A teeny tiny reveal

One of my two ‘secret’ parcels has been delivered over to the UK, over to Cuckoo’s, (the other one hasn’t arrived yet, hope it gets there ok) sometimes you have to wonder, I am waiting on some books from Amazon, I have received two of the five I ordered, two others were posted the next day but I still haven’t got them and it’s been over a week since the last lot were delivered, hmmmmm.   BUT I digress, Cuckoo had got herself some ‘Yicks’ as they call them, (chickens) I couldn’t resist making these for the eggs.

They were so much fun to make, my gorgeous granddaughter saw them and decided she wanted some too, I also had to make her an apple cosy.  I love that she loves ‘Nanna San’s’ crochet and knitting.  She has been joining us for dinner lately, well every couple of weeks, it is lovely to spend time with her, my son and his wife go off and have dinner with her family and leave A with us, she is such good company and so funny.   She cut up all the little bits of yarn left over from darning in the ends and popped them into the egg cosies to “Make it more comfortable for the eggs”  Bless her.

I am almost finished the cover for the stool, just a few more rounds and then the edge and it will be finished.

It is going to be so cheery on the stool, I really should sand the stool and paint it Antique white or Duck Egg blue, get rid of the plain varnished look and give it a face lift, sounds like a plan to me.

It is late…..11pm so I really need to hop off to bed, I have a day at home tomorrow cleaning house, will have to pop the music on I think to help me get it done, I love a clean house, however actually doing the housework sometimes can be tedious.

  I have been going through my wardrobe and the spare room wardrobe hunting out a few items of clothing, so I have more washing to do!!!   I will share with you in a few days time what has happened in my life today, a mixture of emotions…..excitment and apprehension.

It is Friday (night here) and the end of the week, what have you got planned??

Whatever it is………enjoy.


A posy of Poppies I bought the other day, I took five photo’s on different settings and they were all blurry.  A photographer I do not make.


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8 Responses to A teeny tiny reveal

  1. Miss Holly says:

    Oh the little egg covers are perfection!! My hook is starting to jump!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hello Sweet Lady! I can’t wait to see your finished stool! AND learn all the details of the recent changes! I hope it turns out to be everything you want 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

  3. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness, i got your parcel this morning, i’m just so blown away, Sandi you really didn’t have to do that, i loved what you already sent, but thank you sooooooooooooo much. Everything is beautiful. Its a delight, you’re crochet is so pretty & incredibly neat, & the fabric is one of my favourites, made a quilt with that line last year, beautiful. Love the trims & the oh so cute buttons………….. you’re a star!!!!!!
    Lots of love Karen xxxxx
    ps… I posted a parcel to my mom in Perth two weeks ago, it still hasn’t arrived, the post is just weird, hope its not lost,as its her birthday quilt 😦

  4. Annie says:

    Gorgeous egg cosies, pretty poppies 😀 And what, we wonder, did happen today! Excitement and apprehension … doesn’t sound too bad x

  5. Cuckoo says:

    I wasn’t sure you’d noticed my note at the end of my post!

    I keep meaning to sit down and email you properly but I’ll do it here now instead.

    I am going to blow out some eggs so I can have them on display permanently (actually this is ringing bells, have I already written this? Or have I thought about it so much that I think I have written this already?!) They are lovely and jolly. They make me so happy. i love the image of your Grandaughter trying to make the eggs more comfy. Bless her.

    You are a precious girl.

    Much love,

  6. Helen says:

    I saw the post at Cuckoo’s and have been waiting for the big reveal. I had been considering making some egg cosies too, for my mum as I thought she might get a kick out of them, but then she saw a picture in a book I had from the library and she said “What on earth would you do with those?!” So no egg cosies for her!

    I love the colours in your stool cover. I think that it would look gorgeous on a white stool. I am a bit over the bare wood look myself, but that is only because the men in my family are OBSESSED with wood. My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all wooden boat builders, my uncle changed tack slightly and became a builder and my brother is a carpenter by trade. Lots of varnishing and polishing and staining of wood going on, but no painting! I love colour and would much rather have a splash of colour than a bare wood anything.

    I love your photo of the poppies, it looks very artistic, almost like an oil painting. I would get it blown up and framed.

    xXx Helen

    PS Looking forward to the big reveal, it sounds exciting.

  7. Sandra says:

    Love those egg cosies – very pretty! I wondered what the surprise pressie on Cuckoo’s post was! x

  8. Miss Holly says:

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner about feed sack material . Sometimes called flour sack..I believe that it refers to the prints them selves….these were cottons that were made into packaging to sell flour ,coffee, sugar, and all sorts of things in the 30,s and 40’s. it was a big thing then. sometimes there would be patterns included. for aprons and such…..the prints that I have used are all reproductions…I have just always loved the homey sort of look they have..

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