This has been my lunch for a week or so, fresh fruit and yoghurt, not sure if it is the warmer weather, or since my tummy bug, but this is what I am craving to eat.   But today I felt like……Sour dough bread toasted with Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber and Sardines (from work) with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of salt…mmmmmm so delicious.  Tonight for dinner I have Potato, Garlic and Leek patties, what can I say except…….nom, nom, nom.

Haven’t done much apart from work and dither, some weeks I just dither around, I’m never still but somehow not much happens, some weeks the house seems to need extra cleaning, Meggs our cat is usually the culprit with her long fur falling out all over the place.  Kaila said we should shave her, poor cat.

I started a pincushion the other night, the first one I ditched because I decided I didn’t like the color combo, am happier with the colors now, but decided I would do the two sides in different colors.  The pattern is from here it is an easy one to do, however my eyes are rubbish at night to crochet dark colors and BOTH my lamps have blown globes (since rectified)

This is the front, I took around 6 photo’s in all sorts of light and still cannot get the color right, it is so much more vibrant.  That cute button in the middle came from the lovely Karen in a yarn swap that had been hosted by LaaLaa – thank you Karen I love my little buttons.

This is the back…..oops the ties aren’t quite in the right spot, think I will be making another one in different colors.

We have had CRAZY weather lately, it has been low to high teens, then yesterday we had 29 deg. and gusty winds……today it was 13 deg. when I set out for work this morning, it has been raining on and off all day with gusty winds again, now it is all calm and the sun is shining…phew!  Yesterday with the very hot temp and the gusty winds, a house near where I used to live caught fire and it spread to three other houses, a few people were hurt, the house that burned to the ground belonged to the family of a girl who was in the same year at school as my son James, they lost everything.  We just don’t know what is in store for us …… maybe it’s just as well.

I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for your comments and support on my last post, things have settled down a little, am taking it one day at a time for the moment.

 I’m going to start a cover for the seat of my round stool, it will add some nice color to the kitchen and will be comfy under my (now bony) backside, will show progress in a couple of days.

Sending much love to you all and I hope your week is a grand one…xoxoxox


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12 Responses to Lunch

  1. Annie says:

    Fruit and yogurt for lunch … me too! I’m planning banana, fig and kiwi today, with a sprinkling of chopped roast hazelnuts … yum 🙂
    Crochet … not so much me 😦 I’m trying so hard to learn and am managing Granny squares, but I’m finding the different US/UK terminology so confusing when it comes to patterns for anything else 😦 Your pincushion is just gorgeous 😀
    House fires … here as well 😦 There is a row of three ancient thatched cottages half a mile away and some idiot child threw a firework onto the roof of one last week. Needless to say the thatch and roof timbers of all three are gone and there is much structural damage. It’s quite probable they’ll now be demolished. No one was hurt but three families are now homeless.
    We seem to be living life kinda’ in parallel this week 😀

  2. Cuckoo says:

    For some reason Blogger is not alerting me to your blog updates so when I popped over I see you have this post and another that I think I should definitely have read as it appears there is something tricky going on. I’ll have a read in a mo but first….YOU LITTLE BUGGER!!!!! More treats in the post. Oh my word! I love those little egg cosies. So sweet! I think i will have to blow a few eggs out of their shells so I can pop the cosies on them and have them on display. Sooooooo cute! Thank you Sandi. You really are a glorious gorgeous lady.

    Love that pin cushion, it’s fabby. I can imagine it’s an addictive thing to make, there’ll be heaps soon, I bet they’ll breed!!!


  3. if they do breed send them my way….fee x

  4. Bimbi says:

    Good to see you’ve got your appetite back!
    Love the pin cushion.
    Bimbi x

  5. Helen says:

    So what happened to my invitation to dinner?! Your meals sound wonderful. Meal times are a struggle for me, I don’t enjoy HAVING to cook. Once upon a time if I couldn’t be stuffed cooking I’d just do toast or pop down to the supermarket for a cooked chook. Now I have to start thinking well in advance, so that I have something filling and nutritious for my girls. And my microwave died a couple of weeks ago so that means having to defrost meat a day or two in advance! Aaargh!!
    xXx Helen
    PS Glad to hear you’re feeling your old self again, or perhaps even better than the old self!

  6. Melissa says:

    If you’re craving the food, then eat it because there is something in it that your body needs. At lease, that’s what my doctor always told me and I’ve used that for years now. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. You’re pin cushions are absolutely adorable and you did well with the colors! Try not to overdo!

  7. elaine says:

    that fruit looks so fab, I could just come and join you!
    Def my kinda lunch

  8. julie says:

    Hi Sandi,thankyou for leaving me a message on the giveaway,On my page the add a follower is on the top right,I m not sure why its not visable to you,sorry I cant help you more,Im fairly new to blogging:)let me know if I can do any thing to wishes,julie.xxxx

  9. Sandra says:

    Love the pincushion, very cute. And definitely think if you’ve not been well, foodwise you have to go with whatever you fancy, if you’ve lost a load of weight you just need to keep snacking on good stuff! best wishes xx

  10. Emily says:

    Hi Sandi
    Love the pincushion – I’ve made one too – they’re addictive, aren’t they? I now fancy them in an assortment of sizes and colours…(great Christmas pressies too, methinks)
    Emily x

  11. Helen says:

    Love that pincushion, might have to steal that idea once I get to grips with crochet. Wish I was craving fruit and yoghurt; it’s really wintry here so am actually craving mashed potato and other carby naughties. Ah well. Glad you are feeling better. xxx

  12. I’m catching up a bit, as you can see! Off sick at the moment, my favourite blogs are keeping me happy. I love your pincushion, too cute 🙂 would make a great present, I might have to have a go!
    Jones x

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