I needed a few coat hangers and remembered that I had crocheted a few and put them aside, so out they came, just quickly sewed them up, no pretty edging, just plain.  My funny little granddaughter (all of 4 yrs old) said she wanted to sew some buttons on, so I threaded the needle and started it off for her in the middle of the hanger and left her to it………hehe she is a funny little thing, I got the giggles as it looks like a snake with two eyes and a nose, I have left it like that and will show her in years to come.  Actually a pretty good job for one so young and no one has actually shown her how to sew.  My son and daughter in law are going to send her to an ‘alternative’ school next year where they teach them sewing etc. gardening, art and music along with the normal reading, writing etc.  I am so happy because I feel we have lost our way with so much ‘academic’ learning and not enough learning day to day skills.  The school is right next to a children’s farm, so they visit and learn about the animals as well.

I have been out in the garden again today, mum and dad bought up whole lot of geranium and pelargonium cuttings, so hopefully they will all grow and fill the garden with lots of lovely color.  Got some more horrid weeds out, so the garden waste bin is chocka again and still a pile to go.  I need some big muscles to tackle the last bit, the over grown Agapanthus at the front of the house where the letterbox is, they are encroaching onto the footpath.

Off to have a shower and then to work tonight.  I have work again tomorrow at the dance school, they are all having their photo’s taken in their concert costumes.  On Sunday I am off to a school concert with my friend, I go every year, it is a school for very special kids who all have a disability from mild to extremely severe, they are gorgeous and put on a fantastic concert, dancing and singing.  They do amazing art too and last year I bought this…..

such pretty colors and I can see lots of little characters in this, a little fairy in the top right, can you see her??


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  1. Karen says:

    Oh Sandi this was such a lovely post to read!!!!
    I love your grandaughters creativity, i think kids are much better at it than us, they’re not afraid of the finished piece :D.
    The school she’s going to attend sounds wonderful, wish we had one here!!!
    I love the beautiful art from the wee girl at the other school, can see that fairy clearly, v pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend
    Lots of love Karen x

  2. Your posts are always such a celebration of life Sandi, even the bad bits, though thankfully it’s all good here. And your granddaughter has clearly inherited her grandmother’s special talents … spontaneous button stitching can surely only come from a joyful heart.

    I need to know more about the education system in Australia … I like the idea of these alternative schools I hear mentioned, and Steiner seems to be a bigger thing than here.

  3. Helen says:

    Ah I love what your granddaughter did with the hanger, children’s minds are amazing, it’s like they are wired differently (or rather we adults are), so creative!

    Winter has well and truly set in here so I look forward to seeing some photos of your lovely garden,

    Oh and I can see the fairy too!

    Helen xx

  4. Helen says:

    I fully intend to send my children to a school that has a kitchen garden program, haven’t worked out what else, but that is important to me. Thankfully it is becoming more and more common now in the primary schools.

    I hear you about the agapanthus. They can be attractive from a distance but up close they are bloody awful! I spent ages digging out two small clumps from the place I am in now. It required the combined use of a sharp shovel and a little hand axe to get them out. I was amazed at how woody and knotty the root system is.

    Glad to hear your job is still going well.

    xXx Helen

  5. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,love your granddaughters sewing,so lovely to keep and show her in years to come.The alternative school sounds brilliant,I wish they taught more of these subjects in every day school life.I think the world would be a far more peaceful place!Love juliexxx

  6. I like your snaky hangers! You’ll have to teach your granddaughter to crochet soon – second thoughts maybe french knitting or finger knitting first?!
    Hope you enjoyed your concert :o)
    Jones x

  7. oops, my smily face seems to have gone a bit strange!

  8. kath says:

    It’s tinkerbell!

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