This Autumn has been amazing so far, today the sun shone and it was beautiful, it is 8.00pm and I am still in short sleeves.

Thank you Mother Nature.

I met up with two of my lovely friends for brunch this morning, we nattered and laughed for a few hours, I love my friends.  I love that we are so different and we accept each other for who we are, we respect each others views and feelings, we always come away far richer in our hearts.

We met through our daughters, the girls danced together for years and they are still very, very close.  I am a fairly shy person and I went to the dance competitions by myself (which was big for me) and there were these two ladies, who were friends, who invited me to sit with them,  we have been good friends since, sharing good times and bad times and the in-between times.

I took a few photos of the two little dresses that I finished a couple of days ago, I washed them and pressed them, I noticed that the grey one had like a wasp nest built on it, so I dabbed at it with water to wash it off and of course it left a wet spot (as you will see) I decided to re-wash it, then when I was taking the other washing off the clothes horses there were two more of the little nest things….ewww, so back in the wash with hot water.

Knitted in Grey Wool Crepe, gives it a bit of texture.  I am going to change the sleeve pattern a little, I don’t like the way they sit, they knitted up bigger than the armhole which, to me, has spoilt the look of it.

The little pink dress I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to crochet around the edge instead of picking up and casting off stitches all the way around.

Think this looks nicer.  I knitted it in the Perendale yarn from NZ then used a plain color around the neck edge and sleeves.

I have almost finished a little cross over jacket, but put it aside to crochet a coat hanger, which is almost finished, for my first effort I am quite pleased.  Pictures soon.

Well I am about to put my feet up and watch ‘To the Manor Born’ and I want to knit some little mauve Forget me Nots to add to the hanger along with the crochet Pansy and knitted leaves that I did this afternoon.

Bye for now hugs and kisses, Sandi xxooxxoo

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10 Responses to Sun

  1. Helen says:

    Oooh, aren’t you the clever one?! Such pretty dresses. I love the little grey dress, but I would dress my girls in both of those little outfits if they were in my wardrobe. Isn’t it funny, despite my relative inexperience in crochet, I would rather tackle a crochet garment than a knitted one.

  2. Bimbi says:

    Old friends are always the best. Hard to come by, so count your blessings.

    Are they still showing To the Manor Born? That used to be fun, I remember it well, but haven’t seen it for a very long time.
    The dresses are lovely – who’ll wear them?

    Enjoy the sun while you can

    • sandiart says:

      Yes Bimbi, over here in Australia they are showing a lot of old UK shows, some I love. Not sure who will be the wearer of dresses, I am thinking of selling them through etsy, not sure yet. My friends keep buying them tho’.

  3. Melissa says:

    Aren’t you just the talented one! Those are too flipping adorable. I guess it’s a good thing I have boys or I would create a clothes monster with a girl 🙂 Enjoy your programs!

  4. Miss holly says:

    Wow!! You are such a wonderful knitter!! That Is one thing I have not really mastered at all!!

  5. Cuckoo says:

    i love Penelope Keith, she’s fabulous. Do you ever watch The Good Life? One of my all time favourites. I watch it over and over again as it’s always on sky.

    I rather like the look of the grey sleeves, I like poofy sleeves, Victorian stylee. But I’m sure your changes will improve it, though how I do not know, it is perfection already.

    What’s with the wasps nests, horrid creatures!!

    Looking forward to seeing your coat hanger and the cross over jacket.


  6. sandiart says:

    I love The Good Life too, it comes on a bit late here tho’. My ancestral UK roots keep rearing their heads and tugs on my heart, I so want to come visit and stay a while. On both sides of my family I am part pom. On dad’s side my great, great etc. grandfather was Phillip Gidley King, he became the govenor of New South Wales here in Australia and on my mothers side, my great etc. grandfather was the Duke of Wellington’s cousin, the blue blood has disappeared tho’ oh and I have a little aboriginal blood in there too…..just call me Lady Sandi if you please.

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