Awwww :)

I was buzzing around like a little bee on Friday, I went yarn shopping, I was making use of the voucher my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day, bought some lovely yarn (another post as I haven’t taken photos yet) then I visited my Auntie.  She lives a 10 min drive from me, but we don’t often catch up, she’s busy, I’m busy.  We had a lovely couple of hours catch up, tea was drunk and home-made choc chip biscuits were devoured.  My cousins little 4 year old was there too.  Did some food shop on the way home, I opened the door  and look what was waiting for me…..ooh I was so excited

All the way from the UK…………….

Inside were two parcels, wrapped in this beautiful paper, and an envelope with strict instructions to open the parcels first, Oh I did as I was told!!

More unwrapping was to be done, I was so intrigued as to what it was, so excited and a little heart thumpy too.

Ahhhh, wooden hangers, gorgeous variegated blue yarn, sweet little crochet flowers that came in the little ‘With Love’ bag and an oh, oh so sweet photo card of one mini Cuckoo.  Thank you so much Cuckoo, you made me shed tears, loudly and snottily, you sneaky sweetie you.    The yarn is beautiful and so soft, I don’t know where she gets the time to do what she does (she crocheted the little flowers) with two very energetic boys and a baby….bless you.  I have a giggle at the antics of her boys, but then I’m not there to clean up the mess….she is a very clever girl with her craftiness, baking..(yes I am going to make the cupcakes cuckoo honest)…sewing and crocheting and all the other things she crams into her days.

I also received this Stylecraft yarn

The top left is periwinkle, it is such a beautiful color….but look what else I bought..hmmmm, not what I thought

fluro pink and orange…………not sure what to do with this, any suggestions??

I have added another 7 colors to my grannie since I showed you last, will take a photo of it and the new yarn tomorrow.

I’m off to have some Rocky Road ice-cream…..mmmmmm.

Love to you and you




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4 Responses to Awwww :)

  1. Helen says:

    It’s always fun to get a parcel in the mail, even when you know what is in it. But Cuckoo’s little additions certainly do make it much more exciting. You could do an eighties revival with the fluoro colours – remember fluoro socks?!
    xXx Helen

    • sandiart says:

      Fluro socks were in when I was in High school, I then went on to have pastel fluro clothes when I was first married, what a fashionista I was (not) Unfortunatly it is acrylic yarn, don’t think they would be very nice to wear. perhaps I could crochet a small stripe cushion hehe, or bunting……..

  2. Sandra says:

    That multi-shade blue yarn looks yummy, makes me want to go for a yarn squishing session somewhere! (have promised myself no more spending just yet…) x

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Gosh it’s been too long since I visited! I missed this post!!! You know you were more than welcome, I loved surprising you.

    I’m thinking along the same lines as Helen with regards to the fluro wool. Try leg warmers!!! But then again, maybe not….Maybe do a swapsie?


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