Birthday celebrations

Now where did that year go, it doesn’t seem that long ago when I blogged about my daughters 20th birthday………….(and that cake) she is turning 21 on Tuesday, my baby, my youngest, my last…..sob!    I drove her and her two closest friends into the city yesterday and dropped them off at ‘Crown Promenade Hotel‘ at Crown Casino.  I am picking them up on Tuesday, she is a lucky, lucky girl, her dad and nanna are paying for them to stay there.  I told her not to drink or eat anything out of the mini bar (sooooo expensive) as the money is coming out of my credit card and I cannot afford it.

A lot of her friends caught up with her at a night club in the city last night (Saturday) and through Facebook this morning I read she had a wonderful night and behaved herself (no hangover, yay)

Family and close friends are going out for dinner on Tuesday night, am really looking forward to the night, no cooking and lots of chatting.

I have a few birthdays this November, my friend is turning 50, and another friends son is turning 21, a nice few social gatherings to look forward to.

I was called in to work on Friday afternoon (after I got my hair cut and colored…long overdue) but first I met them all for lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant, as we were celebrating three birthdays last week.  I am so grateful for this job, the people are so nice.  I am quite shy and hate entering a venue on my own (confidence is not my strongest point) and most times I will not go out because it actually makes me feel physically sick.  However I pushed myself to go and was greeted very warmly by everyone.  In the past I have had horrid experiences where I have been totally ignored all night, it didn’t do anything for my self-esteem or confidence and has put me off going anywhere basically, unless I feel really comfortable where I am going and the people I am going with/meeting.

I am slowly getting on with my ripple, a few more rows have been added, it is slow going at the moment with work, however my busy time is over so should have more time now.

I rebooked my hair for 8 weeks time, three days before Christmas, oh yikes only 8 weeks to go!!!!  Seriously where has this year gone.

Hope your weekend has been an enjoyable one and the week ahead is easy.

x S x

Just read the ‘cake’ post and would you believe we are having the same weather, freezing, raining but no snow!!

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11 Responses to Birthday celebrations

  1. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter 😀 In just over a week my youngest will be 21. How awesome to think that there we were in October 21 years ago both sporting baby bumps! Mine was a boy 😀

  2. Cuckoo says:

    Cor you’re brave leaving your credit card details! Mind you I was always a good girl and never took the mick out of my parents.

    Work sounds full on yet busy, perfect really. How lovely that you are being welcomed. Though I hate to hear people have ignored you in the past. So rude. They don’t know what they were missing.


  3. Helen says:

    How lovely for you to have grown up children, all sensible and well behaved (I hope!). My youngest brother turned 21 this year and when he was born a lot of people thought he was mine, I was 19 just turning 20 when he was born. That was a bit of a shock having him turn 21, surely that many years can’t have gone past. I’m just starting my family now, with two girls and (shhhh, don’t tell anyone) another on the way.

    I know what you mean about work functions. Occasionally they can be really awful, stuck with people you wouldn’t normally bother to socialise with. I’ve had times where I struggled to communicate with anyone, but I always made sure that I had my own form of transportation so I could make an early getaway when I couldn’t stand it any longer!

    xXx Helen

  4. Penelope says:

    Dearest Sandi
    Sounds like you have brought up a very lovely and sensible daughter. I won’t be able to believe it that Alice will be 21 in 10 years time! Eeek I don’t even want to think about it ;0)

    Thank you always for your ever so lovely comments on my blog, you are so kind.Enjoy tuesday evening and all your social butterflying in November xxoxx

  5. Melissa says:

    It’s crazy how quickly the time flies and how quickly our babies grow up. My oldest will be turning 18 in 11 days….Yikes!

  6. Kate says:

    A very happy birthday to your daughter Sandi! I glad you enjoyed the meal with your colleagues, i feel the same in social situtations where i’m out of my comfort zone so i can sympathise. Enjoy your night out on Tuesday, thank you as ever for the lovely comments on my blog. Take care, K xx ps. hope your new hair is making you feel a million dollars! xxx

  7. katlorien says:

    Oh no, you said the “C word” LOL

  8. Gem says:

    Sad isn’t it, when your children grow older. My daughter is 8 next week and I can honestly remember every second of when she was born.
    How could anyone ignore someone as lovely as you! Glad you went on your own though. If you pretend to be brave, you feel it. Works for me anyway!
    Glad she had a great birthday and you have money left in the bank…..ha ha how trusting you were!!!!
    Gem x xx

  9. Katie Booty says:

    I am very happy to have found your blog. I am now a follower. Im new to blogging come visit me if you get a minute.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Dear Sandi,

    A very, very happy belated 21st birthday to your daughter. I can only imagine how chuffed she is feeling at having a wonderful mother who gives her credit card over to her like that; what a wonderful proof of your trust that is.

    Thinking of you from the other side of the world,

  11. Sounds like your month is one long party… Sounds like a lot of fun!

    (Thanks for reminding me to book my hairdresser. I probably should, too.)

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