Hello (arm waving to you)

Well, its been a little while since I last posted.   Was running out of energy after working two full days and five nights and a Saturday morning, that is finished now…phew, back to Monday and Wednesday nights at the dance centre and Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Organic job.  More time to hook, knit, cook and keep the house a bit cleaner.
Today I have yarn shopped, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, done three four loads of washing and cooked Lamb Shanks, with tomatoes, garlic and rosemary.  That’s in the oven, Lamb Tagine with pumpkin, potato and spices on top of the stove (it was delicious) and boiling up the lamb bones for stock.
  It’s now ME time.
This is the yarn I bought this morning, four balls of each for $40, I was pretty happy with that. The blue/green/purple one is pure wool, the other two are a mix of pure wool and bamboo.
A friend wants a pair of bootie/socks and a beanie for a new born boy, although he isn’t born just yet. I can’t make up my mind to do them in the brown/blue shade or the blue/green, I will prob do both and she can make up her mind.
I crocheted (this word never looks right)  this bag to store my wips in as I would leave them all over the couch or coffee table, or in a plastic bag and it just looked so messy.  I didn’t use a pattern, made two long sides two short sides and a bottom, sewed them together and folded over the top and threaded some soft seam binding through and ta dah! somewhere to put my bits which pleases my eye.
That’s the bottom…….. the pale green is actually bright lime green, the sun had gone by the time I took this photo.
Oh the wip’s???? Some more coat hanger covers, I decided I would crochet them all first then, that way I will have them all done together.
The latest little dress that I knitted, I made a few changes and I really like how it turned out, unusual colorway tho’, but I do like it.    AND look at that blue sky, isn’t it glorious, I had all the doors and windows open today, it was so warm and still is, it was 21deg (69.8) today and for all of next week?  Rain and cold again.
I bought myself, well the family, a juicer so that we could have FRESH juice whenever we want it, I am over throwing out cartons of juice.  I can’t stand apple juice in bottles/cartons but I love fresh juiced apple juice.
I didn’t have a bottle to store the juice in so I bought this gorgeous one, just love the color…
Thursday night I went out with my cousin to an art exhibition, she had free tickets via a young up and coming artist who has connected with her ( she has her own interior design business).  We had a lovely evening wandering, with wine in hand, up and down the aisles of some beautiful artwork, and some not so, but that is a personal preference thing. Chatted and had a laugh with some lovely women.  Afterwards we found a pasta/pizza restaurant open so in we went and shared a smoked salmon, bococini and basil pizza, yummmmmmm.
Last night Kaila and I went out for dinner at a friends to celebrate another friends 40th, she (Kaila) has just got up, it is 6pm, she’s was not feeling too flash and I kept noise going all day so I didn’t have to hear her (she was sick, then again, then again etc. ewww)  I was never good with hearing THAT sound!!!   She is going out again tonight, I asked her if she was going to drink again, haha, I’m such a rotten mother sometimes, she answered with a ‘look’ and a resounding NO.  It was great to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while…..and tomorrow I am off to brunch with a couple of my lovely girlfriends, so a social weekend, but tonight is all mine to sit in front of the tv, watch a couple of my fav shows (Born and Bred and Heartbeat) and start knitting for my friend….bliss.
Was thinking today about blog friends again, it doesn’t matter what age, color, creed or where we live, blogging brings like minded ‘girls’ together, how I love that.


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6 Responses to Hello (arm waving to you)

  1. Helen says:

    Wow, so busy! How do you find the time? I think it’s time you took a deep breath and just relaxed! I’m at home full time and I don’t seem to be able to get anything done except chase after two little girls. I love your juice bottle, such a pretty colour. And I love the colour of your hanger covers. At first I thought it was the lining of your bag and I was trying to work out how you did it, and thinking “Why didn’t I do that?”

  2. Bimbi says:

    That bag idea is a great idea! Unfortunately I have a number of things already going and should be concentrating on finishing those first … maybe … 🙂
    Juicers are great, the result excellent, the only blip is the cleaning up. My juicer has a zillion bits that require washing. If you don’t do it everytime you get mould – yuk!
    I agree with Helen, more ME time for you. Hard though, isn’t it?
    Enjoy the weekend
    Bimbi xx

  3. Lorraine says:

    Goodness you have some much on the go even though you’d been working extra days. I just love your juice bottle!

  4. Melissa says:

    You have been busy! The new yarn is lovely. Don’t you just love bamboo? It’s such a soft yarn. You are getting quite good with the crochet! The bag is adorable. And that dress you knitted!! Just too darling! I couldn’t help but snicker a little at your comments concerning Kaila. Back when I was in college, I had a few days like that. No fun! Hope you enjoyed your quiet time and brunch with your friends!

  5. Mmm lamb tagine, that sounds very tasty. I love the new wool you’ve bought – it is so much easier when it changes colour by itself :o)
    Jones x

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Here here! I love the blog world for that!

    You have packed a lot in, the food sounds yummy, got my tummy grumbling. The yarn looks gorgeous too. And the stash bag, you sound so blase writing about how you did it but it looks very swish.

    Your poor daughter! I can’t drink anymore, it makes me rough as rats for days.

    The dress is very cute. I blame you (and Raymond) for making me teach myself to knit. I started on Saturday and it’s going well so far. I’ll blog about it soon.

    much love

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