Yarn and update

We have had some beautiful sunny days here, although the last couple of mornings have been very foggy, but once it has burnt off the sun has been very welcome.  I was even able to open up a window to let in some fresh air for a couple of hours today.  One lovely lady from the UK was saying they had a warm to hot day the other day, it was 15deg c. that is on the cold side for us.  Funny what we get used to because it has been quite cold of late and today was only about 15deg but felt quite warm in the sun.

Another update on the Granny blanket, have you gathered that I am in love with it??  I am being very disciplined and weaving in the ends every 10 or so rows so I don’t have a huge amount at the end, now that would really annoy me.

After I took this I did another three rows, can’t put it down, it’s become an addiction I tell you.  Am thinking I will attempt a ripple blanket next, was also thinking I would like to crochet a bath mat for myself.

So when I went yarn shopping on Friday with the voucher my daughter gave me, this is what I bought.  It’s the best sort of yarn buying you know……..buying without guilt.

This will be knitted up into some wee vests with some soft lace around the neck edge I’m thinking.

This one is cotton with a linen look to it, I am going to knit a little side opening jacket and some crochet neck laces, I think they will look lovely in summer.

And finally the sock wool for my dads socks (eek)

Look who is being a naughty girl!! She has such bad manners and no amount of telling her so makes any difference…….tsk, tsk.

I baked yesterday, a little bake I admit, I can’t be dragged away from my blanket making for too long you know.  Anyhow I made these little cups of yummyness……….

The shape and decorating is rubbish, but the consistency and taste is oh so GOOD, thank you Cuckoo,  here is the recipe if you would like to make them too, she is much more creative than me as you will see.  I should have iced and decorated as I went………I should have baked them in their pretty little paper cups in a muffin tin…..next time.

Enjoyed with a nice ‘cup o’ char’ 

Isn’t this a lovely set, my ex hubby (kids dad) gave me this, he did good, am so grateful we are still friends.

Am thinking of New Zealand as I write, they have had another earthquake in Christchurch.

Time to wash the very white mask off my face, make a cup of tea and have another cupcake..

Have a wonderful day.

Sandi xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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7 Responses to Yarn and update

  1. Pomona says:

    I love the blanket – beautiful colours!

    Pomona x

  2. Helen says:

    Aren’t you lucky?! A voucher to spend on lovely yarn. The bamboo looks beautiful. I’ve used some bamboo blends before, a little bit splitty, but you get a lovely and shiny and smooth result. I spotted some yarn at Spotlight I REALLY wanted but at $17 a ball I decided that I could live without it!

    • sandiart says:

      Ohh, is that the one with all the different types of yarn joined together, all in the same color??? If it is I bought the brown/green one ages ago when it was only $5 a ball. The blue one is gorgeous.

  3. Sandra says:

    That blanket’s looking great – lovely bright splash over your sofa! And I love that pretty tea cup, perfect for a little tea and cake moment xx

  4. Melissa says:

    Your blanket is looking wonderful! I am so jealous of all the lovely yarn you now have in your possession! I will let you know that youtube has been a God send when it comes to sock knitting. I learn from seeing and there are so many sweet that have posted wonderful videos to help. Good luck!!!

    • sandiart says:

      Yes I think youtube will be the go. It has helped me out many a time, thank goodness for the kindness of people to share information hey! I have way too much yarn, however it will all get used eventually, I buy a lot of it on sale so that helps (keeps the addiction going)

  5. Cuckoo says:

    You baked!! Well done! Oh I am glad they worked out for you. It’s all about the taste who cares if they are a bit wonky? They are charming!!

    The yarn looks gorgeous, there’s not a lot of bamboo yarn local to me, I have been on the look out since you made Mini those gorgeous booties (which he has grown out of now sob. They were worn and worn and worn) They are on his shelf as I can’t bear to pack them away yet. I know I’m a saddo!!!

    Ah, that granny stripe….just gonna have to add another project to my to do list!!!


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