Pretty Easter eggs

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter break, taking time out to just be and enjoy the time off.

I am having a quiet break, lots of knitting and finishing off, I will take photos when they are 100% finished.

I received this lovely surprise from my boss, how sweet and very unexpected.

Hand painted eggs, so pretty and too nice to eat.  They came in a box with a bigger one, which you can just see a little of in the top photo, don’t you just love the pink poka dot one!!  I love the green one too, the color is much nicer than what the photo shows, actually they are all beautiful.

The weather has been a bit grey of late, but we are heading into a few days of sun again, I can once again open up the house and let the fresh air in.  One of my fav things to do.

‘Gaga Magic’….a photo of the girls after a performance, my daughter is on the far right.  I didn’t get to see them perform which was a shame, hopefully next school holidays I will.  I did see them in a promo shoot at a club last year, I  headed off at 11.30pm (the time I would usually be going to bed) to see the performance.  My daughter had a lot of fun doing these shows for the school holidays the little kids shouted out some very funny things, they danced, then lined up for autographs at the end.

Oooh, my friend just sent me a txt message, a photo of the little dress that I made, on her nieces baby girl, it looks so sweet and the mum ‘LOVES’ it which is the main thing.

Take care, love and hugs xxoo

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2 Responses to Pretty Easter eggs

  1. Bimbi says:

    Happy Easter Sandi

    Those eggs are lovely! What a special present. I love the green one.

    Wow, those dancers look pretty impressive.

    Regards Bimbi x

  2. I love those pictures. Gorgeous green egg and gorgeous daughter.

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