Happy, happy……

A very big thank you


(you know who you are)

I have been looking and looking and looking for hours on the internet and Ravelry for some Opal Sock in the Harry Potter series, Ron to be exact and the only place I could get it was from ebay, but the lady won’t send overseas, waaaah not send it overseas!!!!!! don’t dangle a carrot like that in front of me please!!!!! sob.

An email here and an email there got it moving……ahh I feel so thankful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart in supporting me with this.


Look what my mum bought up a few weeks ago, a table-cloth, it’s rather colorful I obviously was into the riotous color scheme back then, oh how I have mellowed, still love the bright colors, but perhaps not that amount in a small area.  I was just a young teenager when I started it, my mum was determined that I learn to embroider and a lot of tears were shed (she wasn’t one to say no to!!)

This was the first attempt at crochet, all those years ago, I gave up as you can see, looking back it wasn’t so bad for my first attempt. I had forgotten I had done this until I saw it again.  I was so hard on myself back when I was young, never felt good enough or what I did was good enough, although I can slip into that feeling still sometimes, uh oh!!

Smaller ones for the dressing table.  Of course the colors don’t come out very well and look very muted here.

It’s a grey day here and I have the heater on, just a little on the cold side.

Back to the knitting, see you soon

Love and hugs



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4 Responses to Happy, happy……

  1. Cuckoo says:

    Oh wow! I love your embroidery. The butterflies are stunning, unbelievable in fact. You clever thing.

    I’m glad you got some “Ron”, I have been searching for you during my night feeds. So many times I’d find somewhere that said they had some right until checkout where it would come up with “out of stock” Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I wanted to surprise you. I was in the John Lewis wool section today and I asked the lady there but they don’t stock Opal. Are you going to make socks from it or have you something else in mind?


    • sandiart says:

      Oh you gorgeous girl you, thank you. I was able to email the lady in question and ask why she couldn’t post to Australia and she said ebay need to be able to track their parcels and she couldn’t do it from the USA, but I’ve ordered from the USA via ebay before and didn’t have a problem. Anyway she will sell direct from herself to me, so I am one happy girl. I am going to make little dresses out of it, they are so cute!!!
      Shall show soon. Am off to a job interview (part-time) so better rush xxxxxxxx
      Have a wonderful day xo

  2. Melissa says:

    LOVE the embroidery! Those butterflies are beautiful and so colorful! Hope you have a wonderful week. I’m sure we’ll be “chatting” soon 🙂

  3. homeandheart says:

    Isn’t great to find something you wanted SO bad??!! The linens are lovely too!

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