Little makes..

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have been able to have some time for yourselves to do a little something that you love to do.

Ours was a long and full day of eating, drinking, chatting and pressie opening, we also had two extra guests who joined us for the day, they were my daughter in laws sister and niece, they were going to be alone on Christmas day….no one should be alone on Christmas day…the more the merrier I say.

The traditional Turkey lunch was eaten with gusto…then we opened the pressies before we had the pudding.  My daughter in law made two extra sweets….it was all lovely and not much left over either.

My ex-hubby and his partner joined us for dinner which consisted of left overs and salads.  Honestly I don’t know how we can eat constantly all day without popping……..oink, oink.

I made these little bits and bobs in the weeks leading up to the day. Karen do you recognise the eyes (buttons) Anabelle loves these buttons, she always plays with them, so now she has them forever.

I made this votive cosie for my mum and I made a purple one for my daughter in law.

A felted, embroidered, beaded and crochet heart for my mum….never sure if she likes what I make as she doesn’t say anything.

A ‘Bunny Nugget’  in pink on the left and ‘Holiday Mice’ on the right, it stands about 4 inches high, I knitted a wee bag too and embroidered a little flower on the front.

 A little rabbit and chick finger puppets

Anabelle got lots of lovely clothes and toys however she loved these little knitted toys.

Yesterday I had to be up early to take Kaila to work, (we have Boxing day sales so there are generally no car parks) she needed to be there at 8am, ooh too early the day after Christmas.

When I got back I had breakfast then cleaned the house, my friend called in and we had a coffee with Christmas cake and Gingerbread biscuits…I made the biscuits on Friday.
After she left I snuggled in and had a lovely long afternoon adding more rows to my ripple blanket……..its coming along slowly.  Today I have been out cutting some ‘out of control’ bushes back from the drive way, so we can get in and out now without fear of scratching our cars.  I am tired now so I think a coffee and crochet is in order.

Oh I must tell you that on Christmas day we were expecting HOT weather…….it was warm, not hot and we had torrential rain, hail (the size of golf balls) and a tornado, 100’s of house damaged, a train track almost washed away, cars floating down the roads.  Thank goodness we were ok where we were, it sort of went around us…….we did get bucket loads  of rain tho. I was very grateful our power didn’t go off!!  Since then it has been coolish which is fine by me, I can crochet and garden in comfort.

My daugher and granddaugher had their dance concert on the 18th Dec………

My two beautiful girls ♥

Kaila, apart from working, has been rehearsing late into the nights for a ‘Brittney Spears’ tribute show on New Years eve in Adelaide, another VERY early morning trip for me to take her to the airport, then back again the next day to pick her up.

I am off to make a coffee and hunker down and enjoy some more crochet.  Have a lovely day, evening, will talk again soon.

Much love to you all xoxoxox


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13 Responses to Little makes..

  1. Helen says:

    You have been a busy bee!! I think your little felt heart is gorgeous, I’d be very happy to receive that as a gift. We were lucky here too, plenty of thunder and lots of rain, but the heavy winds and hail missed us. And from what I have read from other international blogs the weather was stormy pretty much everywhere. Santa must have had a hard time delivering presents this year! 😉
    xXx Helen

  2. Bimbi says:

    It’s all happening where you are! Love the little mouse, so cute.
    The weather has been weird everywhere. Here in the southern part of the UK we had 12 degrees over the last few days, but very grey days. Hardly any need for a coat!
    Bimbi x

  3. Lorraine says:

    Sounds like you had a really lovely food filled Christmas! Love all the little gifts you made as well.

  4. Louise says:

    What fabulous makes!…..I really love that cute little pink bunny :0)

  5. Melissa says:

    Looks like you’ve had a wonderful Christmas….other than the storm. So glad you remained safe during all that. Happy New Year!

  6. Annie says:

    Gorgeous little makes Sandi. So glad you stayed safe in the storm.

  7. Nicki says:

    Love your little makes 🙂 sounds like you’ve been having a fab time – your day at home after dropping your daughter off sounded perfect too. Happy new year, sending you love and luck from this cold and drafts corner of Northamptonshire! Xxx

  8. Helen says:

    Your Christmas sounded wonderful. I love all your makes – I’m sure the recipients were thrilled too!

    Happy New Year looking forward to reading all your tales in 2012!

    Helen xx

  9. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,love all your makes you clever gal!especially love the voitive cover,I would like to give that a go. Your girls are so pretty.Enjoy your ripple and stay safe in that terrible weather,I hope its calmed down now? hope your enjoying the holidays,I’m enjoying pj days ’til next Tuesday when the kids are back in school 😦 ,crocheting at every opportunity!Lots of love,juliexxx

  10. elaine says:

    happy happy new year to you and your family Sandie!

  11. beautiful makes…and beautiful 2 girls!
    I managed more than my fair share of time to create this holiday (thanks to Xbox games!) and have loved this christmas. Looking forward to getting back to normal whilst still fighting the holiday blues!
    love to you and yours for a happy, healthy 2012
    fee x

  12. elaine says:

    hi Sandi- your comment SO made me laugh; the rain is sheeting sideways here as the gale force winds cause mammoth problems…so happy happy happy to do a Christmas house swap and let you have a taste of good ole blighty!!!

  13. Hi Sandi, Happy New Year!!

    Just a quick line to say I have nominated you for a blog award (have a look at my blog post)

    Helen xx

    PS that’s me above too but I forgot to call myself Belmont Yarns, silly me!

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