It is raining and it is very welcome, it has been hot here for the last four days with hot dry winds, my poor garden looks sad…….but not any more!!  It has freshened up the air too which has been quite humid.  I can crochet again…happy, happy, joy, joy.

I did appreciate the nice warm night last night tho’, it was our office Christmas party/dinner, held at the office. I/we had a wonderful night, we started off with pre-dinner drinks and nibbles out on the deck then inside to have Pork, Ham and Turkey with all the yummy veggies etc.  It was so tasty, we had plum pudding with custard and cream and a surprise Birthday cake for me.  Yes it was my birthday yesterday and hadn’t told anyone, but the PA knew, she is a tricky one, (and gorgeous to boot) she even asked me what sort of cake she should get “In-case people don’t like plum pudding”  It was a delicious mix of white and dark choc layers with white choc ganache (sp) cream and strawberries, of course they sang to me. ……and I had to kiss the nearest boy, one of my co-workers husbands that I had just met. (We had to move around in between courses so that we could get to know each other).  He didn’t seem to mind 🙂

We had Kris Kringle with a twist, the first person up picked a pressie from under the tree, then the next person up could either take that pressie or pick one from under the tree.  It was hilarious watching the boys take the car care kits of each other.  I ended up with a lovely Natio body wash and sponge and hand cream.  The other receptionist bought her guitar and sang songs after dinner.

The boss (my friend who hired me) made a lovely speech, this time last year they were a company of 3, now there are 12 of us all up and he observed that we all got on so well as a team and it felt like a happy family.  He welcomed me as the newest member and  praised me for my work ethics and business knowledge, said I was doing a great job and the others agreed.  I felt quite humble and so happy, I feel like I am going to burst with joy.

I left around 12.30ish feeling very blessed that I have finally found a job that is enjoyable, that I am appreciated and my co-workers are such a wonderfully happy lot.

The husbands and wives were all very friendly too, oh such nice people.

My cousin had afternoon tea with me today and the family are coming tomorrow.

 I bought a cheap fake tree this year and it is quite a nice little tree…want to have a lookie…….ok.

The bow at the top is almost as big as the tree.

I am being treated tonight for dinner, Kaila has gone out to buy some very yummy pasta from a local restaurant, prawns being the main ingredient….mmmmmmm.  Tomorrow morning I am having brunch with my girls, on Tuesday night I am going to one of my girls, daughers dance concert, I have my daughters dance concert the following Sunday.  Then I have one week of work then holidays for two weeks, no work, not even at the dance centre, complete rest for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, whoot, whoot.

I am knitting finger puppets for the granddaughter for Christmas,  they are so teeny tiny and oh so cute, plus a few other things, will take photos when they are finished.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I LOVE receiving them, if you read my blog but don’t comment…….don’t be shy I’d love to meet you!!!    Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and I hope my gorgeous friends over the pond are keeping cosy and dry xx

Sandi xo

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9 Responses to Relief

  1. Bimbi says:

    Hi Sandi
    Glad to hear the new job is really right for you. Makes life a lot more enjoyable.

    Bimbi x

  2. Helen says:

    Hey Sandi, it sounds like you have been having a lovely time both at work and at home. I agree, the rain has been a welcome relief. I even waited this afternoon until after the rain started before the girls and I checked out the yarn bombing. I thought we would all enjoy it much more if we weren’t sweltering. That birthday cake sounds delish – I hope you saved me some!
    xXx Helen

  3. Miss Holly says:

    Oh Sandi!! Happy Birthday !!!! I am so thrilled about your job…what a difference it makes to have a job you like and nice people….so happy for you!!
    Sounds like you have a lot of fun things in store!!! Good!!!! Enjoy …. Again Happy Birthday!!!

  4. kath says:

    sounds like you are having a lovely busy time. I would like to see the finger puppets!
    Just finished decorating here and about to enjoy some basa fish and vegetables, but pasta and prawns sound delish!

  5. elaine says:

    so pleased about the job.
    Sounds really odd having a WARM Christmas season!
    lots of luv

  6. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday 😀 You and that new job really do sound like the perfect fit, I’m happy for you 😀

  7. Melissa says:

    Hello Sweet Lady! I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday! Sorry I’m so late with Birthday wishes. This just means that you get to celebrate a little longer. I’m thrilled that the new job is working out so well. There is nothing worse than being in a miserable place every day.

    Go out today and party again and if anyone asks, just tell them it’s your birthday…again 🙂 Warm thoughts and wished winging your way!

  8. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely time, love the sound of that cake! It is raining here too….not quite so welcome. Still I’m sitting by the fire watching a craft programme on TV with a cat snuggling on my lap so I’ve got nothing to complain about really! Love, Helen xx

  9. Stephanie says:

    Dear Sandi,

    Happy, Happy Birthday week to you! I am so happy you are feeling lighter and more joyful now you have found the right job.

    Have a wonderful weekend and, my goodness, that birthday cake sounds divine!

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