What I am up to and…………a little give away

After much procrastinating, talking, umming and arrhing I finally started Lucy’s granny stripe blanket….yay!  I am more than happy that it is not twisting or pulling up at the corners………..and I got the stitch count spot on the first time, 240 stitches is a lot and my mind did wander once or twice in the counting.  Does anyone else have trouble concentrating when they have to count up big numbers of stitches??

I lined up all the balls of yarn and wrote down which order of colors I wanted, well that lasted for one ball, now I am just picking up a color that I think will look ok for the next row, fingers crossed that it will look nice.

I have finished knitting the little vests, but haven’t sewn on the buttons as yet.

I love these little vests, they are so sweet and easy to knit.

I also have this on the needles

A little girls front opening vest, I knitted it ages ago but I cast off too tight under the arms, so frogged it.  I have a gorgeous crochet flower to put on it when it’s finished.

I was out on the road again on Thursday for work, it was a beautiful sunny, warm day,  I made a little detour and guess where I ended up???  Right out the front of a yarn shop that I have visited before, well I had to go in didn’t I (can’t help myself) and bought some lovely 85% Mohair-15% Wool to knit an elbow length jacket for myself..pictured below.

This is the jacket I am going to knit and the yarn is more the color in this picture, it is so soft, just perfect for the in between days. It is out of this magazine….

which I have a spare one of….so if you would like it, leave me a comment by Saturday 11th June and I will choose someone.

They have beautiful/cute/quirky buttons in the yarn shop too so these came home with me, can you guess what the little apple one will go on???  Yes a Crochet Apple Jacket from Molly Makes

I must add the big white one and the patina one didn’t come from there, just had to show you.  The little buttons top right are transparent lemon with little purple flowers on them, bit hard to see.

Today has been scrumptious, sunny and warm so I went outside and cleaned the car inside and out, have the doors open for nice fresh air again.

I am enjoying the days I am out of the office and meeting some lovely people, getting to see more of Melbourne (where I live) and finding yarn shops, I also found a button shop that has some yarns and other bits and bobs in it, will have to go back and have a good look at the buttons, there was a long wall of them, almost the whole length of the shop.

  I think I was most disciplined by walking out when I did 🙂

Well my lovelies, time is marching on and it is getting cool now so time to close doors.  I have an easy night, so can please myself what I have for dinner,  I will be adding to my blanket and more rows on the little vest and some tv watching, bliss.  Am off to brunch again tomorrow with my lovely girls.  I caught up with another friend on Friday, we had a bit of lunch and a few cups of tea and talked for hours.  We haven’t seen each other since November last year, so a lot of catching up was had.



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7 Responses to What I am up to and…………a little give away

  1. Bimbi says:

    What a lot of lovely projects on the go! How do you pick which one to do? The Mohair looks very soft and cosy.

    I must say I am totally envious of all the choice of wool shops you have. Buttons are generally sold 4 on a card in the most basic or hideous of design. Last time I needed some buttons I had to give up the hunt and just waited until I went to Germany where I found what I needed in the first shop I looked. Maybe I’m just in the wrong part of the country, but wool shops are few and far between around here.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Bimbi x

  2. Melissa says:

    My goodness! You have been busy! The vests are adorable & your cardigan is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Of to turn my heel. Yikes! Cross your fingers!

  3. kath says:

    I love that little jacket Sandi, so feminine.
    What made me smile was those cute little vests. In the 70’s I had one wxactly like that and we called them “tank-tops” do you remember?
    Every time I come here I think, I must start knitting again…..

  4. diney says:

    I always feel relaxed as if everything is right in the world when I read your posts, Sandi!

  5. diney says:

    PS As you know from previous comments, craft work isn’t my thing but I love looking at all your creations and marvel at how simple you make it sound, and the sheer pleasure you derive from doing it. The buttons are gorgeous – I sometimes buy new, quirky buttons to individualise a cardi (I can, at least, sew on buttons!!!)

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi Sandi
    Thanks for popping by. That granny stripe looks fab – I tend not to plan the colours as I just change my mind as I go along, I’m sure it will be great. Love the cute little vests and that jacket is very pretty. It will be lovely in that gorgeous yarn! 🙂 x

  7. Kate says:

    Those two little vests are gorgeous and totally making me want to forget everything I’ve got on the needles and cast on a Noro Milo. Hope you are having a great day.

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