In ‘being’ present

Was reading Alice’s blog this morning and once again she has expressed things in words that I feel inside myself.  I love how she does that with her words, it somehow activates something inside of me and I go wandering around in my thoughts.

Last night I took myself outside and stood a while with my face towards the moon, she was majestic and was so close that I felt I could almost reach up and touch her, I took a few moments to clear the clutter out of my mind, then just soaked up the beauty and the ‘feel’ of her, I had a quiet word or two then came back inside.  It was a beautiful night, warm and still and quiet and the grass was so soft under my feet.  Yes I had a moment!!!!

Then this morning I read Alice’s blog and she was expressing how, at the moment, knitting keeps her in the moment and helps keep her fears down and my thoughts went to – gratitude – and then onto how wonderful it is to be able to delay gratification by making something, instead of instant gratification when we just go and buy something, it just doesn’t give you that same feeling.

Although in saying that, I notice how many fellow bloggers appreciate one anothers work and understand how much love and time goes into the making….just like Alice’s scarf, watching the colors unfold and finding delight in that very moment when another color starts to appear and how it blends and changes the look of our project.

I finished knitting a little dress last night, today I will sew in all the ends and do the finishing touches, then I can get on and knit my Noro skirt and then I can watch in delight as the colors reveal themselves.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most gratifying.

I was in the garden yesterday, cutting back some ‘out of control’ trees and pulling out some rampant native grass that has taken over and is sending its babies all through the garden, I like having natural grasses in the garden, however this one was wayyyyyy over the top, it was killing a lavender and quickly encroaching on everything else.

My son came out and helped, he has more muscle power than me, we had a lovely half hour together, chatting and sharing some thoughts about what is happening in the world.

When my children were young – 4 to 12 years old – I was a facilitator in personal development weekends for 7 years.  I had ongoing training for a few years, I learnt a form of Reiki and massage and many other wonderful things.  We had weekend workshops twice a month and training once a month, my kids came along to each one, with me or their dad, so they grew up in this very powerful healing energy along with an alternative mum, so they think quite differently to a lot and we can have the most amazing conversations…. something I am very grateful for.

A photo of the ‘nearly finished dress’ and my garden arms a tad scratched, even tho I had gloves on, that grass wasn’t going to give up without a fight!!!!

the color of the dress is more like the second photo

and look what a spider left for us the other morning

Another of nature’s wonders.






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5 Responses to In ‘being’ present

  1. I try to stay present when cooking, or gardening, or doing laundry, or walking my sleeping baby. I think knitting will have to wait. It sounds lovely, though.

  2. miss holly says:

    What a beautiful spider web! Nature in all her glory!! Thank you for visiting my blog site. I may be able to embroider but I can barely knit….. I learned to crochet first and I think that makes it harder! Your dress is just beautiful! I would love to learn to knit better to make some of those dear little bunnies. I just need at least 16 more hours in a day for all the things I want to do…… Your moving to fall and we are moving to spring. wow! do you have trees that turn??? I have never been to your part of the world. Someday maybe. …… but I think I will have to be totally knocked out for the flight!!! I want to travel and do but do not like flying at all….. Have a lovely day!! thanks again for the visit!!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Oh Sandi you did get knocked about by your garden! Satisfying job clearing out the weeds hey? Actually, I don’t mean that. i’m not a gardening lover, I’m brown fingered. Things die on me. It’s a bit of a bummer as I feel sad when I get it wrong and I kill a plant.

    This post of yours made me realise how very different you and I are. I know we have plenty in common but we are very, very different too. I love that! I’ve never managed to clear my mind. There’s always a song bleating away behind all my thoughts, like a soundtrack. I start a thought, I don’t finish it before another thought invades, then I realise I need to finish the first thought and I then can’t remember what it was…no wonder I am a scatter brain who is rarely present in the moment. I wish I could have a “moment with the Moon” . To really connect with the present, I find my head exhausting sometimes if I’m honest. So I’m delighted we are different because I think I may learn a lot from you.
    x x x
    ps What did your ex think of my AGA? So funny that you sent him the photo ;oD
    pps. Dress looks fabby!

  4. Cuckoo says:

    (I’m squealing) The post man delivered your parcel today. What a delicious surprise. You are just so kind and thoughtful. You know you could have sent the most crappy thing and I’d have been delighted but you sent GORGEOUS things. I actually got a bit choked up. I’m finding it a bit hard to get the words to form sentences that convey how much this means to me. I’ve been typing and deleting my thanks for about 5 minutes now and still it sounds feeble, not how I want it to sound. I’m so touched, Sandi. I just adore the booties, he’s wearing a babygro today so I undid the bottom half and popped them on his sweet little feet and took a few photo’s I’ll show you soon. And wow wee, the hanging heart decoration is brilliant. So much detail, I just love it. I have a draft post about my love for hearts waiting to be tweaked. How funny that I spent a bit of time today taking photo’s of the hearts around my home and then this afternoon you sent aheart extravaganza. Your felting worked well, I love that it was your first time felting and you sent it to my little baby. And then there’s the card, which made me gasp out loud. You have spent so much time over these gifts and I, well, I don’t know what to say! “Thank you” seems so small x x x x x x x x

  5. Cuckoo says:

    I’ve been given an award and I’m passing it on to you, pop over and have a look if you like. xxx

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