Don’t run away, it’s still me

Time for a change,  as much as I loved the old blog look, it was a bit dark and now that we are coming into winter I thought I needed something brighter to keep the summer feel going.  A few blogs that I read have this one and I like the open ‘sunny’ look of it and this one has a few more widgets that I can access.

I still need to ‘tweak’ the background and header to settle on something that is fresh and sunny, a WIP of a different variety.

I took myself off to another yarn shop, around a half hours drive from here yesterday…..ooohh such beautiful displays of yarn, I couldn’t stop petting and pulling out and merging colors together.  I forgot to take my camera of course.

I actually went to two yarn shops, and had a lovely chat with the elderly lady that owns one of them, her name is Rachel and she is a funny French lady, she has a wicked sense of humour and had me giggling at the stories she was sharing.  Her shop is tiny and packed to the rafters (not kidding) with yarn, lace, buttons, patterns, needles and hooks and other bits and bobs, you have to ask cos you sure can’t find anything on your own.

I bought two balls of sock yarn as they were on sale and I really like the color combination, oh and some little pearl buttons.

Once again my camera doesn’t take true colors, so much more vibrant

I then went off to the other yarn shop, four times as big with all the yarns set out in pigeon holes, the above sock yarn was on sale, so two balls came home with me and the below Sublime Baby cashmere/merino/silk, so soft.  A ball of each as it is quite expensive, but oh so soft and such pretty colors.

And all the little buttons, so sweet, they are made out of wood, except the pearls ones of course.  I had such a lovely time walking around looking and feeling.  The sales lady certainly didn’t have the personality of the first lady tho, the opposite in fact.

We have been so blessed here all week, we have had glorious weather, summer warmth in fact, however today there is quite a breeze blowing and bringing in grey clouds and it is cooling down a little.  I am so happy for my lovely friends over the pond as they are having beautiful warm Spring days, I am loving the beautiful photos of flowers etc. it’s also good to hear how it is making people feel so much better after the dreadful winter they all had.

I’m off to do some more tweaking, catch you soon, have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of these xoxoxoxoxox to all of you


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7 Responses to Don’t run away, it’s still me

  1. Bimbi says:

    Hi Sandi,
    What lovely colours you found there! I wish I had a choice of yarn shop, we don’t even have one. My best bet must be going up to London, but I prefer to find stuff in Germany. Plenty of choice there.
    Do you find WordPress easy to use? Do you prefer it to Google’s Blogger?
    Have a lovely weekend – we have the most perfect weather here – absolute bliss!

    • sandiart says:

      Hi Bimbi, I have always used WordPress, so not sure how Blogger is. I just decided my original blog was a bit dark and dreary and a few girls use this one and it is nice and bright and has more things I can use. Oh that’s not good re the yarn shops, from what I hear there are heaps over there, perhaps it depends on where you live? We have them far and few between here and the yarn is so expensive. Are you going to do lots of yarn shopping when you go back to Germany???
      x Sandi

      • Bimbi says:

        Hi Sandi
        I posted a reply re the freezer paper on my blog for you.

        I am hoping to go to the factory outlet of Opal wool this time. They told me that they have special offers of stuff not often found in shops (not sure what that means exactly) and regular wool is reduced by around 10%. Every little helps though!
        Why? Do you want something?

        Enjoy your weekend
        Bimbi x

  2. Diney says:

    I’m viewing this on my iPhone and your header etc hasnt downloaded but I’m sure it’s gorgeous – anyway it’s your nice, sunny, easy going text that is important so don’t change your style! We all love it x

  3. kath says:

    Lovely new background, very fresh and jaunty. I love what you have been making, it makes me want to pick up my needles again 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    Sandi the new background is great! Love all the colors! And that yarn is so yummy! Can’t wait to see what you make with it!

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