Finally finished the ‘little skirt’

I had to wait to get some elastic for the waist, thought I had some…nooooo,  so had to wait, I bought some from the supermarket, apart from being too wide, it was mouldy, ewwww, couldn’t take it back as I had already thrown the receipt out and destroyed the packaging.

Anyhow, on with the show…….Noro Silk Garden sock yarn.

It is knitted in the round from the bottom up, this is the first ruffle knitted in. (The colors arn’t quite true.)


Ooh, second ruffle knitted in…..


Third ruffle on, almost finished…….


TaDAhhhhh….finished, this is the front and ……………

….the back, you could wear it either way, personal taste really.

Gosh I enjoyed knitting this, in fact I have bought some more yarn to knit two more and some Noro Blossom yarn to knit a little jacket.  I have noticed a few ladies who have not liked this yarn because it was splitty or rough, but I haven’t had an ounce of trouble and find it very soft to touch.


Phew I am poorer in pocket this week, because not only did I buy that I also bought some more sock yarn (two balls) and two balls of yarn from Italy called Grignasco, merino and pure wool, purple/mustard/brown mix, was $10.20, I got it for $6.99, happy??? yes indeedy.

I also bought some navy bamboo, it was $4.60 a ball and I bought it for $1.00 a ball.

I bought myself a 5.5mm crochet hook from Spotlight a few weeks back, put it in with the others and forgot about it, pulled it out the other day to use and found to my big disappointment that it was a plastic one, now I don’t mean to sound like a hook snob, but I don’t like working with plastic hooks.  I went back today to buy a metal one…..and guess what……Spotlight will no longer be stocking metal ones!!!!!!!  What!!!!!! No way.  NOT happy 😦  luckily I can get them from else where, actually from the nice little shop where I bought the Italian yarn.

The shop is full to the brim with all sorts of crafty things and way up the back is a little section of wool, reminds me of another yarn shop, you have to step over boxes and move sideways to fit into all the little nooks and crannys to find what you want.  Some of the lace and buttons have been there since the shop opened I’m sure and the sweet little old lady who owns it only just reaches over the counter she is so tiny.

Today has been such a beautiful sunny blue day, tomorrow it won’t, so I have made the most of it, done washing and have all the windows and doors open.

I have slow internet too which is driving me nuts…….everything is so slow and I can’t access a lot of your lovely blogs, it will be fast again on Sunday, so you can guess what I will be doing on Sunday.

Oh yes, a request….if you know of any one who has a spare ball (or more) of the Opal sock wool “Ron” in the Harry Potter series, and they want to sell it, I’m up for it, ta very much.

Ok I think I have said enough for now, take care one and all, have a great weekend.




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4 Responses to Ta-Dah

  1. Helen says:

    Oohh very pretty! The skirt and the wool! Is the skirt an adult mini or a girl’s skirt? The shop you describe sounds very much like a shop in Chelsea. It is very narrow but very looooong and crammed full of stuff. Gifts up the front and yarn at the back. I’ve only been once. I decided that if I go again it will have to be when little people with little grabby hands are not with me!

  2. Melissa says:

    That skirt is absolutely adorable! And you’ve bought some lovely wool As you know, I’m all about a bargain 🙂 Are you a member of Ravelry? It’s an online knit/crochet community. You can find all kinds of patterns (free and for sale) and you can also find yarn that you might need. It is highly addictive, but a wonderful resource. Go to http://www.ravelry.com and register because its FREE! Now that’s a bargain:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. auntiegwen says:

    Who’s a clever one then? I so wish I was creative like that 🙂 have a good weekend xxx

  4. Denise Best says:

    Job well done – clever you.

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