…..ahh yes I do like a challenge.

I have hooked up 112 circles, it has taken me 6 days and so far have made 5 squares that will be crocheted together, I have another 25 to go, then the edging……think it will be a little late.Oh my, look at all the ends, luckily I won’t be using all of the circles, it’s not going to be a huge blanket, just one to throw over her knees in winter.

This blanket is inspired by Heather and Lucy so grateful to them both, grateful for everyone who shares their creative spirit……thank you 🙂

This is as far as I got last night

Have a little way to go.

It was 43 deg here on Monday, it was disgusting, hot winds, burning sun, stifling house, I took my granddaughter to see Puss In Boots, it was so nice in the picture theatre and she loved the movie….’Nanna, this is my best favourite movie’  awww, she is so sweet.  We called into my Aunties on the way home and she was all good manners ‘yes please and thank you’  I was very proud of her.

Tuesday it was only 35deg, it felt cool compared to Monday, so I cleaned the house, took all the decorations down, believe me when I tell you, Christmas decs make you feel hot and stuffy.  They are so much more suited to a cold climate, they make you feel all warm and cosy.  Yesterday started off cold with thunder and lightning and pelting rain, then cleared up and the sun came out and it got to 24 deg, so I took my Miss Read book outside and sat in the sun and got a good dose of Vit D and a suntan.

The hot has not stopped me from crocheting, I put a wet towel around my ankles and feet and have a fan blowing on them, it keeps my body cool so I can crochet my little heart out…..yay!!!!!  Don’t you love the diversity of temps over a couple of days here in Australia?????  I would be ever so grateful if it never got beyond 35 deg tho’ (please weather god)


I know it is 5 days after New Years, however I want to wish one and all a year full of abundance in all ways.  I know some of my bloggy friends are doing it tough with health issues or lack of income, moving, parenting etc. so I hope this year you find peace with your situations and resolution.

I am back at work on Monday 9th,  and will be working an extra day – that’s 3 days now, I am soooooooo happy and soooooo grateful.  Oh and the two dresses that I showed you…..they looked horrid on me, so I sent them packing hehe.  I did find one yesterday

A little brown spotty dress, not a style I would normally wear, but it does look nice on and was cheap too $35.00 then she knocked off $5 so I was happy.

Thank you for hanging out with me this past year, it has meant the world to me, I have some very dear blog friends, your generosity and support for each other is heartwarming.

You are champions and I love you all.


Oh and thank you to Helen, she awarded me an award, go check out her blog, I know you will love it.  I will blog about that next time xo

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12 Responses to I’m late, I’m late……

  1. Helen says:

    Your blanket and your dress both look wonderful. I think you had better take the day off work tomorrow if you want to finish that blanket by Saturday!!! Ha! I certainly hope your mum appreciates it.

    Hasn’t the weather been vile? I packed up the kids and went to visit my parents for a week. It is cooler where they live and their house doesn’t heat up like an oven like mine does. We went swimming (paddling) a couple of times and even had our picture taken by the local paper while we were in the water so there might be a nice family picture courtesy of the Yarram Standard News!

    xXx Helen

  2. Bimbi says:

    That blanket will be lovely! I’m still finishing a jumper for my mother’s Christmas present!! I’m sure your mum won’t mind if it’s a bit late.
    Can’t imagine Christmas decs in the sun and heat. It’s bad enough here cluttering up the house. Mine don’t usually last until New Year and before that they are minimalist! 🙂
    Bimbi x

  3. Annie says:

    Your Mum is going to love her blanket, late or not!

    35 degrees!! 43 degrees !!! I think it’s too hot if it goes over 20 degrees! Is there anywhere in Australia I could live? A mountain top maybe ;D

  4. Annie says:

    Ooh, I meant to say, work on the thatched cottages seemed to have stopped, we’re all trying to find out why, I’ll let you know x

  5. kath says:

    Happy new Year Sandi!

    Your work is so pretty, your Mum will love that blanket, I know I would.

    It was very interesting to read about the weather you are having, so different to ours here in England. Today the temp is 10’C with a blustery wind 25-30mph coming from the Northwest. Refreshing, if nothing else LOL

  6. Cuckoo says:

    I am lusting after you dress. Oh it is divine. Just my cup of tea.

    Your blanket looks divine too. I think your Mum will be delighted.

    That is so suuuuuuuuper that you got your extra day. We’ve all been routing for you through your work highs and lows and concerns this past year. I hope 2012 see you more settled and secure.

    Isn’t your weather bonkers. Ours is too the day before last we had mental rain storms interspersed with huge precious rainbows!

    Mini is beseeching me to get him a bottle so I better dash.

    Lots of love to you friend,


  7. Melissa says:

    That dress is just adorable! And your blanket should be a hug hit. Hand made gifts are always special. We’ve had 35 degrees also, but it’s been fahrenheit. It was 19 degrees yesterday morning…brrr. Happy New Year!!!

  8. Michelle says:

    Good luck with finishing your blanket, I’m sure it’ll look lovely. And happy birthday to your mum – it’s my mum’s birthday on the 7th too! xx

  9. scrummy blanket! (and dress)
    I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you too – and look forward to good times in 2012. Hope it’s easier on you – and you get lots and lots of laughs!
    love fee ♥

  10. Kerry says:

    Ooh I am loving the colours in your circles, esp the pink and red ones. Your lucky mum!
    Your granddaughter sounds angelic – I live in hope!
    I like your new years wishes – all the same back to you Sandi xx

  11. Ooh I just love that blanket. I love the colours you are using. Yummy. I always find it so difficult to pick the colours. Can’t wait to see the finished article!

    Oh and I don’t know how you cope with that heat, well you must be well used to it but I couldn’t even imagine it. Crocheting when it’s warm is hard work so well done.

    And you really deserve the award, I really enjoy my visits here!

    Mind how you go

    Helen xx

    PS I really like your new dress, you probably feel more comfortable in it too

  12. Stephanie says:

    I think that first multicoloured picture is so pretty! Your blanket looks so pretty and I really don’t think it matters that it will be a slightly late present; they are often the best, I think.

    Your dress is a perfect mixture of classic and whimsical.

    I am fascinated by the difference in season/climate between both hemispheres. I still cannot get my head ’round celebrating Christmas in the torrid heat. I love the image of you with your feel surrounded by a cool, wet towel crocheting. Priceless.

    I really just wanted to wish you a wonderfully creative, peaceful, and joyful new year. I am so looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings you.

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