I have been spoilt

And very much so.  I joined in a yarn swap over at Laalaa’s and was paired up with the gorgeous Karen from 4lilgirls please go and visit and say hello, she is such a lovely person and very creative too and sooo generous.  I had been blog hopping, as you do, and had found her blog only the week before, and then I was paired up with her, synchronicity .

LOOK what she sent me

Bit of a blurry photo, my eyes must be worse than I thought!

100g of yarn, Debbie Bliss yarn….soft, soft Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran, a mix of wool and angora so you can imagine how SOFT this is, in a beautiful soft green and a flecked tan.

A tin of Clotted Cream Fudge, oh, oh ALL mine, I love fudge, but is a luxury to buy so I will be enjoying every little morsel.

A sweet little Rose candle in a pretty little jar, made to look like a little jar of jam, with sweet rose paper and a gingham ribbon to finish it off.  I burn rose candles so of course I was right chuffed with this.  A bar of Sweet Lavender soap, I just love the way it is presented and I love Lavender too.

You can’t see them very well, but Karen had made a button necklace (gorgeous) and there is a beaded bracelet (very chic) which I wore out on Friday night.

A close up of the bag and below one of the inside, such pretty colors, very vibrant….and look, butterflys.  This is perfect for my little wip’s, (like the apple cosy that has been frogged too many times to remember now) It has a pocket inside, Karen is so neat with her stitching.

Look at this cushion cover, I actually shed a few tears when I saw this, it is my ideal little home, with the window boxes, the fence, birds, flowers, butterflys and hearts depicting lots of love.  The only thing I would add is the chickens and veggies..perfect (and a nice man, must not forget him)

Even more crafty goodness, egg cosies and the beautiful Lavender soap were wound into the green yarn and these little buttons were tucked into the tan yarn in a pretty little green bag.  See the paper it all came in tucked there in the background, flowers and butterflys.

A close up of the green yarn and you can see the egg cosies peeping out.

I was utterly and thoroughly spoilt by Karen, a very thoughtful and intuitive, I may add, gift, I am ever so grateful and beyond touched.

Thank you ♥

The day this parcel arrived I had been feeling below par for a few days (am on some naturopathic tablets now) and had endured a few beyond stinky days at work 😦  It was so nice to come home to, rip paper and squeal and stroke and cry my way through all these goodies.

Went out on Friday night as I said above, Kaila and I went to a Cabaret night that was put on by the dance school that she used to dance at, some of her friends still dance there.  It was lovely to catch up with the girls and the parents, pity the food wasn’t as nice, I ended up in the toilet at the end of the night and I won’t say any more about that!!!!!  And I didn’t even drink (I was the driver)  The food was disgusting and some of it turned my stomach as soon as I put it in my mouth, a few people I spoke to later said bits of it tasted off.  I guess the way I have been feeling lately my system is a bit weak, hohum.

We have had some amazing weather lately, sunny and warm and I could go out without a coat (happy dance) but of course it brings on the sneezes, I am putting it out there that the tablets I am on will build up my immunity and help me stop feeling so tired and light headed.  Oh sorry for the little moan girls.

My dance job is a good place to be, lots of music always playing and happy kids around dancing.  The head teacher/owner/friend has gone to Bali for just over a week, so Kaila and I are looking after it for her and Kaila is standing in teaching for her, so I will have three very late nights there as I will be locking up. Last class finishes at 9.30, then I have to put heaters away, check everything is in its right place etc.

Kaila just did her grade 8 ballet exam, which now qualifies her to teach RAD ballet.  She is enjoying her retail job and out of 15 days has worked 12 which is good because she may be out of work for around a month whilst they refurbish the shop.  Although she could be called in to one of their other outlets.

Well I am about to pop my blanket on my lap and hopefully finish it this afternoon.

Take care and lots of love to you all.


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5 Responses to I have been spoilt

  1. aw – I can feel your fed up ness…despite your treats! (delicious BTW)
    Hope you’re feeling back to your perky self before too long.
    fee x

  2. Annie says:

    What a gorgeous swop parcel … it looks like just what you needed to cheer you up. I hope you get your bounce back soon … feeling under par is so not fun x

  3. Helen says:

    Ah, you certainly have been spoilt – but you deserve to be! Hope you are feeling better now. xx

  4. Lorraine says:

    Lovely bag and such a great swap, you are a lucky girl. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Cuckoo says:

    The problem with going away and then saving your blog for a little treat to have with my cuppa is that when you were feeling low I wasn’t here to offer a cyber hug and a few soothing words. But I’m hugging you right now anyway whether you need it or not. Can you feel that big squeeze? Can you feel me rubbing your back? Gosh your hair smells nice, what shampoo do you use? Oh this is a nice hug, you feel much better now don’t you? Yes so do I. One last big squeeeeeze.


    Sandi, did I just squeeze a trump out of you?!!!!! Ha ha haaaa ha ha ahaaaaaaaaa.

    On to your next post now…


    ps Rose candles? I’ve just saved up a small fortune and bought Jo Malone Red roses candle. Oh how I love it.

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