Beautiful sun

Hello from sunny Australia.

I have a feeling the end of our Winter is just as warm as the UK summer, a beautiful 20deg today, so nice to sit and let the warmth seep into my body.  I have had a rough week, but am now well out the other end.  I have had ‘gastro flu’ but I didn’t get the ‘nose’ just aches and pains, rash, fatigue and gastro which of course if food is going straight through you the energy levels are in your boots.   I have made two batches of Chicken soup with loads of good stuff in there, garlic, ginger, seaweed, herbs, it prob sounds disgusting, but it really is delicious.  Am on super strength gut tablets and vitamins.

So many nasty bugs floating around these days.  Thank you to all you lovely girls for your concern and love

So whilst prone on the couch and in between sleeping (have done loads of that) I  managed to pick up the hook and needles to make these……

and ate quite a few of what is in them too 🙂 I used Wendy and Patons cotton DK yarn, the colors are striking.

Can only show you a little peek because this is a surprise for someone, will show when they receive it.

A little knitted vest half finished and another one to knit for an as yet to be born baby boy.  Am knitting it out of our beautiful soft Bendigo Wool, the blue is called Periwinkle and is a gorgeous color, and of course as usual my camera doesn’t do it justice.  I have another one to knit but not sure if to do it in a soft blue or a darker one.

Am back to work tomorrow, would much rather be home crafting, baking and drinking cups of tea when I feel like it and sitting out in the sun…….a girl can dream.

Look! my first daffodil and little grape hyacinth and my squinty kittie in the sun

I have mentioned that I want some chickens again, but I’m not allowed here, but look I do have one, I did forget about her, and if you look closely you can see a little duck too.  The planter box has seen better days, should really pop the plants into a nicer one after they flower.

Look at that tail, she had such a tiny little tail when she was little, then it grew into this giant fluffy thing, although it doesn’t look that big or long in this photo.

Off to have some more soup for lunch.

Bye for now, hope you are all happy and having a wonderful day.

xxxxoooo S ooooxxxx

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11 Responses to Beautiful sun

  1. Dearest Sandi,
    So glad to hear your feeling better and in the mend, your aple cozies were so cute. I would love to send you some our heat as it’s so hot here in the midwest of the states. I’ll take your 20 degree and give you our 90+degree Thank you for such a lovely blog, love to hear what is happening down under. Stay Blessed.

    Misty and Pets

  2. Cuckoo says:

    So even when you are sick you churn out glorious knitted and crocheted stuff. What a trooper. I’m glad you are well on the mend again now. For a little while there I had a pit of my tummy worry that you were really sick and that was a horrid thought. You are just so far away.

    Lovely little apple button. Perfect for the job.


  3. kath says:

    What a gorgeous cat!
    We had thick white fog here this morning at 6.30am, which took a few hours to clear, the Tower on the Tor was the last to emerge, but sunny and warm now 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    So sorry you were feeling poorly and am glad you are on the mend. Don’t over do it or you’ll end up back in bed. Love the apple covers – so adorable. As well as your cat. She looks rather snuggly. Enjoy your week!

  5. Helen says:

    Glad you are feeling better now – make sure you take it easy. Lovely pics of your makes, you are a good finisher – beautiful colours on the apple cosies. Daffs in August, that seems really funny, they are a lovely sign of the end of winter whatever month it is though! Love your fluffy kitty – mine are both looking askance at me as I took them to stay at the “cat hotel” whilst we were away over the weekend. xxx

  6. Sandra says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, seems funny to think of spring flowers and early sunshine – probably means that the slight nip in the air in the evening here really does mean we are heading towards the end of summer 😦 Would just like a few more warm, sunny weeks yet…! x

  7. Karen says:

    Glad you’re getting better Sandi, tummy bugs are so awful, its good you’re almost back on track.
    The soup sounds amazing, you should put the recipe up on the blog, great for knocking any future bugs on the head eh!!!!
    Have a lovely week 😀
    Lots of love Karen
    PS the apple cosies are brill 🙂

  8. Hey Sandi, thanks for your sweet message over at mine. Things have just been crazy busy recently, I haven’t been blogging or crafting… Unlike you – you have been busy! I love the apple jackets, especially the one with the cute apple button :o) Glad you are feeling better, the warm weather must be helping… the evenings are getting dark early again over here, it would seem summer is over before it ever really began.
    Jones x

  9. elaine at ted and bunny says:

    Sandi -your winter is FAR warmer (and I suspect drier) than our “summer”!!
    Love the apple jackets- how perfect they’d be to stop picnic peaches getting bruised…not that it’s much like picnic weather here!
    Hope you’re getting over the Gastro attack; there’s nothing better than chicken soup.
    All love

  10. Annie says:

    Hope you’re all better now 🙂 Loving the colours of the secret crochet!

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