Wednesday walk

It was very cold on Wednesday morning when I went for my weekly walk with my friend, it took me an hour of walking till I warmed up.  I took a couple of photos of our walk.

I took them on my phone so the quality isn’t great, but it was a foggy old morning.

Dan's new house

My friends second eldest son’s new house he is building, his younger brother is helping him.  High on the side of a hill.

A sweet little ‘hills’ home, look at the daffodils flowering already….at the start of winter, they must be so confused with our funny weather.

I do love my Wednesday walk and I love it all the more now, Pilates has been cancelled…..not happy.  I also love the coffee stop on the way home an Organic Chai Latte with organic fruit toast full of dates and hot melted butter.  Sort of defeats the purpose of walking you say, well neither my friend or I are big girls so we are allowed this little indulgence, besides we are very hungry after two hours of huff and puff up and down hills, a reward of sorts.  We have friends that we catch up with occasionally at the coffee shop too which is always nice.  I do my food shop on the way home and any other bits and bobs that need doing.  I get home around 2pm, have lunch and then off to the dance job till 6.30.   Oooooh I do love my Wednesdays ♥  I am so lucky that I was able to work my own hours which also works in well with the dance job.

]]]]]]]]]]] don’t these look like staples! [[[[[[[[[[[[

[] a box  \/ a vee   ^^ eye brows or ears, ok i’ll stop now


Just saw that I have reached 102 blog posts, wow!!

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11 Responses to Wednesday walk

  1. auntiegwen says:

    I love the sound me your Wednesdays too xxxx

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos! It does look awfully foggy and cold which make those flowers look even prettier. Your Wednesdays sound wonderful! I love the total differences between the two houses – traditional and modern! Have a lovely weekend!!!!

  3. Lorraine says:

    How lovely to have a friend to go for walks with, sounds like you have a great time together.

  4. Ha! You love the funny punctuation, too.

  5. kath says:

    I love that little hills home with its cute veranda!
    Your treat sounds divine. I too love to walk, luckily so do the dogs, but when they get too old I will simply put them in an old pram and push them along 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    I like Wednesdays too as I have my Pilates class. Isn’t Pilates great? I’m a beginner, I started in February but I love it even if the 100 defeats me.

    Susan I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets excited when fast jets go over the house. I love to watch the Chinooks too, I’m always leaping up to rush out and see them.

    • Sue says:

      Sandi, so sorry about my nonsensical comment. As you have probably worked out I thought I was replying to someone else -Susan from The View From Here who left a comment on my blog just above yours. Must pay more attention. But the Pilates comment stands!

  7. elaine at ted and bunny says:

    hi dear Sandi,
    I’ve just spent a lovely time (in fact a WHOLE big mug of tea amount of time) reading your blog and looking at the lovely pics.
    Oh aren’t those possum socks fab- just whats needed for our English summer here!
    I do Pilates too- 5 years now and I just adore it. I’ve had a little break at the moment, but somehow it stays with you all the time doesn’t it? I found it really helpful with horseriding because I realised I was quite slumped on one side.
    I’ve a hankering to take up some knitting. I’ve found a 1950s pattern for a sleeveless waiscoat (do you call it a vest like they do in the US?) in garter stitch- quite a bit of increase/decrease but simple apart from that. I haven’t done any knitting for…well it must be over 20 years so fingers crossed I remember!
    Catch up again soon
    ps oh yes, thanks for entering my Giveaway, and thanks for leaving all your kind comments xx

    • sandiart says:

      Hi Elaine, so lovely to hear from you again!!!! I love my possum socks, have them on now, gosh your summers must be cold then. I am quite sad that my Pilates class has been cancelled as I really loved going and knew it was doing me good. We call then waistcoats and vests, yours sounds great, I love garter stitch, I have done a few baby things in garter stitch, it will look top notch.
      x Sandi

  8. Jones says:

    Gosh, it does look like a cold day! Well done for getting out on your walk though, sounds like the treats were well deserved!
    Jones x

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Sandi I’m Karen from 4lilgirls, your swap partner for Laa Laa’s swap. Just to let you know i’m away on vacation until next thurs so will contact you properly then. Looking forward to this should be lots of fun
    Karen x

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