FO and update

Hello there, hope you are having a wonderful day.

My mum knitted my cousins daughter a little purple jumper, well naturally she has to have a hat to compliment the jumper.

Three attempts to do this…….THREE, I lost count the first time and I had too many stitches, (is it stitches, or chain with crochet?) then the second time it was way too big, so third time lucky….I hope, I used a smaller hook, so now it is done ready to be picked up tomorrow….fingers crossed it fits her head, cos it is a surprise so I had to wing it size wise.

Of course I have to do an update on my blanket, I can’t help myself, cos I am still head over heels in love with it.

98 rows so far and probably at least another 98 to go, if not more, I want to make it a square one.  You girls who have the Stylecraft Special DK will know the true vibrancy of these colors and I still bang on about how soft and unacrylic it feels……..

I made myself a mug of coffee and grabbed a bag of crisps and two after dinner mint biscuits that I made the other day, this was my lunch, disgusting really.  The coffee tastes ‘off’ maybe it is the cream I put in it (really disgusting, I’m such an oink, oink) I will redeem myself tonight when I have roast turkey drumsticks with loads of roast and steamed veg.

Just had to leave for a few mins, had to hang up the washing, whilst I was up I tipped the coffee down the sink and made a cup of tea instead.  Domestics have a habit of getting in the way of blogging don’t they..

I have said in the past that I would never show a photo of me again, well I have relented, I’m a woman, I can change my mind……’s only because my daughter was doing a photography assignment and she needed me to model (ooh, get me) for her and some of the photos turned out ok.  I was laughing quite a bit because the sun was so bright and I was trying not to blink etc. anyhow this me in May when we still had some lovely warm weather, I have my ‘Bad Alice’ t-shirt on, I love it, but it is getting a few holes in it now 😦

My eyes aren’t quite that squinty looking and oh my look at my right eyebrow, it looks like I have plucked the life out of it……..

We had to be very inventive with lighting, that is a table-cloth behind me drapped over the fence, then we had it drapped over the clothes horse in front of me and another one on the ground to get a bit of up light reflection going, no wonder I couldn’t keep a straight face, we were at it for a good while, she had to learn about lighting in this assignment.

I figured this is what I would look like if I had a mini face lift, well not the eyes they are a bit extreme (I did say it was very bright) I think the soft light blurry photo helps hehe.

Well my lovely ones, I am going to continue on with my blanket before the troops get home and want feeding, love you and leave you.


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18 Responses to FO and update

  1. Bimbi says:

    Hi Sandi
    Great photo! I absolutely love your haircut too.
    I think it’s a shame that most bloggers hide their faces or use cartoons, or whatever. After all, it’s a very public medium and it gives a personal touch. It’s so nice to know who you’re dealing with.
    Your daughter did a great job!
    Bimbi x

  2. Michelle says:


    That’s a cute hat – I’m envious of anyone who crochets hats/clothes etc – I haven’t moved on beyond blankets yet!

    I noticed in the top photo an Alice Hoffman book – are you a fan? I am, and Green Angel is on my ‘to read’ pile, along with several others. My favourite one of her books is Second Nature, I highly recommend it!

    Michelle xx

  3. Miss Holly says:

    I’m sitting on the porch laughing out loud!!!! You are a very funny lady!! well you get high marks in my book because you at least showed a pic…..I won’t even do that!! You are beautiful!! Don’t touch a thing … just be yourself…you look great… of course we all look and think where is the 36 year old I feel like inside….well… I guess that is just life…but I’d take the inside me now anyday over the 36 year old me… of course I don’t have any choice!!!!! Happy Day!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hello Sandi, the great news is that we have been paired up for Laalaa’s magic ball swap so here I am to find out more about you!

    Have a great day,


  5. Cuckoo says:

    You are soooooo cool!

  6. Melissa says:

    Hey sweetie! Playing catch up! That hat is so adorable and your blanket is coming along beautifully. I’m so glad you posted a picture! I hate posting pictures of myself. I think they all look horrible. Some where along the way, my face forgot what it needs to do to have a nice picture taken. Oh well. By the way, those cupcakes on your previous post look AMAZING! Yum!!!

  7. I think you look very cool! Your blanket!!!!!!!! It’s GORGEOUS! You are right to be proud of it, it’s truly, truly beautiful! Love Vanessa xxx

  8. obviously loving the blanket
    also loving your hair! really really need to get myself a style…..inspired!
    fee x

  9. ps came over to say thanks for the MM link but forgot to mention it! (haven’t tried it yet…but will!) F x

  10. Rachel says:

    Love the photos! As the other lovely ladies have said you do have very ‘cool’ hair, love the colour too!
    Your blanket is gorgeous I would be very proud of it too!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!
    Rachel x

  11. Sandra says:

    Hi Sandi, great photos! Your daughter captured a great natural looking shot. And the granny blanket is looking fab! x

  12. It’s nice to see you in person. You look lovely. x

  13. Pomona says:

    I think you look lovely without the face lift! And I am in love with your blanket, too! Hope you will come on over and join my latest giveaway.

    Pomona x

  14. Sue at Dollytub Cottage says:

    Lovely photo of you Sandi! My son’s a photographer if you ever fancy more modelling. He does “Burlesque” pics, so you’ll need to crochet yourself a corset! :O) SueXXX

  15. Nicki says:

    What Cuckoo said. You look great! LOVE your t-shirt. Love it. I just popped over because it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen your blog for a while. Turns out I’ve missed three posts! I thought I’d put you on my blog list, I don’t know why you’re not appearing. I’ve subscribed again too, to be on the safe side.

    Your blanket is fab. How many balls of yarn have you got for that? Do you recommend the Stylecraft yarn then? I haven’t heard of it.

    Did my dins the other day inspire your lunch today? ;0) Sounds exactly like my kind of lunch, right down to the slightly dodgy coffee… ha!


  16. diney says:

    I admire you for going so public, but then you are a pretty lady so why not!!

  17. I’m all for growing old gracefully. Love your stripes – I’m still plodding along with mine.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  18. Lovely photo of you Sandi – it’s nice to see a pic of you! And you certainly don’t need a face lift!
    I love seeing the progress on the blanket, it looks brilliant.
    Jones x

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