Oooh, Happy Belated Birthday to me

My blog turned 1 on Saturday

I have met so many wonderful, loving and creative people and I feel very blessed to be part of this world.

Thank you


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7 Responses to Oooh, Happy Belated Birthday to me

  1. Diney says:

    Happy 1st birthday to you and many more to come Sandi xx :0)

  2. Cuckoo says:

    “Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu” sang in a shrill worble to make you laugh! xx

  3. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Honey Bunny! My gift to you is that I won’t sing. If I did, it would bring tears to that little puppie’s eyes (the one in your previous post-TOO cute!) By the way, LOVE the little dress! My knitting is going slow and yes, I am going to the gym like a good girl (you slipped that one in there!) The trainer is a sadist, but I’m guaranteed results….if I survive 🙂

  4. auntiegwen says:

    Here’s to many more bloggy birthdays xxxx

  5. Jen says:

    Many Happy Returns!

    Enjoying your blog and creativity.

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