It’s freezing…

It is so cold today, we have been plunged into winter, last night it was 3deg. someone said it was -3deg, it was COLD either way.  It is 6.30 at night and my feet have finally warmed up as I have been at work today.  I have had thick socks and leather boots on, but my feet were still cold.  I came home put the heater on, put my thick, warm track pants on and my fluffy slipper/boots and made a hot cuppa.  Wondering if I had a pair of hand knitted socks if they would be any warmer………Alice????

I applaud my friends over the pond, don’t know how you cope with such cold weather.

A gift I made for a lovely friend

Right, off to make dinner, toodle pip xoxoxox

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7 Responses to It’s freezing…

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! Plunged is right. We are a lovely 70 deg F. That’s about 21 deg C I believe. I don’t really trust my math 🙂 Try to stay warm and find you some of those possum wool socks. My sister brought me some back from New Zealand and they are wonderful. Do you have them in Australia?

  2. Lorraine says:

    Certainly does sound cold! Don’t envy you one little bit, I am enjoying our lovely weather 🙂 Hope you have a warmer day tomorrow.

  3. Brrrr! Hope you warm up soon!
    Jones x

  4. Cold is better if there’s snow. Or fires. I bet your houses aren’t designed for the cold either. Ours aren’t built for heat, but they sure are for cold.

    I hope you get warmer soon. x

  5. Jen says:

    Hope you keep warm. Our last winter scared me – we are very uphill, rural (frankly – at altitude) we spent summer stockpiling wood to burn etc etc. We need to do thae same again. I’ve learned to love hot water bottles. At the same time – isnt it scary how fuel costs are going to affect us?

    J x

  6. felicity says:

    gosh it does sound cold, i love the cold, thick socks warm jumpers, a cosy fire, knitting or crochet, a good movie, hot chocolate! its boiling here which means hayfever for me, do you want to swap? fliss xxx

  7. Rachel says:

    Oh I love the Pansy coathanger you made for your mum, so pretty! Thats such a sweet present for your friend too!
    I’m sure real wool socks would warm you up more!
    I work outdoors Autunm and Winter one day a week and wool socks really keep my tootsies warm!
    Rachel x

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