Ripple along

I started my ripple blanket a few weeks back, it is slow going as I am working the day and night jobs…………next week is the last week, then back to just three nights and two days.

My job is going well, have worked extra half days, but I think that is over now, I must admit I got a bit tired.  Thursdays I have worked from 8.30am till 8.30pm, it’s a long day, one more to go.

I digress…………my ripple I am loving, I am sort of joining in the ripple along with Lucy and Heather haven’t really officially joined yet.  Have a little look at their progress and others here oh yes much ripple loveliness.

Progress thus far…….

I was going to call it berrilicious, however I added orangey colors so now it is Tutti Fruitti, once again I am using the Stylecraft Special DK acrylic, it is so nice to crochet with and you end up with a very soft blanket.  I would love to do one in wool and have decided to do what Heather does, just buy a ball of wool here and there and add it to the stash and before long you have a gorgeous pile of yummy woolie yarn.

I have been busy knitting two little vests which I have spoken about previously, I ended up throwing one into the corner of my couch as I had to pick up stitches and knit the neck and arm bands, the neck-band ended up looking like a dog’s dinner, so I decided to try another pattern, the bands are knitted along with the main body.  Of course I was knitting like a frenzied bee in a bottle to get it finished.  The baby was born 5 weeks prem, so I guess the vests won’t fit for a little while yet, even tho they are tiny.  The pattern (below in picture) came from this book.  (I bought some bamboo yarn ages ago to knit these for little girls)

Didn’t take photos because it was very late at night when I had finished, but the below photo shows the colors.  It was pressed along with the other one and wrapped in tissue for delivery by my daughter the next day.

This is the one I had the hissy fit over, just to show the colors I used.  It is Bendigo 4 ply wool in periwinkle and Cream and very soft just right for a new born skin.  I didn’t take a photo of the other one 😦  although I do have another ball of yarn so I think I will knit it again as it was gorgeous.

Must go and make a cuppa, I have been sitting here typing away scoffing handfuls of Smarties and now I feel sick……that will teach me.

We had a couple of really hot days – 30c deg – then it plummeted down to 16c deg and raining, it is muggy today, not a good day for drying the washing, so I have put the heating on this evening just to get it dry.  The garden looks bedraggled at the moment with all the heavy downpour, apparently we are in for hail too.  Good old Melbourne Spring weather!!!

I may have been absent from here, but I have been reading your blogs my lovely friends, just a hurried 5 mins here and there, so haven’t really commented much, just know that I am thinking of you all and sending lots of love your way, I should have more time now that the rush of work and making has eased.

x S x

A very big, special warm squishy hug to you Mrs C xox

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13 Responses to Ripple along

  1. Annie says:

    Love that pretty little vest 😀 I always like the sound of Bendigo wools but I can’t get them in the UK. Glad to hear the workload is easing a bit x

  2. Penelope says:

    Dearest Sandi

    What a gorgeous ripple you are making, it’s delicious that’s for sure. Style craft is brilliant for affordable yarn gobbling crochet blankets, my chevron blanket is very yarn thirsty. I really am enjoying making it though, very addictive indeed.
    Those little vests are just too sweet, my sister in law is in early pregnancy at the moment and I want to make something like this for when her baby is due in April next year. It’s lovely to see what you’ve been up to and that you have settled well into your job.
    We have been having gorgeous crisp sunny autumnal weather here today, I am enjoying wearing some of my knitted scarves xox Take care, Penelope xox

  3. Bimbi says:

    Looks like it’s time for you to put your feet up over the weekend! So many lovely things you’ve been making.
    Wish we had 16 degrees, we’re lucky to get 10 – brrrrrr…..
    Bimbi x

  4. Helen says:

    Ooh your blanket does look lovely, I think you could still safely call it berrilicious although tutti frutti is just as delectable. You are clever to make those lovely knitted vests. I am a very basic knitter, I can’t count rows, or work out how to pick up dropped stitches so the thought of making something detailed gives me the heebie jeebies.

    The rain at the moment is a bit of a pain – so much laundry to do and nowhere to dry it – but at least it isn’t cold!

    xXx Helen

  5. Melissa says:

    The blanket is looking wonderful! I’m glad you are getting plenty of work, but I miss “having you around.” Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sandra says:

    Lovely ripple colours and the vests are very cute. Am very envious of your approaching spring as we are definitely sliding towards colder greyer weather – had our first morning frost this week! x

  7. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,I love your new makes,wonderful,Thankyou for your comment left at mine re ;the ‘Helloween’ bunting,I didnt quite understand what you ment though?take care,

  8. Karen says:

    Oh Sandi, i love your ripple, been thinking bout joining in but i think i’d better stick to the one i’m doing & finish it first, then yes i’ll def get stuck in!!!!!
    The baby vest is so lovely, soft & just precious, lucky wee babe 😀
    Gosh girl you are working hard at the mo but i’m so glad the job is going well for you.
    You should see my garden right now, its like a swamp, lots of rain & neglect 😦
    Ah well it’ll get done at some time. Hope you enjoy the lovely spring thats there now, seems strange you know how our seasons are opposite, summer christmas, bet a winter one would feel weird for you. Anyway enough waffle, this is meant to be a comment!!!!!!
    Love all the new makes,
    Lots of love Karen x

  9. mistea says:

    Gorgeous ripple. I see there are a lot around – maybe that is why I was influenced.
    I really think I need to make a colourful one after seeing yours, but I will finish the soft one first as the baby shower is next month!
    Hope your job situation settles and you get more time to craft soon.

  10. I’ve been a bad blogging pal too – it’s been a while since I’ve found the time to have a good old read! Glad the job is ok – and crochet keeping you sane?
    love fee x

  11. elaine says:

    this blanket looks lovely- realy snuggly!
    have a great weekend Sandi

  12. Pomona says:

    Those little vests are so sweet! And I love your blanket – it will be lovely and cosy when you have finished it!

    Pomona x

  13. Lina says:

    Your ripple is beautiful. It´s the next project I´ll begin soon.
    Greetings from Spain.

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