Monday morning……..

and here I sit in front of my computer instead of tidying after the weekend, have done some washing tho’.

Kaila and I went on a road trip on Friday, we left home at 12pm to pick a friend (with a puppy) up from the airport, her plane was an hour late!!! (we ate and had a drink and we did some celebrity spotting to keep ourselves amused, we saw a top Aussie girl surfer and her musician boyfriend,  no one else tho’)

but look what she bought with her……….awwwww

Spirit puppy

She is 8 weeks old and so cute, she travelled in the back of the car with Kaila (who kept waking her up to play with her) she was very good didn’t mess and she was in the car for four hours.  My friend and I talked non stop and we arrived before we knew it.

We were taking her to mutual friends up in Albury, Albury is a border town between Victoria (where I live) and New South Wales.  It was so good to catch up with some friends we haven’t seen for around 6 years, lots of chatting and laughing was had.

We had a little walk around the town on Saturday morning, breathing in the country air.  I love Albury and would always cry when I left (I used to go up twice a month years ago) what a sook.  We both felt a little sad leaving after such a short stay.  The friend we stayed with said to come back anytime and stay longer…yes please!!!!

I bought a pair of gumboots whilst I was there as they had been reduced by 50%.  We left at lunch time, called into a friends on the way home and had a cuppa with her, got home just on 5pm.   I felt like I had been away a lot longer, tired but happy.

Look what I finished……………

Still need to finish off the little skirt, just needs some elastic threaded through the waist band, it’s so cuteeeeee!!!!

I made the below for a fellow blogger, she had her third baby and I couldn’t resist making these for her sweet babe.

The bird is to represent the cuckoo and the hearts are the three little boys

If you go to here she has much better photos, and you will see some very sweet little legs.

Hope your day is a happy one and the sun is shining for you.




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2 Responses to Monday morning……..

  1. Cuckoo says:

    Glad you had a lovely time away, also glad you are now back to full health. It’s now my turn to have an illness. Having been rude with health (well pregnancy gripes but no bugs) I now have a cold coming on. I’ve lost the hearing in my right ear since waking this morning. Must go to the chemist for some decongestants before the goo sets in.

    Oh I love the dress! Gorgeous colour and of course the hearts are a winner with me.

    Thank you again for your amazing gifts, I think you are just marvellous!


    • sandiart says:

      Oh no, you look after yourself missy, and it is Spring too!!! Ha thought you would like the hearts. I lost the hearing in my right ear when I was pregnant, thank goodness it came back. Hope all your gorgeous boys are ok and you are most welcome re gifts, it does the heart good to give xx

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