It seems like I haven’t blogged for ages, it’s just been over a week tho’.

I went off grocery shopping this morning after a little sleep-in (no walk this morning) the house was lovely and warm when I left.  Since I have been home I have slowly become cold (my nose is like a little block of ice) just went to turn the heating up a little…………….it was off, bless my daughter she must have thought I was out for the day so to save fuel and money she turned the heating off before she left, wondered why I was getting colder and colder.  It is only 11deg (51.8f) so far today and can’t see it getting any warmer.  When I write it as Fahrenheit it seems a lot warmer than Celsius!!

We had an earthquake yesterday, I didn’t feel it as I was out and about in the car visiting more stores.   I felt the one last night tho, yes the earth moved for me hehe, (well it’s been a while).  This morning I found one of my pot plants on the ground and the little stand it sits on had fallen over, clever pot was right side up, no damage.  Everything else seems to be ok.

I have started making a couple of little bags for the dance school, the owner thought the little girls may like a bag to put their ballet/tap/jazz shoes in.

Pink for little girls, I am also making another one in white, in a finer yarn, both in cotton.

I realised the other day (after not enjoying crocheting the white bag) that I just had to pick up my blanket and continue on with it because it is my…..color therapy……I am not a winter girl and can get a little depressed with the constant grey days, however the colors of the blanket are keeping my spirits up and will continue to do so in the years to come when I am snuggled under it in winter.

I was naughty again the other day, I went online and bought this…….

I took the photo outside so that I could capture the brilliant colors, once again I have failed, they are such rich colors.  Cotton by Patons and Wendy from Deramores, 100g balls, good price and cheap postage.  We really don’t have all these lovely bright colors here, surprising for such a vibrant country.    I want to crochet a bath mat for my tiny ensuite, to brighten it up, it is so dull.

This beautiful Colinette pure Merino wool from Wales was on special in one of the yarn shops I visit.  They are both from the Cadenza range, the blue is called Salty Dog and the purple is Velvet Bilberry, stunning colors and much more vibrant than what is shown…….I ♥ specials.

Just found out my 22 yr son has tonsilitis, been to the Dr and is now on antibiotics, he has been away with his dad for two days working, he is on his way home a day early, I guess he will be happy to be home in the warm in his own bed.

My daughter is attending a dance ‘Winter’ workshop this week as she is going to be sitting/dancing/doing her grade 8 ballet exam next week, along with dancing twice a day in the kids Lady Gaga shows.  Luckily her new job is casual and they don’t need her as it is the school holidays (2 weeks) and the younger girls who go to school are available.  She was stressing about it last week, didn’t know how she was going to be able to be in two places at once, it has all worked out well for her….thank you universe.

And I just want to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments regarding my photo, you are all very sweet.

Well I have to go put dinner on, so I can feed my two hungry, cold little/big kiddies.

xoxoxo  Sandi  xoxoxo  I am hoping it is warmer where you are.

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5 Responses to So……..

  1. Bimbi says:

    Much warmer, we’ve got 14 degrees here at the moment and it’s what we call Summer!
    Love your new yarn. Beautiful colours – will you combine them all?
    Bimbi x

  2. not much warmer – and this is our summer!!! (water sloshing round my flip flops on the school run…nice!)
    Loving the colours of your yarn – I have my second crochet lesson this afternoon. Think it’s the one where jane takes my make apart and shows me how to grow it properly! (I couldn’t rememeber how she showed me so made it up)
    fee x

  3. Pomona says:

    It is summer here, too, and I have a cardi on and very cold feet! What beautiful colours of yarn – you will be able to make something really lovely to cheer you up, I am sure.

    Pomona x

  4. Melissa says:

    Hello!! Your little bag is PERFECT for carrying shoes. Guess what I got in the mail?!?! What a lovely surprise 🙂

  5. Earthquakes? Crikey.
    Love the new wool Sandi, the colours go together brilliantly! Hope it warms up for you soon – I’ve just been chatting about winter warmers over at mine. It’s supposed to be summer here, but it doesn’t seem to have got started yet, which is pretty rubbish for July!
    Jones x
    PS your comment about my cake made me laugh – I’d better not tell The Bert about that aussie phrase, we could be in all kinds of trouble for next year’s birthday cake!

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